Sunday, October 25, 2009

A list of updates

I have been rather lazy I admit in updating my blog. In part coz THERE REALLY IS NOTHING HAPPENING !!! :)

But random thoughts prevailing:

1) A prodigal son has returned to church gaining more exposure than a celebrity!
2) I got my son a pair of Riders which is now in the shoe cupboard since he has taken a liking to his new lookalike Crocs instead (which incidentally was so much cheaper!)
3) It's a Monday morning and I just want to curl back up to sleep. Workload is killing me!
4) I am into my 2nd trimester and still wondering if this fetus is growing well at all !!! (I lost 1 kg in 1 week due to lack of appetite and so far have only put on 2 kg in this 14 weeks!!!)
5) Haven't got any other shopping done for the new baby
6) Have yet to move my baby cot to my new place.
7) Looking at every other family's weekend outings and wondering if I should take boyboy somewhere
8) Going on a trip to Penang by flight in Nov with boyboy and wondering does the air pressure affect the kids much? Don't want to take care of a wailing boy for 1 hour in the plane!
9) Two more months till year end. There goes my leave being frozen!
10) AAARrrrGGgggghhhh......haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. Maybe I will forget about the Christmas tree this year.!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh shopping

My kid and my baby is growing some shopping is required, as much as I seem to detest walking around the malls now!

You know malls...and food areas....and smells....all not good for smell sensitive person!!!

So anyway, need some advice so that I can like just go to that particular place and get what I need without browsing shop!

I need to get some comfortable sandals for my son. He is wearing a Rider (which some people told me are really comfortable) now which he somehow doesn't quite like. So, please, can you please tell me where to get comfortable, not too expensive boy's sandals?

ALSO, I am thinking of getting a budget conscious but still effective electronic breast pump. Saw some offers on the Spectra brand. Anyone tried it before?

Can give me some tips on which one to get? I think I will be using it often and NOT occasionally. And I heard there are some that can only be used occasionally!

And does having an electronic breast pump really help prolong breast feeding? I have an unrational fear for sore nipples and am trying my darnest to avoid breast engorgement this time round.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

And another week goes by....

Hubby is away for a week again. This time to Siem Reap.
So, my parents are down to help.

Without hubby, I find I actually sleep better. Maybe coz I am a very light sleeper and I sleep way earlier than boyboy or him! So, when he is around, I am awaken twice in the night when each of them decide to come in. And that is not counting my toilet breaks and my 'semi-awake-totally-hungry-cannot-sleep' state!

Without hubby though, I have to take care of boyboy's poop (if he does so while I am at home) and bathing him in the evenings. My mum simply doesn't like using my shower!!!

With my parents around, I am eating more. Partly because they MAKE SURE I eat well. My dad is never too tired to drive out to get me something which I at least feel like eating......apart from the other sweet junk I prefer to consume!

Without my parents, my son is more disciplined though and less 'crazy'. My parents dot over him and do all kinds of crazy, not dangerous bear dancing, marching round the house, building huge forts with pillows, playing rocking horse...etc. Me??? leave me alone, please!!! Even the sight of such activity makes me ill!!!

So, it's a both good and bad state. It would be most ideal if BOTH hubby and my parents were around! Or....more ideal would be that I don't feel this tired and ill.

On the high note, at 12 w 4 d, the little one has a well defined head, dancing feet and hands, a spinal cord and a developing brain. Give me my folic acid and vits. And give me my I can dream of the little one growing healthy inside....and not this active toddler of mine giving me a headache!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A wonderful surprise

So, hubby came back from Bangkok on Saturday.
And surprise surprise, he came back bearing many gifts.

"Look what I got boyboy" he says.

A spider man T with pants !!!

Christopher LOVES it alot. I am not sure what his fascination with spiders are all about. He can say spider very clearly and now can even say spiderman (better than he can say his name, which is by the way also 3-syllable....sigh). It doesn't help of course that his first bag we bought him was also a spiderman bag (for lack of choice!).

"And what did you get me?" I was poking through some of the bags which he has taken out of his suitcase.

"This". He took out a white Polo T with the huge number on the sleeve.

"Hahaha", I laughed. Coz boyboy has one, he has one.....and now I have one.

"And this". He took out some cystallized ginger candy. "Good for your nausea", he continues. I opened it and tried it and poooohhheeed it out!!! was salty!!!! I was expecting it to be ALLLL sweet and spicy! Opppsssss....

"And this", he pulls out a dark chocolate bar.

"Aaahhhh.....this one looks really really good". But I kept it aside for now.


Newly released in Bangkok

Oh....I was SURPRISED !!! And more pleased that now I can have mp3 songs in my phone which I can set as my ringtone! That was the MAIN reason why hubby decided to get me a new phone.

Lesson : Complaining a few times works. And yes, hubby does listen! :)

"It is for helping me with my assignments all these while. And also as an anniversary gift"

MUAKKKKSSSS !!! Thank you dearie! I love the gift TREMENDOUSLY!