Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 years now....

It's our anniversary today and I forgot.

I was actually looking at the calendar (the non-marked one) this morning....and it didn't even register! hahahaha......oppsss.....

....until hubby wished me on MSN, I presume while eating his breakfast in Amari Watergate, Bangkok.

How are we planning to celebrate?

Not anytime soon....not anywhere spectacular.

Most likely when I safely hit 2nd trimester and in a hotel room......preferably with room service too!!! hahahaha....

What is my gift to him?

2nd child considered???

Anniversay Lessons?

Hold your tongue for one more day....then nag! Most times when I ask hubby to do something, he was already planning to do it the next day and by me asking, it has become a chore instead of volunteer work!!!

Q : Do you make it a point to celebrate your anniversary? And get gifts too for that matter?

Currently not in the state of mind to think romantic....spare me this year!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Understand OK

This is something I must record down. He picked it up when I was back for one week in Ipoh during my spotting. So, that would be about 3 weeks ago.

Kungkung : You cannot use your spoon to bang the bowl ok? This is not a drum. Understand ?
Boyboy: Un-der-stand. (nod head and smile)

Kungkung : Ah....don't cry ah. Big boy already cannot cry all the time, ok?
Boyboy : O.K. (nod head)

And does he do all the things he say 'Understand' and 'OK' to? Well, kids being kids, they forget....but upon reminding, he does catch himself a bit. It depends on whether the action is that compelling.

But it sure is too cute to see him look at you seriously and answer back. Then smile.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Celebration

First, a little backdated post.

The 3 of us plus my sis went for lunch one day in hubby's friend's future wife's (now already wife) family restaurant. Partly coz they have superb cakes and pies and partly becuase we wanted to show my sister the place.

Backofen is situated in Desa Sri Hartamas. Address : 34, Jalan 24/70ADesa Sri HartamasKuala LumpurTel: 03-23006676

This is what we had. The servings were HUGE !!! We were wondering if it was becuase we were friends with the daughter or if it really was that huge!

The lamb was SUPERB, I tell you....with the wonderousfully wonderful mint sauce!! BUt then my taste could be a little 'off'!!!

So anyway.....as we all know Friday, 18th Sept was declared a holiday by the government...for schools only and not for the the parents. So, my son stayed home with me. Thank God I was on leave that day.

It was also his birthday. And me being in my current condition well.....didn't really put in much effort to make it a celebration for him....apart from getting his present.

Thanks to WY for coming over and helping boyboy celebrate his birthday. He had a blasting time with the 5 feet pool gift and the smiley balloons!! In fact for the whole day, he wanted to carry the balloons all around the house with him!

And the following day, Saturday, we celebrated boyboy's birthday again with my inlaws. I asked him to pose after his bath, and he took his chair out and sat down! Ain't that cute!!!

And the saxaphone was a gift from his uncle and aunty. I never taught him how to blow it....but it seems he must have picked it up from somewhere!
He is such a big boy now. All ready to be a korkor soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My 'What a WEek!' has some funny points I need to remember too...

When I vomitted until I peed in my pants....

Christopher went "Mummmmyyy....mummmyyy......why??"
And took a step back at each overhaul I made.

When I vomitted until I got a sorethroat....

Christopher went "Mummmmmyyyyy....come out...mummmmmyyyy"
(He was still strapped in his car seat you see!)

And now whenever I make a vomitting sound...

Christopher will run for my balm and sour stuff and run towards me shouting "Mummmyyy....nah nah nah."

And that day when I was lying down...sick as usual, he took my balm and handed it to me and pointed to his tummy saying "Baby...pain pain".

I have been telling him that mummy cannot play with him and need to lie down becuase in here (point to tummy) got baby and mummy pain pain. Geezz....I hope I don't give him the wrong impression!

He is a blast....standing by me when my wisdom tooth started swelling, and I had to guggle with cold water or Listerine ever so often to numb the pain.....

He pushes the ottoman in front of me everytime I sit down and lifts my legs up.

And he doesn't complain when I tell him "Mummy too tired. Go find daddy." Daddy is complaining though! :)

Today is my 8th week. The little fella's heart is pumping.

And I am on flu meds, panadol and......(drumroll).....Tamiflu!!!
Better safe than sorry the doctor says....

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a week!

First I vomitted until I peed in my pants.

Out comes the calendar.....strike off all evening appointments.

Imagine going to a wedding dinner in a 5 star hotel and making an exit with a wet evening gown. nonononono......

Then 2 days later I vomitted until I got a sorethroat.

Out comes the calendar.....strike off all other appointments.

The next day, I got a flu.

And the next, I got a fever.

Now.....I am working from home trying to make it through another weak week.

When it rains, it POURS.

I had a point to this post.....wanted to know anyone took Paracetamol during their pregnancies previously?

Monday, September 7, 2009

2nd Pregnancy

They always say the 2nd delivery would be easier. I guess coz you know what to do already, the body also remembers and all essential parts have been ballooned to be able to handle the output.

But they never told me the 2nd pregnancy would be harder.

Harder coz
you can't lie down even though you are bleeding and feel like throwing up
you still have to cook for the other kid (hubby can take care of himself)
you still have to make the meal palatable OR ELSE!!!
you have to take care of the kid while hubby cleans (since I can't do it anymore)
you have to accept the sheets hubby chooses although they are far from colour coordinated
you have to start buying appliances to make cooking as easy and as smell free as possible (bought a slow cooker!)
you can't shop as much as you would want for the 2nd baby (walking with a toddler is tiring enough...not to mention....)

So basically its all to do with the FIRST KID. Especially with you have an active toddler like mine. Who (I kid you not) NEVER sits still. Unless I put on TV in which case I get 10 minutes rest. And especially when they are at the age that requires HEAVY disciplining.

How do you all do it? How even do you go on to the 3rd one? Or maybe the 3rd one is easier since the 2 other siblings can play with each other?

But (100% confirmed) I am intending to stop at 2 unless an accident happens (will not.).

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 lines,1 dot and spots

So, what happened?

Well....it caused me to cancel my holiday for the long weekend. It also caused me to basically lie down on the sofa in my parent's place for the entire week.

2 lines was the indication. Can you guess what it meant?
Chances are you would have got it right.

Decided to wait before I went to the doctors but heavy spotting determined otherwise.

Called my mum and told her I sure have drama kids! My previous experience got me rushing to the hospital as well.

Lack of hormons is the cause. So I am currently on hormon pills and folic acid.

It sure is amazing. When I went in on the 21st August, a vaginal scan only confirmed a spot. On the 1st Sept, some 10 days later, an abdominal scan found a mass of 5 weeks old.

I am currently back home but still on MC. Have to sit and sit and sit until my bleeding/spotting/staining stops.

Life begins and life changes even now.

More updates on the changes next.....