Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year end. New year!

As soon as Christmas is over, the Chinese New Year bash starts. Year end and the beginning of the year is one of the most exciting, I would say.

Though I wish sometimes people would take a slower pace and enjoy the season while it still lasts. After all Christmas is a 12 day thing. So, CNY can wait since that will last another 15 days anyway.

Almost everyone I know does something for Christmas. Even my colleagues and friends who are non christians. I guess everyone wants to join in the festivities leading up to the new year.

There used to be a time when new year was a significant moment for me. A time to dress up and paint the town red. Of late however, the new year has been catching me in bed with no resolution and no dramatic change.

A person is supposed to grow as the years go by, not only in age (that is inevitable) but in skills, experience, interest, both spiritually and emotionally. This transformation takes alot of wisdom, patience and will. A resolution is to be made only if it is to be kept.

But I reckon since marriage, and even more since the kids came along, the realization of things learnt and the absorbtion of the lesson to the soul cannot be done just once a year. It's everyday, every moment. The impact of it dependant on the situation.

So, as the new year approaches, I move towards it with regular steps. Steady feet above patience and a slow tongue. My resolution perhaps would be to frown less, so I don't look so stressed (as Shang, Wai Yin and Mike always says I am!), Christopher permitting.

Happy New Year to all.

Christmas is indeed pass since school starts soon. Looking forward to the passing of the chinese New Year as well. Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

psst....anyone know where to get splendid loveletters?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photo printing service

This is the first time I am actually uploading picutres and maintaining an album in eoe online for the purpose of printing the album.

Once the pictures are uploaded, the printing process is really super easy.

It's a matter of choosing the pictures you want to print, or just a check of the button to print all. Then in a few clicks, you can select all to be printed with size 4R and then confirm your address and method of payment.

Currently 4R prints are at a steal of RM0.30 per piece and RM0.50 for 5R. There is also free delivery services if the total amount is RM35.00 or more.

I love their photo prints coz the quality is really good. And it sure beats waiting around the shopping complex for 3 hours waiting for the photos to be ready. Or returning to the shop at a later time to pick up the photos. And added to this is the joy of the postman giving you a little present.

So, in this 12 days of Christmas, I have decided to send in some photos for print. Currently the house is only filled with pictures of Christopher. None of Caylee. So, hoping the fill the house with pictures galore. Hope eoe online will fulfill my Christmas wish!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's Christmas time again.

And it always starts off with a blast @ Simon/Wai Yin's place. Pot bless with our spiritual family is always a noisy affair. This year, there were 12 adults, short of Patrick and Shang. And 11 kids, short of little Alycia. Hope I got the numbers right.

Next year would be a bigger blast prayerfully with Caylee being a cher cher to 2 little ones.

This year to me was not (at all) about the food or the pressies. But looking at us grow together in numbers and in experience. This is really a great group I have attached myself to. They are very frank with me in terms of how I can improve myself. And we all share our ups and downs. Nothing beats learning to be a better mum together with all the other mums and dads.

And the kids have play mates who are all the same age group. Thank God for Alyssa who is really the TAI ka cher to all of them. She will be a real pillar of stability when the kids grow up. She has excellent temperament and is a good role model.

Wai Yin played a fast one on me this year. No thanks to Terence. But it was all in good fun. And at least she didn't make me do it on my own. Good thing 'We are the reason' is my favourite Christmas song.

Christopher is bigger this year. He understands Christmas better. Sadly not yet in terms of Jesus but more in presents and Christmas deco and parties. But he is a kid. He will realise in time.

It's Caylee's first Christmas. Reckon she enjoyed herself tremendously since she loves kids! She was carried and watched by everyone. And she didn't really bother coz she was too busy watching everyone play. The cutest thing was to see Vanessa and Caylee together. They are exactly 1 year apart. So, Vanessa's 'boisterousness' was still not beyond Caylee's capability. Caylee see, Caylee take, Caylee do!

Occassionally, Caylee would look out for me and give me a smile. And she frequently checks to see who is carrying her or sitting behind her. She enjoyed herself, I reckon.

Coz now (nightmare) she knows that it is so much nicer sitting outside her playpen with toys surrounding her that she wants to do the same at home too. Sunday was filled with tears everytime we put her in the playpen.

Have to 'yan' (tahan/stand it).

Watching No Regrets and I just learnt that the 'yan' word is alike the 'tou'(knife) word sticking in the 'sam' (heart) word.

Well....this Saturday is Christmas. We will be having another meal, this time with family at my sister's place. What are your plans this weekend?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can I scrutinize you first?

Caylee is at the age of scrutinizing people. Yes, indeed, she will scrutinize you. Look at you at all angles and up and down.

We had her infant dedication last Saturday at our home. It was great. My parents were there. My spiritual family was there. Pastor Reynold and Aunty Florence were also there to perform and witness the dedication. It felt more intimate doing it at home rather than in church.

Anyway, Aunty Florence wanted to carry her. But before she could do so, she had to spend a good 20+ minutes talking to her and allowing Caylee to look at her, while I carried her. Caylee would occasionally look back at me while Aunty Florence was doing this. As if seeing if I am friendly with this person. And after that, when Aunty Florence put out her hands again wanting to carry her, Caylee reached out for her hands.

Yesterday my nanny told me another story. Her twin sister came to visit her that day. And they were sitting in front of Caylee's playpen. When Caylee woke up, she sat in her playpen and looked around. When she saw the twin sister and her nanny, she looked at each so carefully. Nanny said she kept on staring at her twin sister and then looking back at her nanny. She sat and stared, stood up and stared. And after all that staring, when the twin sister wanted to carry her, Caylee turned away. And turned towards her own nanny instead.

Yeah...its the smell! :)

Her self preservation is very strong. She doesn't really allow people to carry her and would cry if I attempt to pass her to someone she doesn't want to go to. In fact I am finding it hard to pass her to the nanny's husband or the nanny's daughter when I drop her off. She won't cry but she will show reluctance. In fact would even turn away and hug me. But she reaches out and goes willingly to her nanny.

Good thing she accepts my parents and my inlaws. At least when they are around I can vanish from her sight with no worries.

Christopher was vastly different.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My(vi)'s first accident

Yes, indeed my v has now a dent and alot of scratches on the passenger side front and back.

Where did it happen? Along the SS2 main road, I was turning into Cheow Yang. The right lane was as usual lined with cars waiting for the traffic lights. So, I only had the left lane stream of cars to deal with. BUT the traffic light may be going to turn green soon, so I did not encroach into the right lane. Thus, my vision of vehicles coming was partially blocked and I had to guesstimate looking through the vehicle's car windows.

Fact 1: I really did not see any more cars coming and decided to make the turn.

Fact 2: I was turning slowly always looking on my left to see if any vehicles are coming.

Fact 3: My car was already blocking the left lane and into my required lane when I looked straight.

And then I saw at the corner of my eye a motorbike loose its balance and bang straight into my car.


