Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Highs and Lows of Christmas

I wasn't looking forward much to Christmas this year actually. Well....up to the point when it was the 24th and I was on leave.

Got the last minute purchases done for our first Christmas BBQ. This was our first organised family gathering. All these years, it has always been Christmas at my uncle's house. The year my uncle migrated to US, we had no celebration at all save one morning of exchanging gifts. So, this year signalled a new beginning in more ways than one.

  • A new tradition of an organised Christmas family lunch/dinner.
  • An addition to the family - my sister's bf - and more to come in the next few years (prayerfully).
Christmas morning was fun. Had fun making all the preparations for the BBQ. Mum infuriated me by making me slice the carrots and the cucumbers so thinly !!! But frustration in a good way! :) By 10am, we had everything done. And just in time for my sis and her bf to turn up!

I always 'complain' sis always comes at the right time. No more work to do and just in time for me to wash my face and look less flustered!

Her bf brought his camera and took alot of photos. Of course, I took some too....more of the food since he had the people covered!!!

We ate with our hands coz (ummm.....) I forgot to get steak knives for everyone! No pretense at all in being family! We also shared bowls for the chowder. And boyboy had a great time enjoying the feast too! He loved the bacon and ate up the salad with his potato. Also downed a big bowl of chowder. We were all glad he ate so much.

For desert we had ice brewed coffee, ice cream and stollen.

On Christmas night, the 2nd event I was geared up for was a gathering at my sister's bf's house. We were to meet his church and his family. You can imagine I was the most relaxed one in the family (apart from hubby and boyboy, who didn't know the significance of the event).

Boyboy was prepped earlier to be a good boy and listen to mummy. He was also told he was going to korkor's house and that got him excited !!! Got to say, he has taken to my sister's bf (thereafter will be called J). He sat on his lap for some duration of the eating time while we were there.

It was such a high on the 25th that on the 26th morning, I admit I was a bit on the low side. The saving grace was a SG dinner gathering on the 26th, more gifts to be wrapped and food to be prepared. My euphoria returend when everyone started to arrive. It's always great to be among good and easy company. Also a good time to get all the kids together and reflect back on the pass year. We have all come a long way, the kids have grown so much.

So, as of now, it is the 28th. 27th flew by with all of us sleeping half the time. It didn't help that we only slept at 3 am on the 26th night - relatives were also in town and needed a ride to the airport!

The recuperation did me good. But now we just found out hubby's uncle passed away from a heartattack. It was so sudden. A blood clot found its way to the heart and 10 minutes of revival came to no good.

Hubby will be rushing down to Penang. I have been disallowed from going. Anyone can tell me why? And when he comes back to KL tommorrow, I would have been gone to Ipoh. Will miss him till New Year's eve.

So, have a Happy New Year everyone! Hope you toast in a delightful, peaceful and warm new year!


eugene said...

Hey i didn't read any of the lows of the christmas that we went trough,except a few whinning her and there,but then again it is good christmas too, wasn't it?

have a great week ahead ya and take care now

mommy to chumsy said...

sorry to hear about your hub's uncle :( you are not allowed to follow your hubs to penang because it's too rush? and not good to attend funeral when you are preggy? :)

happy new year to you and yours :)

LittleLamb said...

nice nice..Xmas is always a time of family.. n u had it..3 times!

Happy New Year to u. Take care & *hugs*

reanaclaire said...

sure disallowed...pantang larang.. anyway, sorry to hear about that..

Angeline said...

Finger licking good! Who cares about utensils! *wink*
But STEAK?? with bare hands... hmmm... must try one day! *giggle*

Happy New Year to you and your family too...

Mummy Gwen said...

Great times passed really fast. Sorry to know about your hub's uncle. It's the pantang larang that pregnant women should not attend funeral.

Happy New Year To YOu and Your family!!

andrewjune said...

first of all, glad your xmas was truly a blast! it's like what you said, it's more of a celebration of gathering with relatives & friends...rather on food hehehe...

and secondly, sorry to hear about your hubby's uncle...i guess preggie mums can''t attend funerals...

and here's wishing you & your loves one a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!

Julie said...

Christmas is never "peaceful". All the rushing, gathering, noises, etc. You had a great one though.

Sorry to hear about your hubby's uncle. Well, preggies are disallowed to attend funerals and even weddings. I don't know why too but just listen and obey if it does no harm.

Debbie Y said...

Sorry for your uncle. Btw, it's like your BBQ dishes are very yummy wor...

HAppy New Year 2010!!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Happy New Year to you Ann.

The food looked great! I love bbq.

coffeesncookies said...

it's always nice to be with family, full of love n warmth, snuggling amongst the good food.
Condolence 2 yr hubs uncle n have a blessed new year.