Sunday, October 11, 2009

And another week goes by....

Hubby is away for a week again. This time to Siem Reap.
So, my parents are down to help.

Without hubby, I find I actually sleep better. Maybe coz I am a very light sleeper and I sleep way earlier than boyboy or him! So, when he is around, I am awaken twice in the night when each of them decide to come in. And that is not counting my toilet breaks and my 'semi-awake-totally-hungry-cannot-sleep' state!

Without hubby though, I have to take care of boyboy's poop (if he does so while I am at home) and bathing him in the evenings. My mum simply doesn't like using my shower!!!

With my parents around, I am eating more. Partly because they MAKE SURE I eat well. My dad is never too tired to drive out to get me something which I at least feel like eating......apart from the other sweet junk I prefer to consume!

Without my parents, my son is more disciplined though and less 'crazy'. My parents dot over him and do all kinds of crazy, not dangerous bear dancing, marching round the house, building huge forts with pillows, playing rocking horse...etc. Me??? leave me alone, please!!! Even the sight of such activity makes me ill!!!

So, it's a both good and bad state. It would be most ideal if BOTH hubby and my parents were around! Or....more ideal would be that I don't feel this tired and ill.

On the high note, at 12 w 4 d, the little one has a well defined head, dancing feet and hands, a spinal cord and a developing brain. Give me my folic acid and vits. And give me my I can dream of the little one growing healthy inside....and not this active toddler of mine giving me a headache!


Ponytail said...

aaah....12 weeks 4 days already.
It sure feels faster when it is not me who is pregnant!

Good to hear you are coping well :)

Cynthia said...

glad that your parents are around to help you while hubs away..

Moomykin said...

Keep at it, Mama.

Some things in life are to be savored, like your patrents doting on Christopher and you!


MeRy said...

It is good that your parents are helping you when your hubby is out of town.

Mummy Gwen said...

I hope you get the rest you deserve. Grandparents usually dot on their grandkids hehe. Take care. :)

Techcrazee said...

aaawww..... so good to have parents who can help. You'll be fine.

mumsgather said...

Your parents are so sporting to play all those games with your son. :)

Angeline said...

I think it was the previous post that I celebrated that daddy is home and now gone again?
AAaaawww.... Ann girl, hang on tight!

Baby Darren said...

Hang on, soon all the pregnancy sickness will go away as you entering the 2nd trimester. You'll soon be able to join boyboy for the games too :)

As for me, I hate hubby when he needs to be away. I will miss him so dearly coz he pampers me a lot and takes care of all my needs when he is around.

Anyway, glad that your parents are here to keep you company and take care of you. Time flies, very soon your hubby will be back again!!!

andrewjune said...

wow your hubby takes care of boy boy's poop when he's around? what a great father!
it's a blessing your parents are around, at least you're not so tired looking after boy boy...and now that you're preggie as well...
yes, tell me about it...when i go back hometown, my mum makes sure i eat a LOT too...hence i've put on weight lately!