Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moments with Christopher

Christopher was walking down the chocolate and biscuit aisles looking high and low. Hubby was with him while I had pushed the cart further ahead so as to NOT crowd the aisle. When at last Christopher takes something and shouts to me saying:
"Mummy, this is what I want lah. See. This one lah!"
He was holding the Rocky biscuit (blue box).

In fact I must say he is fond of blue packaging food. He also picks out the blue packet M&Ms.
Sometimes he will bring his doggie to me and say "Hold mummy!"
He wants me to talk in doggie voice to him.
Sometimes he will ask his doggie:
"What you want? Milk want?" And I will shake doggie's head.
"Lol-pop want? Ask kungkung to buy. OK?" And I will shake doggie's head.
And he will go on and on thinking of things that he can give doggie....which can range from mummy and daddy to praying and lying down.
Sometimes when I take him back from school, he will sit quietly in his canvas car seat and suck his thumb. If I see him doing it (and the traffic is manageable that day), I will say:
"Christopher, are you sucking your thumb?"
He will smile and quickly turn away.
Sometimes I will try to pull his hand out which ends up in him squirming around. And sometimes when I am at a red light (and I know it will be some time before my turn), I will tickle him a bit. One day, he told me:
"Don't want (tickle), mummy! Mummy drive car. Hand put there (pointing to steering wheel)."
And sometimes when he sees that daddy does not have 2 hands on the steering wheel or if daddy is not wearing his seatbelt, he will tell daddy:
"Daddy, hand where? Put there (steering wheel)."
And when daddy does it, he says:
"Good boy."

"Daddy wear seatbelt. Faster. After(wards) police come."

Or sometimes: "Daddy, don't drive so fast. Drive slowly."

Its a tit for tat....police man catch him, also catch us!!!
I play a particular Hillsongs CD in my car. Everytime when Christopher is in the car, he can't wait for hubby/me to start the car so that he can press the CD on button/or get us to turn it on.

He will say: "Mummy, on music."

He just learnt the word music and has been using it since.

And when the song that he likes comes on and hubby and I are talking, he will tell us:

"No talk. No talk. Sing song."

If we ignore him, we will look at me and then hubby and say:

"No talk. Sing song." And he can be VERY persistent.

He also frequently tells us: "Please turn loud/soft."
And if daddy turns the music down so that we can talk, he will tell me:
"Mummy turn loud. Daddy no. Daddy don't turn."

Of course he does accept if I tell him that daddy and mummy want to talk. Of course that depends what song is on.
And that day when I was singing to him, I was going to sing the ABC song and he told me:
"No no. Sing Wheels bus."
That day he wanted me to get him something. So, after getting it for him, he said:
"Thank you".
I corrected him: "Thank you mummy."

I know saying thank you is good enough. And he does almost 90% of the time. But I was taught to say repeat the person's name after a greeting so teaching my son the same.

Then I told hubby : "He is quite good with his Ps and Qs".

Christopher overheard and said : "R,S,T,U,V....etc."
We were at Giant that day. My son saw another kid pushing the shopping cart. So, he asked to be taken down from the cart seat. And he started to push the cart as well.

Of course he didn't do it very well. We had gotten the big cart after all, not knowing he would ever decide to push the cart!

So, I tried to maneuver the cart just a little so that he doesn't bang the aisle shelves so often! Thank God, we were not in the breakables or the dentables section. Christopher looked up and shouted:

"Mummy NO! You go there (pointing some where far away). You don't touch. I push."

Neither I nor hubby could touch the cart after that. So, I left him with hubby coz I wanted to get some fruits and God FORBID if he was pushing the cart there and the whole heap of apples were to fall on the floor! Also there would be more carts and more people there! We don't want to get cursed!
He has a real detest for washing up now. Started when he started school. Not sure what caused it. Hope it was not any molestation!!! (just crossed my mind)

So, now whenever he poops and we ask him to go up to wash, he would straightaway say: "Don't want. Don't want."

Usually ending up in me raising my voice, some tears and sometimes a little spanking.
Still not toilet trained. He can tell me :

"Mummy, stomach ache."

But when I bring out the potty and ask him to sit, he runs away shouting:

"Don't want! Don't want!"

But after he has done his business, he will happily allow me to put him on the potty. I do so in case he has more and to get him used to the potty!