I drove into the lane. I looked at the mirror, saw the guy fall and get up again. There was no place to park. It was pasar malam night. So I made a turn into the first lane on my left and waited there.

He arrived sometime later. I turned off my engine and waited till he got off. And I got out.

He scolded - saying I didn't bother to stop the car (as in in the middle of the road). And that I would have just ran away if not for the fact he could get up and look for me. According to him if an accident happens, you should stop right away and no one will bother if you are blocking them or not. Well....

He also argued that this is all my fault. Since he was on the straight road. It was his 'jalan' and I was the one turning. So I should have been more careful. Well.....

He told me the damage to his motorbike. Mirror part came out (not broken), front rim 'bengkok' and one part at the leg there also 'bengkok'.

I was shouting and shaking in the middle of the road like a mad woman.

Damage to me (monetary) : RM100.

After the accident, some told me:
"Aiyah, he bluff you. Why you give him so much. RM50 also too much already."
"Motorbike very troublesome. RM100 to get peace of mind is ok lah."

When hubby came home after his Motorshow, he told me he would help take care of the car this weekend. To me, if it can be polished so that it would not rust, I don't want to bother about the dents.

As for my son, he said "Why motorbike hit you mummy? You didn't bring out the gun and shoot him? If motorbike hit you next time, you tell me and I will bring gun out and shoot him, ok?"

I only thank God that he was ok (in fact I told him 'nasib baik Tuhan jaga you', which kinda surprised him that I mentioned Tuhan.) and that Caylee was not in the car when it happened. If the kids were in the car.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My mum was alone with me one night. Just put Caylee to bed and Christopher was out with hubby and kungkung. And my mum said "You know Caylee is a little slow in speech development. Christopher at her age was already calling you and making sounds like ma and pa."

Gosh! Really?

I kind of know in my heart that I have not been monitoring Caylee's development as closely as Christopher's. The weeks pass by and I am suddenly reminded how old Caylee is when someone asks me if she is 1 year old yet.

No, she is only 8 months. And I always catch myself...."Oh, she is 8 months." What can a 8 month old baby do? What can she eat?

With Christopher I was very diligent in letting him try new food. Also his nanny and I talked alot about when he will be able to eat what. For Caylee, I just fed her stuff which was convinient and available at the time. She has already eaten combination food. And I didn't really think much about the 1 new food every 4 day rule.

She is standing alot now and can walk around her playpen, though she does fall down often. If she is not in her playpen, she will be in her walker. It's very hard for me to sit with her on the floor and encourage her to do crawl. Christopher is her main distraction.

As for speech, she babbles alot. Caylee's nanny is chinese and talks to her in cantonese. So, I have the tendency to talk to Caylee in cantonese for the length of time I am at home alone with her. And when Christopher comes back, I suddenly find myself reverting back to English with her again. My vocab for cantonese is quite bad so I guess I am not really repeating words for her to learn. Of late (after one incident when I told someone she is nearly 8 months already), I am teaching her to say "mumm mumm" and the usual mummy/daddy.

Since my realisation of her growing up, I have also started to sing to her. And she looks at my mouth while I sing and not my actions. I find her a very different child in that sense. The things that catch her attention are quite different from Christopher.

Recently Christopher picked out a pull string aeroplane. When you let the string go, the aeroplane will move and ther will be lights on the plane. Christopher at Caylee's age would be fascinated by the movement of the plane and the lights. But Caylee would look at the string retracting instead and try to catch the string. Very minuet stuff.

So, yes, Caylee is 8 months as of today. And I have to be more aware of her milestones now. And start bringing out simple picture books to show her. And also start using simple one words with her.

Indeed number 2 does receive less attention that number 1. But I hope my realisation of this fact will help in her development as well. Although all kids will learn at the end of the day, its good to give her some concentrated effort.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mickey everywhere

Ever since hubby subscribed to the Cartoon channel on Astro, the Astro is more or less permanently on 613.

Christopher has dinner with Pororo and drinks his before-sleeping milk with Animal Mechanics. He snacks every weekday with Mickey.

Of late, he has been spotting Mickey everywhere. I didn't manage to take pics of Mickey so I have to describe them. Hope you see them as well as he did.

Mickey 1
when he was playing with balls half way, he suddenly told me, "Mummy, Mickey!". 3 balls were together in like a triangle. 2 were the ears and the 1 below was the face.

Mickey 2
when we went out for dinner and he was using the plates and saucers to 'cook' for me, suddenly he told me "See, mummy. Mickey!" He had the 2 saucers as the ears and the bowl as the face.

Mickey 3
when he is drawing and he 'accidentally' draws one circle, he will draw 2 more and say "mummy, see Mickey!".

And most of the time he will also say "Mummy, my Mickey no eyes and no mouth."

So, does that mean I have to bring sticker eyes and sticker mouth with me to make his creativity complete? :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buckets full of goodness!

Everyone who knows me knows I love my ice cream.

Of late, essentially after the birth of my 2nd child, I have given myself the license to wallop ice cream to my hearts content. I need to manage my stress and I better do it while I can still afford (in RM and weight) it.

I have been eating loads of Sunnyside ice cream, boxes of Bulla and some Tiptop. Christopher joins at my side especially when I buy his favourite strawberry!

And now.....I have another brand to add to my ice cream list.


I tell you the taste is out of this world SUPERB. I don't taste the mixture of water and fat (like in most of our local ice-s). I don't 'feel' the fat or the heaviness after eating (like in some flavours of Sunnyside). I don't feel just a little unsatisfied (like when I have Bulla frozen yogurt).

I just feel this is so fulfilled.

When the guy there let me taste the orange flavour, I tell you, it really was a SURE SIGN that no flavouring was added. It really tasted like orange. And was not too sweet, even mildly sour (it was a sorbet, after all). He told me: "All Vitamins intact too!"

The Belgian chocolate was smmmoooottthhhhh with just a tinge of bitterness.

And the mango was a BOOM WOW WOW in the mouth.

They change the flavours every week and we are expecting DURIAN this mid week. He says: "It will be like you are eating cold durian!".

I am so waiting for their peppermint with choc chips. He told me that peppermint is white, do you know? And so all the green peppermint ice creams that you see have colouring/flavouring.
There are of course flavours which I didn't like. BUT I still highly recommend this place if you want some great ice cream.
Per cup is about RM6+ (cheaper than Gelato). And you can take away the smallest amount for about RM19, after discount (which will have about 4 big scoops). I took away the family pack which has about 7 scoops for RM28.90.

