Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Sides of the Coin

Ever since he was 1, I have been teaching my son to pray. We pray before eating and at bedtime. It came quite suddenly when he realised that to pray, one must bow their head, clasp their hands together, close their eyes and don't move.

Of course, the 'don't move' part is too much of an expectation....and the close eyes bit now lasts maybe for 1 second. But other than that, he does clasp his hands and bow his head.

And the wonderful thing is the loud AMEN he proclaims at the end. Reckon he does it because of the beaming smile and shuffle of hair I give him when he does say AMEN.

Sounds all good and cheery?

Last Sunday we were at my inlaws place and my little ignorant child stood in front of the Chinese altar and told my mother inlaw to pray pray! And then he went through the notions of bowing head and clasping hand. Then he started to sing......

Of course my mother inlaw was happy and made quite a big deal out of it. As for me.....well....

So, there.
Two sides to the coin.
Never in my life been more accurately used.


reanaclaire said...

Kids are cute and innocent.. well, later they will know how to differiante.. :) God understands, u r doing a good job.. i think we should start teaching them to pray from young.. God loves to listen to children's prayers, they have a special place in His heart..

Angeline said...

Hey hey, I see that he'll turn out to be a good disciple....bringing more into the house of God.... *smile*

LittleLamb said...

u didnt realized that philip knew how to pray..ie; bow head, clasp hands, close eyes..until one day i had dinner with my parents.... meaning with my parents he will pray...with me, no..

Moomykin said...

Hahaha... I laugh because I can just imagine the confusion he is causing, not just that he seems a little confused.

I know exactly what you mean because my mum's place has a Taoist altar too.. But I have mentions in passing about mosques, Hindu and Chinese temples, so I think they know a little bit about the diversity of religion in our country.