Sunday, November 29, 2009

All about the airplane

What can I say about this Penang trip?

It was really totally all about the airplane.

We went out to eat 2 times. Once in the foodcourt opposite Swatow Lane for lunch and the other time at a coffee shop near Swatow Lane for breakfast. I was totally disappointed both times.

Ordered Laksa for lunch that didn't meet up to the sourness, spiciness or the quality. Ordered Koay Teoy Ting (fishball noddles) for breakfast and ended up with more Pork noodles that Fish!!!

Any all other talk of the day was about Christopher in the airplane and the lollipops he got to eat (courtesy of his kungkung).

Of course, we attended the wedding which of course ended up with some rumours. And yes, hubby had a good time since some of his buddies were also invited.

Good thing we rented a car. Cost us RM129 for 24 hours (and a bit). Managed to go around the next morning.

Went to Gurney Drive and had trouble getting the kid back into the ar. It didn't help that I was as mad as him in jumping and running and enjoying myself. Gurney Drive does bring back childhood memories to me too!

One good foodie that I found good though was the fried carrot cake we had in one chinese restaurant in Midland Plaza. It had the right amount of spiciess and was very very tasty. Not too oily too. Reckon it was partly due to the unsatisfied craving from breakfast (where I wanted Char Koay Teow (fried noodles) but the guy refused to take my order!!!).

oh...and the plane ride was easy peasy! :) No ear ache whatsoever. Maybe it had to do with my insisting he swallow saliva every other minute, opening his mouth like a goldfish (I had to open mine in return) and his multiple sips of water (which ended up in 3 wet pants by the time we landed).

Christopher of course didn't keep to his seat especially the trip back since he realised he could get away with it (partly) and that it was more fun sitting on mummy's lap looking out of the window. But all in all, when the seatbelt sign was on, he tried very hard to keep in his cannot-see-anything-middle seat!

Now....hubby is talking about going back again before I deliver. Next time we will drive up!

Kiddo all smiles in the airplane!

By the way, the bleeding was due to a fibroid in my uterus.



Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the bleeding and the stolen car! Wish all is getting better now. Do take care and dont stress. Understand the situation of unexpected expenses. I lost my car too 4 yrs ago. I know the pain. But just get over it. I love the new City!

Merryn said...

:D I'll be going to Penang in two week's time and we'll be flying too! :)

andrewjune said...

i hv not been active in blogging lately so i'm so sorry for being late to know about your spotting...
anyway, hope everything goes well from here...will def pray for you!

sad to hear you didnt enjoy the food at swatow lane...i normally dont go there to eat as well...

LittleLamb said...

Hmm seems that plane rides work well for maybe more trips.. for places like Penang, I would also drive cos more convenient when need to go out for food.

Angeline said...

so does that mean that the 'bleeding' is something not to be worried about?

Lucky Christopher, my boys, have not been granted an opportunity to be on an airplane yet... *wink*

Yummy yummy Food you had!!! Aaaawww....

Mummy Gwen said...'s not worrying right?

Glad to hear Chris has no problem flying. Better luck next time with the food ya..hehe. Take care.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh..the little one looks so cute in the photo :) sorry to hear abt the fibroid. how big is it? guess you have to monitor it for now, huh? i had a cyst when i was pregnant with Ash but it disappeared after a while. Don't stop praying :) Take care.

reanaclaire said...

wow..flied to penang.. my son's first flight was to KL from ipoh.. and i remember that time he was having fever.. nasib baik no H1N1 then otherwise cannot board plane..
sorry to hear about the staining, do not overexert yourself ..
take care..

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Aeroplane! heheheeh~

Shireen Loh said...

hey, sorry to hear about the stolen car! %$%^&*...and the fibroid too and the dumb man who refused to serve a pregnant lady her craving!!! Do you have to remove the fibroid? I had cervical polyp (twice) when I was preggers. Gave me alot of worry cos i'd be bleeding all the time like having period. and I would be worried sick each time cos I couldn't tell if its due to the darn polyp or the womb. I told my gynea to remove the damn thing despite him telling me that there was no need to as it will (apparently) come out together with the baby (he was dead sure i would have a natural birth). ok. sorry for such a long winded comment..hope all's well *hugs*