This is a pic from their website:

There is a map to the Kota Damansara shop in their website. But for the sake of directions with landmarks, the shop is behind Subway. And Subway is in front of Tune Hotel.
They are planning to open one in Bangsar Shopping Centre soon. Also there are plans for diabetic approved ice cream (with natural sugar called stevia) and ice cream cakes.
Premium Buckets Sdn Bhd
38-G & 38-1, Jalan PJU 5/20B,
The Strand, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03 6142 8588 Fax : 03 6142 8488Mobile : 012-692 8869

Kuala Lumpur:
2nd Flr, Sooka Sentral, Jln Stesen Sentral 5, 50470KL

Petaling Jaya:
Wisma LYL, Lobby, Jln 51A/223, 46100 PJ-->

Food Court, Enterprise 4,
Teknology Park MalaysiaLebuhraya Sg. Besi,
Puchong, Bkt. Jalil, 57000 KL

Klang & Tropicana: Opening soon!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caylee, oh Caylee!

For the pass few nights Caylee has been somewhat a troublemaker in the night.

She goes to bed usually around 8+ pm, unless we go out for some 'air' after dinner. And even then, she will be in bed latest by 10pm.

Of late, she has been getting up in the wee hours of the morning. It starts with a caterpillar pose and then she will sit up. And she will call us. If no one attends to her at this stage, she will stand up and call for us even more.

Once she is on her feet, it will take longer to get her back to sleep again. So, I have taken to jumping up and making her her bottle as soon as she whimpers, hoping the drug of the warm milk will lull her back to sleep.

And ever so often, she would also whimper in her sleep - almost every two hours throughout the night. For which I would have to squirm my hand between the cot bars under the bumper to pat her back to sleep.

Of course all this means - total lack of sleep for me. Which I am finding difficult to bear these days. I must be getting old. And of course lack of sleep means frequent bouts of flu for me. I must be getting weak.

BUT (drumroll), last night was the worse.

I was heavily sedated with Actifed given my congested nose. So, told hubby to take over the night watch.

At 12 pm, I was awaken by her call. And she was already sitting down, getting ready to stand up. I nudged hubby and told him to faster deal with her. SIGH...hubby brought her to our bed.

Which really is a bad thing coz coming to our bed is her motive and it signals play time with mummy and daddy for her. And of course me being sick, I don't want to pass the bug to her.

So, I got out of bed and told hubby to make her milk and put her back into the cot. I got of bed to drink water coz I was hacking!

She didn't finish her milk mind you coz she was so distracted by the activity in the room. And hubby gave up eventually.

To cut the story short, Caylee kept me awake for 3 hours. She finally dozed off only after a 2nd attempt at warm milk at 3 am. In between she sang to us and talked to us and hoped for a response. I originally talked to her and told her to sleep, sang to her, hushed her. But then I realized it doesn't work at all. When she doesn't want to sleep, she doesn't want to sleep. And I was dead tired by then that my sleepiness could override my maternal instincts for 5-10 minutes before it kicked in again. So, I was aternating looking at her while lying down pretending to be asleep to discourage her from thinking I was up to play and dozing off. Which really is more tiring than just being awake!

At 3 when she at last fell asleep, I thought I could have at least 3 hours of uniterrupted sleep before I had to get to work.


Caylee woke up again at 5+ and I had to get up again to hold (by force) her bums down so that she would not sit up. And then sing, pat, hush her back to sleep.

I was so reluctant to get up when my alarm rang at 6.30 am. And surprisingly when I got out of the bathroom, still drugged mine you, our little 'angel' was already up and smiling at me.

Reckon if it happens again tonight, I will have to take MC tommorrow. My head can't take this semi drug state!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Sings My Soul Special Edition by Robert Morgan

For anyone who loves hymns, the title ‘Then Sings My Soul’ brings a tune to your head straight away. And hymns are what this book is all about. Each page tells the story behind the hymn. From the traditional hymns like the title to common Christmas hymns. With Christmas coming, it sure will make an interesting topic of conversation. And as a bonus to music literate readers, the page beside contains the score of the given hymn too.

I love inspirational reading. And I wanted this book badly because nothing can be more inspirational than that which results in art/music. So, you can imagine my utter astonishment when I got the book, complements of Booksneeze, that this book had music notes I could play on my piano. And it does make me appreciate the hymn so much better knowing the story behind it. My son sits beside me at the piano learning the hymns as well. And later I sing the hymn to him at night and tell him the story as well. There are a lot of stories about strength and love from hymns. So, if you love inspiration and hymns, I really would recommend this book to you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today I cry

"When things are good, we never ask God "Why?" but when things go bad, we always question God."

I truly agreed with this statement.

But today I questioned God.

I know all things happen for a reason. Yet when the inevitable happens, I still cry out to God "Why?".

Darling Samantha, I have never met you. But I love you. As I am sure your mummy and daddy loves you. And more so our Father. May your days be ever brighter in the arms of our Father.

Kimmy, Julie, Jonathan, may the Lord give you a double portion of peace and strength.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An eventful weekend (addition)

Oh yeah...now that I am back home and just looked inside the fridge, I am reminded....

Hubby and I went back to the JJ Swiss Roll again this trip. They have moved to a proper shop just round the corner.

We bought half a durian roll and half a cempedak roll.


The cempedak roll was EXCELLENT ! The durian roll palatable.

And we already have our eye on the blueberry roll and chocolate mint roll.

All cost RM12 per roll and its HUGE !

An eventful weekend

We had GREAT plans for this weekend - Taiping zoo, Camerons etc. But I guess our two mindedness caused it all to come to naught.

Anyway, we left for Ipoh on Saturday morning after a stop by Christopher's school for the year end PTA meeting.

He is doing well in school. Joined the 3 year old class the first half of the year and the 4 year old class the 2nd half of the year. His tracing of alphabets (big and small) is good. And his numbers 1-20 is progressing well. He is also almost completing 1A of Peter and Jane.

Next year, he will be starting chinese. Thinking to maybe get some chinese books at home too so that he can practice his strokes. Anyone know where I can get them? My boy does love to do some work at home. I don't force him at all. He takes the books out himself and does it. Although when he does take it out, I do sit with him and guide him a bit.

I am not that worried with his schooling and whether he is a top student or anything. As long as he is happy learning, I am sure he will get there one day.

Back to the trip....

We had lunch at home upon my mum's previous insistence. It was a meaty affair. She bought 2 roasted pork leg (RM7 each) from the Pasir Pinji market. And stewed with mushrooms a whole pot of chicken feet (RM3 only). We were meatily satisfied. Yummy.

For dinner, hubby and I decided to find this 'Wonderful' fried chicken from Menglembu. Asked around and found the supposedly 'wai sek kai' at last.
Sure doesn't look like much of a happening place!
But anyway, tis the food that matters!

This is what we came for - the Wonderful chicken! Below shows the fried chicken, the honey roasted chicken and the fried mushrooms!

I got to say, I kinda loved the honey roasted chicken more than the fried chicken. Can't say I can fund something like this in PJ. They have the paper wrapped chicken as well but we didn't try that.

Now that we know how to get there, definitely will have to go back and try the paper wrapped chicken the next time.

Disappointedly, I got to say that is more or less all we really got out of Ipoh.

