Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy Crazy Weeks

It has been a super busy week with work, hubby's assignment, water tanki problems at home, Christopher falling ill, parents coming to and fro and of course a short holiday!

The short holiday first.....we went 'back' to PD 2 weekends ago. It was really a last minute decision. So we didn't really have many options of available hotels.

In the end managed to book Thistle (previously Guoman) for RM250.

Of course, the king bed was the best thing!!! And I wuold say I prefer Thistle's shower to Avillion Admiral because it is the old fashion kind that you can bring down the shower head! Easier to bathe the kiddo......but of course hubby begged to differ!!! :)

We checked in at 1 pm and of course the kiddo was sleeping in the car all the way, his evergy level was at full blast when we arrived. Hubby was drained and so was I.......but......

How to deny a kiddo.......after exploring the hotel, he proclaimed again and again that he wants to go swimming!!!

So, mummy took him down at 2.30 pm!
Thistle's pools are GREAT (or should I say Guoman)......the kiddy pool was rather big and seperate from the adult pool! The kiddo could stand in the pool by himself and was THRILLED that he could walk around! He also had a good time trying to mimic me kicking! :)

Near 4 pm, rain clouds were gathering and a wind was blowing. So, we got up. Told hubby it was a good thing the kiddo insisted on doing this at 2 pm. Else what a waste to come all the way and not step into the pool or the beach at all!!!

The evening weather turned out fine. So, since we were already out, we decided to take in some sea breeze at the public beach. I was hungry and requested some ice cream. But the kiddo 'stole' it from me!
Next morning was rainy again.....sigh....

As kiddo and I were waiting for hubby to get kiddo some breakfast at the heavily attacked buffet line, we prayed the rain would stop. :)

IT DID!!!! And we were allowed some 30 minutes at the Thistle beach. It sucked!!! I beleive the public beach was better than the private stretch of beach. Maybe coz it just rained, maybe coz there was a high tide yesterday bringing in all the seaweeds. But.....yeah, it SUCKED !!!

We went nevertheless. And kiddo picked shells, jumped on waves and got all wet. My doing really coz I feel you have to get sand between your toes and your pants wet at the beach! :)

A slight drizzle afterwards got kiddo and hubby runing back to the hotel. Me? I got wet picking up kiddo's shoes and I was not really in a position to run up the grassy slope to shelter!

Came back to water problems at home (totally SUCKS when you have salty clothes to wash, you know!) and a fever (only me!).

But it was truely worth it. Truely.

To see your son beam up at you with an amazing smile on his face.
To watch him strode around exclaiming "walk myself", "mummy! come", "see mummy!", "faster!faster!". We let him walk by himself and explore while hubby and I just followed him. Very unlike in PJ when I would insist he hold our hands.

It was really really very satisfying!!
Also went for my monthly checkup last weekend.....and brought kiddo along. To my chagrin, he actually strode into the doctor's office when the nurse called my name and started showing my temperamental gynae a picture of a teddy bear.

Aaahhh.....but how not to smile down at a 2+ year old eagerly showing you something?

And when the doctor pulled the curtains for my scan, of course, kiddo asked at the top of his voice "Mummy, where?" and started crying!

But Doc must be used to shutting out everything else when listening to baby's heartbeat and concentrating on the scan!

It went well. Next month's checkup will bring more updates!
Right now, Christopher just broke through a 2 day fever and is still trying to break the flu virus.

As for me, I need to chill and listen to some music, finish up my work and think about my Christmas shopping......and prevent myself from getting that nasty flu!


LittleLamb said...

everything is going well ...u r managing it well... glad that u hv a nice holiday in PD... ya keep yourself busy n start ur shopping list for xmas... :)

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh..what a nice break. rm250 is pretty reasonable eh? speedy recovery to the little one :D

Merryn said...

talking bout Guoman brings back fond memories. hehehe.. i went there long long time ago before the ayam bertelor... it's been sometime since i last stepped foot on PD. must make a trip there one day. :)

Cynthia said...

take care take care... and glad you had a holiday break and you enjoyed it.. :D

Mummy Gwen said...

Rest well. Hope you don't get attacked by the nasty bug. At least you get to go for a short breakie. :D

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Really sounds busy!~

andrewjune said...

wow you really had a busy wonder didnt see you around lately...

chris looks so happy and contented that you brought him for a short hols...and get to swim too!

prob he caught a cold from the swimming sessions or the rain...hope he gets well soon!

Moomykin said...

Christmas shopping!!
Arrgh, I've totally forgotten about that!

And Looks like you had a really great holiday!

Hope Christopher is better. He is growing so well.

Keep well. Keep the little one in you well too.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

My husband said next round if we were going to PD, we will book Thristle. We have heard quite a lot of good comment of the hotel.