One day I knew he was in the midst of it and put him with his diapers on sitting on the potty. When he sat down, I took off his diaper so that it will fall into the potty. But when his diaper came off, he stood up and looked at the soiled diaper sitting in his potty and told me:

"Mummy, take away. Dirty."

When I took it away, he sat down and said:

"OK. Now (can) sit."

(shake head)
When he doesn't want to go where I want him to go, he has a tendency to kneel down if I am holding on to one hand. And if I am holding on to 2 hands, he has a tendency of bending his feet so that I am holding him in the air by his hands!

And he will shout: "Don't want! Don't want! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh"

Yes...he does shout. I wonder what the neighbours think!

How lah???
He loves to pretend cook, pretend make milk, pretend drive car and all other pretend role playing games.

"Want milk", he sometimes asks his teddy bear.
"Want", he will change his voice for his teddy's response.
"Chris-pher make. Wait."

He will then take the Astro remote control, do the washing sound, scoop the milk in, shake and then bring to teddy. He will put it down and take a pillow and let teddy lie down. Then he will make the sucking sound and pout his lips like he is sucking.

"Good boy."
"Want somemore?"

And then....the whole thing repeats again.
After his bath, when I am on knee level drying him, he likes to hold my head between his two wet hands and shake my head saying:
"No no no no no."

Laugh then run away!
He can point to his vegetables and tell me : "I want this."
And when I try to get some meat in the same spoon as his vegetables, he will tell me: "No mummy, I don't want this (meat). I want this (vege)."
When he eats something spicy, he will tell me:
"Spicy!!! Pain pain (pointing to throat). Water where mummy?"
And that day, he took out his plastic beach spoon and banged the floor saying:
"Tidy up. Tidy up."

That must have come from school!


hissychick said...

So grown up!

You're not alone on that particular potty training 'game' either LOL

Wonderful Life said...

Haha... my boy also refuse to sit on his potty and prefers to stay one corner squatting down to do his big business in his diaper.

After he's done with his creation he wouldn't dare to sit down and quickly drags me to the bathroom to wash him up... sigh.

Mummy Gwen said...

Christopher is a big boy already. He can express himself very well now. Don't stress on the potty training coz when he is ready..it's gonna be so easy. :)


Wow! This is a long one! I must confess I stopped reading half way .. hahaha. I know how you feel. Sometimes like so matured hor? But mine still drives me crazy at most times. Happy New Year!

Merryn said...

When Ethan eats something spicy, he will exclaimed spicy and starts taking our shirt to wipe his tongue! Yeah, dun stress on the potty training. He'll be ok when he is ready :) Merry Christmas

andrewjune said...

i taught rachael "thank you" too...hehehe...
and she loves the song "wheels on the bus" as well :-)
and a lot of "want" and "dont want" from her lately too hahaha...

it's amazing chris's vocab has grown so excellent! smart boy! *clap clap*

and btw Ann, here's wishing you & loved ones a merry joyous Christmas and may all of you be blessed at this wonderful time of the year :-)

Debbie Y said...

hahaha... Christopher indeed a smart boy!!!

LittleLamb said...

wow...definitely Chris has progress much..especially in his speech development. he can speak a sentence.....

Wishing u & family a Merry Xmas

Angeline said...

Aaaawwww.... the car scenario reminded me of my boys 2-3 years back.
These are GREAT recordings Mommy!

Merry Christmas to You and your Family!

A gift from God said...

Funny little fellow... :)
But he sure is smart! hehehehe...

Potty training? forget about the potty... straight to the toilet... I gave up potty training Reese (past motion) I just decided to force him to sit on the toilet one day until his stool came out..hehe..and after that... he realized that it feels good to do it sitting on the toilet rather than soil the diaper or doing it standing (used to do that and got scared of his own poo!)

mommy to chumsy said...

hahhhhhaaha...he is a funny and smart lil boy :D

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mummy Moon said...

He is so smart! Clever boy!

Merry Christmas to you !

Julie said...

Haha...cute. He is imitating the way we talk and the way we teach him.

Blessed Christmas to you and your family!

Mamapumpkin said...

I love reading stories of Christopher. I especially like the Ps and Qs part and then the RSTUV....hahaha....!!