We wanted to eat the Drunken Chicken Noodle @ Kedai Kum Kee, Pasir Pinji but it was closed. Sigh.... We did eat the egg toast though. It is still yummy!

Wanted to try the char liew @ Wok with Kim, Jln Yang Kalsom but it was also closed. Someone told me it opens at night. Is this true?

And the reason why our trip was so fruitless was coz....drumroll....we were all sick!

We did visit a pead and a pharmacy though. And got to say the Tiara pharmacy in Ipoh Garden East is quite good. The flu meds we got for Christopher tasted like Ribena and was quite effective @RM5 a bottle.

Just before we left, hubby and I realised that:

1) We did not even drink white coffee

2) We did not eat Taugeh Chicken

3) We did not get to eat this goreng pisang

Next round, next round....

And finally something about Caylee....she is able to get herself into sitting position now. And is attempting to stand. She is ambitious in that she wants to stand and then release her hold. Which of course just causes her to fall down again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Caylee @ 7 mths

She has been stagnant at 8+ kg for the pass 2 months now. For her age, she is slightly below average. But her height is at the top percentile - can't remember the number, only saw from the graph the pead plotted. These numbers don't really mean much to me as long as the pead doesn't voice any concern.
But what really amazes me about this girl is her character.

She is very much into detail. Minuet things like my ear studs attract her. And the little bell on my bracelet holds her focus for minutes. I don't really think its a girl thing. Coz she looks at other small things with equal interest.

Did I mention she grasps things very well? Not a rough fist grabbing but pinching between fingers. So she manages paper very well.
However, she is less acrobatic than her brother. Christopher was standing on his head, in an inverted V, with one thumb in his mouth and the other hand balancing himself at her age. But Caylee is still attempting to lift her bum up with only knees and hands for support. She moves by way of propelling herself. From a sitting position, which she sometimes is able to get herself into, she makes a leap forward towards wherever she wants to go.

And while Christopher never went commando in his crawl, Caylee pulls herself forward with her arms, dragging her bum along. And she turns herself around with her belly button as the focal point.

And I have to applaud her upper body strength. She has a great capability to stretch her upper body right up to her fingers to try and reach for Christopher's toys. And if she manages to get it, still manages to pull herself back to sitting position. Amazing!

Her playpen has been lowered at the nanny's place because Caylee is attempting to stand now. And soon I reckon she will be moving arond more. She has got a strong kick too so I have no doubt her legs have strength as well.

She does seem to be a strong one. God really answered my prayers far more than I expected.
What makes her laugh? Christopher for sure. She really looks up to him. Everytime he turns around and talks to her, she will chuckle. In fact she will laugh really hard when he does some kind of stunt. Gosh ! My 2 kids seem to enjoy the adrenalin rush!

And if anyone can topple over a bumbo chair, my girl can. The bumbo chair can't contain her anymore.

Really can't wait for her to grow up and watch the 2 kiddos play together.

A slow day

It does seem like a long time since I updated anything. I actually have alot I want to write. But between work (and squabbles with a particular colleague what more!), 2 kids who are mildly ill and trying to stop my flu from exploding out, my attempts at blogging has been put aside.

Christopher is at home today due to a mild fever. So, he has to skip his (annual) photo session in school. He is fine with it. He prefers to stay at home with mummy. And when he is alone with me on adhoc days like this, he can be really good. He knows he has a bonus day and doesn't take it for granted.

He was rather shocked though that this bonus day doesn't apply to his little sister. And he has told me 2 times now to go pick up his little sister.

Spending time with him has also got me getting creative. No...not in crafts and all that. I can't stand the fact that I have to clear up all the mess after which. And yell instructions while at it as well.

Instead I have been creative telling him stories - combining Godliwocks (is that the right spelling) with Little Einstein. And combining Litte Red Riding Hood with the 3 bears. And each story somehow works its way to a moral ending. Sometimes I amaze myself! hahahaha.....

And creative also in cooking coz this boy requires highly flavourful food.

Anyway, he is so into Toy Story 3 now. Requesting me to look for the horse/donkey in the show. What a request! Even Woody or the robot (whatever his name is) would be easier to find. But then again, maybe if he can't find it and I can't find it, it would be one less thing he wants to buy without any money!

I am looking forward to this weekend. Going back to Ipoh and making a one day trip to Taiping. I am still thinking if Camerons would be a better trip. Would a farm visit or a zoo be more fun to a kid?

He of course chose the zoo. What does he know about farms anyway? But reckon if he had a choice, he would rather go see an aeroplane or sit on a train. He so loves his vehicles!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Shaved soya ice with red beans and green tea balls @RM6.

Snowflakes best seller @RM6! Shaved grass jelly ice topped with grass jelly. Added into this is taro and sweet potato balls. And creamer to top it all up.

I don't usually rave over shaved ice! But these 2 bowls of 'snowflakes' were quite a surprise to me. It's surprisingly GREAT! Will definitely go there again next weekend. And this time maybe will try the hot version.

Warning : Try to choose off peak desert time as this place can get really crowded.

Snowflake Dessert Cafe
26-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Business Hours: 1:00p.m. - 11:00p.m. (Sunday - Thursday), 1:00p.m. - 12:00a.m. (Friday - Saturday)

They have branches in Pavillion and SS15, as far as I know.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stretching it

I thought everyone did it. Apparently I was wrong.

I have 2 friends who have been told to make a conscious effort to stretch when they get up from bed and anytime during the day. One of them is on the onset of a lumbar arthritis. I had to google that to find out what it was. The other had pain near her hip right up to her shoulder blade.

I stretch quite often. Sometimes not as soon as I get out of bed coz the baby requires attention ASAP. But I still stretch my legs and wiggle my toes while feeding the baby. And as soon as I get up again, I love to stretch on my toes right up to the 'sky'.

Even as I write this now, I feel like stretching. Maybe the word stretching as the same effect as yawning.

I read a book once that had a short piece on yawning. The short piece took about 15 minutes for an average reader to finish. It contained the word yawn in almost all its sentences making yawn appear again and again in the mind. As the article was coming to an end, it predicted that reading the word yawn so often would make you feel a strong urge to yawn. And you would actually yawn by the end of the article. And indeed I did. In fact I yawned 2 times.

So anyway, back to stretching. Do you stretch? Do you ask your kids to stretch when they get up. Reckon you should stretch now. And stretch often. Not only as a warm up before a jog or exercise regime. And do you notice babies stretch quite often?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Really Woolly Bible Stories by DaySpring

I loved this little pink book as soon as I received it, compliments of Booksneeze. It's a very different book on bible stories. Different in what way? The stories are in rhyme. It would be a perfect introduction to poetry for my kids using stories they are already familiar with.

It's a hard cover book with thick pages so my little Miss Toddler will have no trouble turning pages. One page holds the story and one page is the illustration. Little Miss Toddler will love the colourful pictures.

