Sunday, October 4, 2009

A wonderful surprise

So, hubby came back from Bangkok on Saturday.
And surprise surprise, he came back bearing many gifts.

"Look what I got boyboy" he says.

A spider man T with pants !!!

Christopher LOVES it alot. I am not sure what his fascination with spiders are all about. He can say spider very clearly and now can even say spiderman (better than he can say his name, which is by the way also 3-syllable....sigh). It doesn't help of course that his first bag we bought him was also a spiderman bag (for lack of choice!).

"And what did you get me?" I was poking through some of the bags which he has taken out of his suitcase.

"This". He took out a white Polo T with the huge number on the sleeve.

"Hahaha", I laughed. Coz boyboy has one, he has one.....and now I have one.

"And this". He took out some cystallized ginger candy. "Good for your nausea", he continues. I opened it and tried it and poooohhheeed it out!!! was salty!!!! I was expecting it to be ALLLL sweet and spicy! Opppsssss....

"And this", he pulls out a dark chocolate bar.

"Aaahhhh.....this one looks really really good". But I kept it aside for now.


Newly released in Bangkok

Oh....I was SURPRISED !!! And more pleased that now I can have mp3 songs in my phone which I can set as my ringtone! That was the MAIN reason why hubby decided to get me a new phone.

Lesson : Complaining a few times works. And yes, hubby does listen! :)

"It is for helping me with my assignments all these while. And also as an anniversary gift"

MUAKKKKSSSS !!! Thank you dearie! I love the gift TREMENDOUSLY!


Ponytail said...

Wah! "tai sau wok"...nice phone!

Techcrazee said...

Good for you Ann. Good for you. I like the Spidey shirt on Christopher.

Can I muaks your hubby to get a phone??? Hahaha... just kiddin.

Also thanks for the Vicks.

mommy to chumsy said...

Lovely gifts. your hubs is soooo thoughtful :)

LittleLamb said...

hahahahahahah so happy already??
be thankful n ur hubby does listen in his own ways...hehehehe

Mummy Moon said...

So many gifts from your hub, you sure happy LOH

Angeline said...

Daddy is back, Mommy can take a breather...

mumsgather said...

But the best gift of all is that he is back, right or not?

andrewjune said...

wow, i love the last gift...very thoughtful of your hubby :-)
it does looks like the latest iphone as well! lucky you!

btw andrew & rachael has the identical polo tshirts as well hahaha...but not me!

MeRy said...

Nice present from your husband....

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..your Hubby is so sweet and thoughtful. Nice handphone!! I agree..hehe..complaining a bit does help. :P

Debbie Y said...

wow... what a great present for you. You do have a thoughtful husband.

Shireen Loh said... sweet of your hubby. Must cook him a feast now heheheh :-)


If it was me, I would have bought the bright orange one!!!

Baby Darren said... lovely and thoughtful of your hubby. My hubby went to Bangkok and came back EMPTY HANDED. He said his present to me was to surprise me by coming back 1 day earlier from his plan. Like that also can.....

Moomykin said...

Happy Happy! :)

I love that shot of boyboy in his new outfit.
Take care, my dear.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Your husband is so sweet and thoughtful.

You are craving for food which is spicy? Last time I was like that too. Super love spicy food but not sweet food.