And it is easier for me to capture active Mr Toddler's attention as to what the story relates to. Reason being the main gist of the story is also drawn in the picture. And there are some cute small pictures drawn around too which I didn't notice but my son did. And these small pictures are also related to the story.

The stories are common ones which are great for reinforcement. And the words, although poetic are still simple. Also, the message stays true.

Lovely indeed. I may be colour biased, but I reckon this litle pink book will be a great keepsake for a little girl.

Finding yourself

Who do you think you are?

No, I am not scolding you and this post is not targeting you. But it is asking you "WHO do you think you are?"

Do you ever feel that there is a need to define who you are? Well, not really WHO you are since you should be someone wife/husband, someone's mother/father, someone's daughter/son and defintely someone's friend. So, who you are does not really define you, does it? Those are just roles in life actually.

So what defines you? Does your talent define you. What you are good at. Does doing what you are good at define you? Getting recognition for what you do and do well most certainly feeds your pride. So, maybe what you are good at should not be what defines you. Since then you would be just slightly, if not more, egoistic/prideful.

When it comes to talent, God says to use the talent He has given you for good works. So, talent which does relate to what you do well is to be used for God's purpose.

So, God defines us. If I seek God, will He tell me who I am?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

4 in 1

There are 4 of us in one room now. It works out really well since all of us require air con when sleeping. But of late, I am thinking otherwise.

Reason being, my daughter is a great singer and she loves to entertain us as soon as she gets up. Which recently has been a wee bit too early NOT. If she is a good girl, she will get up by 5.30. But half the time, she is naughty which means any time between after 4 am.

And of late, she has been waking her brother too. Daddy just takes his bolster and covers his ears! hahahaha....

If it was the weekend, I would not mind as much since we would just take an earlier afternoon (although not yet even afternoon) nap.

And on some days he can be very sweet like this one time when Caylee cried, Christopher got up and a little blur, crawled over to her cot. Stroked her head and asked "Why mui mui? Why cry?" And told me after that to make milk and insisted to hold the bottle and feed her. And later patted her back to sleep.

But there are days like today when my son woke up and cried when he saw me leaving the room. Had to have a talk with him about how the weekdays are and how they are different from weekends. He did crawl back to sleep after our talk. But according to hubby, he didn't fall back asleep straight away. And later could/did not want to get up to go to school.

Told hubby its so difficult for me to jump out of bed when the girl cries now. If I do that, chances are I can get her out of the room before she wakes up anyone. I used to survive pretty well with 6 hours of sleep. Now a days I feel I still want to slumber on.

By the way....our steriliser is a goner. So, I am back to boiling bottles. 6 more months to go. What luck!
And lastly some pics of the kids in their Sunday best. Christopher put on his clothes himself with a little struggle and some help.

Christopher's new Barney utensils courtesy of Julie!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Caylee is now pass her 6 month mark. She celebrated it by having her first bowl of porridge at the nanny's place.
1 week after eating a full bowl at 4.30 pm everyday, she now eats porridge 2 times a day, the other time being 11+ am.

When she was about 5 months, she was actually already eating baby organic oats with milk every evening.

She LOVES her porridge (or course) and swallows each mouthful gLeefully and quickly. The nanny comments that she has no problem at all getting her to swallow and open her mouth for her porridge (as compared to when she was on oats).

Being the grabber that she is, she is always trying to grab the spoon and the bowl that holds her porridge coz she wants to stuff the grub into her mouth herself. She even grabs her milk bottle when she can and holds it (with some help) until she tires out.

Every time we eat, she smacks her lips in anticipation and whines when she has nothing to put in her mouth. So, we have resorted to baby bites for her when we eat out now. Rusks (I discovered) requires 1 hour of cleaning up after that (have to wash baby, clothes and car seat after that). She is a messy eater.

And here is the little girl enjoying her bicky.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which exercise

If I want a quick workout at home, these days I have 3 choices.

The fastest is 20-25 times up and down the stairs. It takes me about 15 minutes and by the end of it, my heart would be racing and I would be slightly out of breath. But I would not break out into a sweat.

The other thing I can do would be to jump on my trampolin. It helps if I want to watch TV as well since I can place it in front of the TV. Try to do it for about 20-30 minutes. This gets my midrif area very itchy (due to all the flab fibrating up and down). Which is a good thing I suppose since that would mean all the blood is going to that area, possibly breaking down the fat? But I don't break into much of a sweat and I am not breathless at all and my heart does not really race.

And the last thing I can do would be to cycle on the stationary bike. I always read a book when I cycle....which means my hands are not moving as they should. But without a book I get really bored just cycling and looking at the cobwebs on the wall. I try to do this also for 30 minutes. My heart doesn't race (I don't cycle that fast) but I do break out into a sweat (dripping) after 20 minutes. So that would mean 10 minutes of real exercise sweat.

I deduce I choose my exercise depending on
1) time
2) what feeling I want to have (sweaty, heart racing, itchy skin?) and
3) what activity I want to do (TV? reading?)

Yeah....and I know outdoor exercise is always the best. But at least I try to put in some exercise apart from mopping the floor and washing the car.

I think today I will jump on my trampolin again. Got to empty my bladder before I do this. The kids have weakened my ability to hold! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eating Breakfast

Christopher had a bout of tummy flu this pass weekend. He was puking and purging badly on Friday night and his purging is just about ending now.

His tummy flu didn't get passed around this time coz we took all the necessary precautions. But the 'flu' did and I am having such a bad case of congestion.

Oh well.....

So, his tummy flu resulted in him having tummy aches alot. Most of the time when we are trying to get some warm food into his system. So much so he now does not give some biscuits a second look coz he says "the biscuits cause him to have tummy ache".

My mum is down to help since hubby is away (again) to KK. And his lack of appetite is depressing my mum.

Mummy (as in me) doens't care to coax them to eat. You either eat or go hungry. And stop that whinning or you will get a beating! And no biscuits or junk food. Are you mad? And no sweets either.

You get the gist of how it is with me.

But it's a different case for grandma! She coaxes him, negotiates with him and thinks real hard what she can cook for him.

But seems the table has turned around. Yesterday I came back from work and asked my mum what Christopher had today. She kinda looked at me sheepishly (hmm...something is so up!) and told me he had potato chips for breakfast!


Anything to get his weight back up. As long as he eats right?

But she did try to make things balance out by boiling him some herbal drink after that and making him drink one whole cup.

Later that night she was nagging me about the whole issue of making him eat a normal breakfast. Her point mainly is about how he will be able to concentrate in school (when he turns 7, that is) when he does not have breakfast? And it's not a matter of worrying about it when he turns 6 coz having breakfast is a routine and has to be built from young.

Now, the trouble is my son is not really a 'sweet' eater (except when it comes to sweets). So bread and kaya/jam/peanut butter does not work. He would take the occasional sweet cereal or cookies but it cannot be a daily affair. So far his weekend breakfast has been fried eggs.

Right now I don't feel it's much of a big issue coz he takes his milk (which he also hates and has to be forced to drink) in school and haves some food by 10 am. And I am not the one taking care of him in the morning so hubby has to support me 100% on this since the effort has to come from him. But it is true, the eating breakfast routine has to be cultivated soon.

Do your kids eat breakfast? What is the world do you feed them?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UNited against child abuse


This is the latest public program by UNICEF.

To raise your hand, log on to this website 'Unite Against Abuse', scroll to the bottom of the page (if the whole page is not visible on your screen) and click to get on board.

There is an effect to an additional person. There is an effect to you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

If a shoe fits....

I was lucky. When I had boyboy, hubby's cousin from Singapore gave me alot of shoes for his growing feet. The shoes were quite 'high-end' in nature in that they came from reputable companies known to put research and effort in getting the shoes right for babies and toddler's feet.

So, I never knew how important a good shoe and a good fit was until I had to get shoes for my son myself. It's really not the price that matters when it comes to kid's shoes. Coz if it is uncomfortable you will have a tough time getting them to walk on their own. And not to mention the blisters and their posture in the long run.

Thank goodness I have help from shoes shops like this, that has oh-so-cute baby shoes for Caylee and so much variety for Christopher. Much better than buying in store! As it is shopping in store in itself is a hassle.

And videos such as this also really helps!

Caylee will benefit greatly since I am so educated in shoe shopping now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ASUS as a lesson

My colleague looked at me and said "Can upgrade mah!". Her answer when I told her that the desktop I have at home is a version 6 which is a version insufficient for the work we do.

I felt the need to justify my purchase. "No lah, I don't have space to transfer the desktop out to the living area."

Which by the way is true. But take me back a few years, I perhaps would have made the desktop move possible and argued my way through it (coz most people would have disagreed that I add another furniture in my already cramped living room).

So, anyway, I have made my purchase of a new laptop. An Asus, by the way, costing me RM 2198 (with Windows and a one year free anti-virus).

I don't usually spend on myself (I find it easier to spend on someone else). It's a family trait. I reckon my most expensive 'want' to date has been my handphone. And even then, I keep the range of choice below RM 800 if possible. Some have preferences for cars but for me, a car is a car is a car. Even when I was looking for a jewellery box, I loved one which cost nearly RM300 but didn't get it in the end, settling for an alternative costing only RM60.

So, when my colleague said what she said, it caught me by surprise too that I really went through with my purchase all within a 2 week period. Over the years I guess I have somewhat learnt to let go. To love myself a little more.

Also, when I do allow myself to get stuff for myself, I wouldn't feel that I always have to be the one to sacrifice my wants while hubby just gets stuff without really thinking twice. Up to a limit, it has allowed me to be less restrictive of hubby's indulgence in gadgets and splurge on hobbies.

So, for this year, this is my anniversary lesson. To put a limit to my savings and spend some on things I love and cannot find alternatives for. And allow hubby to also do the same.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Role Playing

My son is very much into role playing. Started when he was about 2 and a half. It can be irritating at times but useful too.

Irritating in that when he pretends to be the teacher, he will take his drum stick, pretending that it is a ruler and bang it on the floor asking us to tidy up. Which we roll our eyes and tell him that he made the mess, he tidy up. Mummy and daddy will just help you.

And when he pretends to be us, that's the worse! He will tell us "You naughty, I take the cane and beat you then you know. Want to be naughtyy some more?" For which I always end up telling him he cannot say that and blah blah blah.....

So, what we say to him when we punish him gets thrown back at us when he is angry with us. Given this circumstance, I cannot scold him with such 'meaningless' words anymore. Instead I will always have to reason with him why he cannot have this or that or do this and that.

As I say....irritating...and very tiring too.

But lately, it has become useful too. Coz of late he has been learning to read in school and frequently he would tell me that he is the teacher and I am the student. And he wants to teach me to read Peter and Jane.

And its quite comical because he would read and when he comes to a word he is not too sure about, he would ask me to read. So I go "You tell me teacher. I don't know." And I can see him struggling to remember. Sometimes he does. Sometimes I say "Is that the word 'here' teacher?" And he would say "Clever girl." and continue reading.

And I can see how the teacher (in her exasperation) teaches him coz he will say the same to (ignorant) me like "Can't you see this is the same. It's the same word. How come you don't know?"

eg : Here is Peter and here is Jane.

So anyway, I was relating this to my colleague and she told me her son does not do role playing. He doesn't ever pretend to be someone else. Which in my mind I am thinking - oh! at least then you don't have to choose your words too carefully when scolding him for fear he will use the same words in the same tone and throw it back at you.

(of course no excuse to use harsh words or simply raise your voice....you know what I mean, I hope!)

Does your child role play alot?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Miss...

Miss Determined
My daughter has ALOT of patience for a near 6 month old. There is some stalk of flowers in my inlaws house with red packets hanging from the branches. I carried her nearer seeing she was interested in the swaying red packets. When she was near enough, she tried to grasp the red packets. And it swaying and all that, made it tougher for her to grab between her fore finger and her thumb. but she tried and tried and didn't show any real signs of exasperation. And she got it about 3-4 times in that 30 min or so I stood there with her. Everyone who was watching her commented that she was so patient and determined to catch the red packet.

Miss High Tolerance to Pain
The nanny accidentally clipped little missy's skin when cutting her finger nails last Friday. She gave a yelp but didn't cry. It looks deep coz it has been 2 days now and it is still red and 'angry'. Also, her bum is having a bad case of diaper rash and apart from when I wash it with warm water and apply lotion, the girl does not show any other kind of fuss or irritation.

Miss Grabber
She wants to grab everything she sees. And anything as always goes into her mouth after looking at it careful front and back, top and bottom. And she pushes herself out of your grasp to get what she wants. It frustrates her like mad when you try to hold her back.

Miss Chuckle
She gives a good chuckle when we play with her. And smile sheepishly at you when you play peekaboo with her and hides herself in the shoulder of the person carrying her.
And the other day, I was blowing warm kisses into her neck and she was giggling away. After a few kisses, when she saw me come close to give another kiss, she put her hands in front of me and shouted playfully. Somewhat like a kid who could talk would do while saying "Nooooo" yet still wanting you to play with them. What a reation!

Miss Minnie
Ever heard the song with this lyrics 'You're my inny minny minnie mo lover'? Christopher likes this song and claims they are singing about his little sisiter. As in Min-Yi = minnie!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The King's Christmas List by Eldon Johnson

Lovely. Marvellous. True. Opportunistic. Appropriate.

These words come to mind as I read ‘The King's Christmas List’, another great book compliment of Booksneeze. It's a great book for kids below 8 and IDEAL for me. The pictures within the page are well drawn, colourful and relate exactly to the words being read.

It’s a simple story really, about Emma and her dog Shu Shu who got invited to the King’s Birthday party. They got a gift ready, of course. But on the way, circumstances caused them to give away the gift, as well as Emma’s prize possession.

Every page within this simple story line gave me ways to further elaborate God’s goodness and mysterious ways to my kids. I never knew a children’s book could be narrated so simply yet hold so much hidden meaning within.
I would definitely recommend this book to all parents who have toddlers. And I would even go so far as to say I would be buying this book for other children as a Christmas present this year.

Can't wait to read it with my son tonight.

Wonderful. Priceless.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4th Anniversary!

4 years....many more to come!
2 kids....no more, we are done!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

Ever felt the need to make a difference in the world? I feel that all the time actually. But recently, I have been slumbering, thinking perhaps I can concentrate my ‘difference’ to bringing up my kids well. Perhaps that is sufficient. Perhaps that is my ‘calling’ in life. But I know deep within, the difference I can potentially make could be far greater than that if I would, as Max Lucado puts it, ‘Outlive my Life’.

I got a copy of this book free from Booksneeze. And in the first chapter itself, I realized the appropriateness of the title. That any difference we make should out live our life. The impact of it would last generations to come. And it helped to be reminded that God does call us regular Joes and that he allows for people to come together to see His purpose through. I never did realize that it is God’s command that we do things together, never alone.

Read this book. It will surely open your heart and mind to the possibilities of making a difference in your life. For me, I just gave a friend an open invitation to my house for dinner anytime.

Monday, September 27, 2010

FTWM without maid

Was talking to my colleague the other day. She was maidless for 3 weeks. Thankfully for her, her hubby took a 3 week leave/work from home to help her. And she was also granted 3 week work from home.

However, she was complaining that without a maid, she has to run up to work/clean, run down when she needs to clean/cook/look at her youngest with her hubby.

And we kind of took a stock of things.

Among the 3
1) being a housewife (meaning cleaning and cooking and ironing etc.)
2) working and
3) being a mother

Can a woman really do all 3 well? Or can we only juggle two without yelling at our hubby all the time?

We didn't consider being a wife as one of the options since if we were not a wife, we would not have to consider this issue at all!

For me : I do all three and I don't have a maid. When my #2 came along, many told me to get a maid. I still don't have one. And yes, I may not have as much time with the kids since the chores do keep me busy at times. But I feel as the kids get older, they will start to help with the chores and hubby is around to also be 'a mum'. But I also don't feel the stress of it coz my work ends at 4 pm (and starts at 7 am).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thoughts running around caller IDs

I was washing my hair just now. And as the water flows, my thoughts were running too.

Was thinking to condition my hair since the shampoo together with the lack of water had made my hair quite tangled up.

And at 5 months since Caylee's birth, my hair was still dropping with every little tug.

So anyway, I looked around and saw the hubby had placed my conditioner above the shower door. Unreachable even if I stand on tiptoe.

I was contemplating standing on the toilet seat bowl to get it. Which would mean I would need to get out of the shower area and in wet feet climb on to the toilet seat.

I am not the most coordinated person. So, I am thinking this could be a dangerous feat. What if I slip and knock my head on the floor? Or twist an ankle?

How would I drive to pick up the kids later? And would my aunt know which number to call to let the nanny and the school know someone else would be picking them up?

Made a mental note that perhaps it would be better the change the Caller ID of the nanny to 'Caylee's nanny' and 'Christopher's school'. But then again, if my phone ever got stolen adn someone wanted to pretend to be me and pick up my kids....

What about you? Have you ever thought of something like that?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Taking care of everything this week (so far) has made me realise a few things.

I am doing all the chores - meaning what hubby used to do previously I am doing as well. Which should mean that with hubby gone, I should be feeling more tired. But I am not. I have somehow managed to put hubby's chores into my routine so I don't really feel the burden of it. But looking at the other side of the coin, if hubby is around, I would be getting more rest. But I find I complain I am tired more when he is around. Maybe coz I nag too much when he is around. :)

Boyboy can be very understanding. I usually hear hubby complain to me that boyboy kicks up a fuss putting on his uniform. So I was dreading this week when I would have to deal with his fuss and his crying when I sent him to school. (He almost always cries whenever I sent him to school previously!) So I prepped him as this week approached. I told him he must not cry when I sent him to school coz it is only me and him and Caylee this week. He has to help me. Which suprise surpise, he has not been crying so far.

As for uniform wearing. He cried on Monday. And I reminded him kungkung told him to be a good boy and help mummy. So he put it on after much coaxing. Tuesday he also cried but I managed to talk him into putting on his uniform again. On Tuesday night, I told him I don't want to him to cry tommorrow when he has to wear his uniform. It's simply NOT NICE at all all this crying. So on Wednesday, no fuss at all. He put on his uniform without the usual preliminary "I don't want to wear this! sob sob!" I did however play a game with him while he was wearing his uniform. The game was 'dress yourself and shake it loose'. I ask him to put on his underwear himself and then do a little shake to see if it can come off. If it doesn't he has done it well. So, we shake our bum bums after the underwear, after the pants, and when his shirt is tucked in. Of course, mummy has to shake her bum bums together as well! :)

Well....to me his wearing uniform and going off to school cheerfully is a great milestone for me. But hubby will be in trouble....coz if I can get it done, he had better know how to get it done as well.

Which leaves me with this. How understanding are you?
(if you get my question.)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blessed are we

This boy is really blessed. Another cake from his Chek Chek (uncle) and another present from his Aunty WY and Uncle Simon!

The cake was an oreo cheese cake. Not really my favourite, so it is sitting in the fridge consumed slowly by my Ah Yee and Poh Poh.

As for the race car track.....this boy was pushing me to open it as soon as Aunty WY left. On hindsight, he was a good boy to receive it and keep it aside first. And only open it later to play when the guests have left.

(I have taught him this with regard to ang paus and made a passing remark that this applies to any presents given to him. That it can be opened only after the person has left. I am impressed if he was really practising what he has been taught!)

After playing it for a few rounds, making tunnels with our legs and body, he kept his side of the bargain and went to sleep. No fuss.


The other blessed person is me of course.

Christopher has been a blast helping me how ever he can with the baby and the chores.

He took out the clothes from his school bag yesterday and put it in the washing machine, upon my request.

He talked to his mui mui while I went down to make milk so that she won't cry.

When I was bathing him and mui mui was left in the room by herself, both of us were alternating shouting "Don't cry mui mui, we are all here." And later when he came out of the bathroom, he went over to his little sister and stroked her and told her not to cry. (heartwarming!)

He helped me rinse the dishes yesterday and put them aside. Also helped me clear some tupperwares and put them back in the cupboard without supervision.

He went to pee by himself in the toilet. Later asking me to flush for him. (yes, he knows how to pull down his pants enough for the shee shee to come out into the little container I have for him in the toilet. He is not tall enough to pee in the toilet bowl yet.)

Today, I will ask him to help me wash dishes again. And soon maybe I will train him to mop the floor. hahahahaha.....

But you know....he really enjoys getting involved in the activities we are doing. Only we consider it chores. He considers it helping mummy and later getting rewarded.

His reward yesterday was half a packet of Smarties. And he really ate half and then gave the packet back to me.

Thank You God for this little miracle of a blessing!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A long week 'alone'

Hubby is in Jakarta again for 8 days.
My parents will be in Taiwan (still awaiting confirmation their plane can land in Taiwan following the typhoon) for 6 days.

I have asked my Ah Yee and Poh Poh to come down from Ipoh to stay with me. Just in case something comes up and I need someone to stay with either/both kid(s). Also just in case one acts up and requires my attention.

But sigh....a bit of a backfire. My daughter doesn't know them and thus refuses to stay with them for long. Also they don't know how to handle this demanding creature who requires them to forever carry and walk around.
(Actually she just wants to be talked to, not necessarily carried....but well....their baby vocab is quite limited!)

And my boy when he is in a sleepy/irritated/angry state also refuses them. "I want mummy! I want mummy!"

And so.....I am really running around like a headless chicken. Got to teach them to use the washing machine and maybe cook rice so that that is at least 2 things off my to do list.

It's going to be a loooonnnnnggggg week. Hubby so needs to get me a present when he returns. I can feel the stress in my system working overtime! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christopher's 3rd Bday

Christopher will be three as of tommorrow. However, we celebrated his birthday a week early as his kungkung will be out of town on the actual day itself.

This is the Barney shirt I bought for him. All thanks to Barbara and her suggestion.

He doesn't look that happy here coz he didn't want to sit still and pose.

When he first saw the big truck that his Yee Ma and Yee Cheong got him, he exclaimed, "Wah! So big!". And then he said "But I got alot of cars already woh." To which Yee Ma ask him, "So, you don't want this one?". And he said ever so quickly "Want. Want. This is Yee Cheong's car."

His Yee Cheong used to drive a Toyota 'truck' (you know those vehicles with the open back. Don't know what you call them.)

Anyway, thanks to Barbara's contact, we also managed to get him his Barney cake. For which he only ate 3 bites. Most of it was finished by my mum who loves jelly.

When I went to pick up the cake, hubby was looking at Mdm Lee's garden and later he told me..."check out all her pandan!". Her whole garden was filled with healthy growing pandan! :)
When I was there, Mdm Lee gave me one of her jelly mooncakes to try. It was delicious. Very different from the other jelly mooncakes. The pandan one we tried has pandan lotus paste inside. And the mint one was minty, the coffee one was tastefull, the black sesame and the yam ones were also yummy. It is really different coz the filling is really made out of black sesame paste and yam paste. We ended up buying a box for RM26. Definitely will go back next year.
And a pic of the 2 kiddos for the record. Reckon Caylee is catching up in weight and length really quickly.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super virus

These days I feel the viruses we are exposed to are like super viruses. And when I say these days, I really mean only this pass 2 years.

Previously most flus and coughs that hit the family are cured within 4-5 days given proper rest and medication. Now, coughs bring sore throats that ache like mad, swollen lymph nodes and phlegm that seems never ending.

And the flu hits your head like a one ton hammer and lasts for several days!

Our medication can't even seem to keep up with the mutation of the virus. When we find a medication for one, we find that it has laready mutated and the medication doesn't work anymore. So, we have to make stronger and stronger medication.

It's a never ending cycle of doom!

Right now, grandma is nursing a lost voice and hacking cough. Sounds like Christopher has caught it and has been coughing non stop at night. Hubby is down and out with the flu as well. And I am nursing swollen lymph nodes. Grandpa is still alright and Caylee is having a slight cough and flu.

I so hate this. I hate it to the core.

As the day progressed and I started to surf the net, I was brought to this article : When I am Weak

I believe God wil bring me THROUGH this.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

He made me cry

I was reading my previous posts on Christopher today.

His coming of three years somehow marks a significant difference to me - He seems to have suddenly grown up.

So it made me think back and thus read what I have been blogging about Christopher in the pass year. To check if the change I am experiencing about him has been gradual or really as sudden as I am feeling it.

I shall relate an incident to you. This incident happened at sunday school.

As usual, for the younger kids' class, when the lessons and the singing is over, the teacher lets the kids (and parents) do their own stuff - eat, play or just hang around. However, this week, one of the teachers decided to bring some McD freeby toys for the kids to play. She commented that she did bring some boys' toys but it seemed to have gone missing. So, most of the toys were girly in nature.

My son however, managed to find one aeroplane which he picked up straight away and came to show me. Mind you, he loves his vehicles. We played with it for a while slightly a distance from the pile of other toys. After some minutes, my son puts down the aeroplane. I am not sure why. Mind you, he left the aeroplane VERY NEAR to himself.

But here comes another mummy who has a son who was without a toy. She spots the aeroplane and decides to take it for her son to play. I was turned the other way talking to another mum. She picks up the plane and asks if she can have it.

My son, who is still sitting beside the aeroplane notices that an aunty has picked up the aeroplane. He looks (actually glares) at her and doesn't answer when she asks if she can take it.

I notice the aeroplane being taken away before my son could answer.

I decide to intervene in the situation and ask my son to allow aunty to take it. I go on and on about sharing and let's look for something else to play.

He looks at me and says "no. I don't want mummy. I want my aeroplane".

Now....if you were the aunty, what would you do ?

Anyway....this aunty still holds on to the aeroplane and says "Can lah. Share lah. Aunty play for a while lah."

And then my son BAWLS !!!!

Of course, I tell him "share ok boyboy. let your friend play also ok. never mind lah, mummy give you biscuit."

I was also trying to stop him from crying.

The aunty does nothing. She is still holding the aeroplane.

After a while my son starts to throw a tantrum of course. Coz he did say no and he does want to play with the aeroplane. And geez....he loves aeroplanes! So....no, he doesn't want to give in. And he doesn't want to share this aeroplane.

After a while when it seems my son is adamant about not sharing and is still crying.....the aunty says "hai, never mind lah. ok lah, don't want already. give you back lah."

I see her put the aeroplane on the floor. My back is to her the whole time since I am facing my son. I ask my son to get up and walk him to the other room.

He follows, crying of course.

In the other room, I talk to him. I tell him that the aeroplane does not belong to him so if he wants to play with something else, he has to let other people play with the aeroplane. And of course I tell him to share. And also that if I ask him to stop crying, he has to stop.

To my surprise, he says "Sorry mummy." And then when I ask him if he understands, he says "yes, I understand."

I give him a drink of water. Then I hug him. Then I ask him to do the worse thing.....I ask him to go to the other room and give the aunty the aeroplane and say sorry. (Although part of me wishes to tell the aunty off instead!)

And he does go over and says sorry to the aunty. The toys are already kept away so we couldn't give the aunty's son the aeroplane to play.

After that my son sits quietly eating his biscuits while I continue to chat with the other mums.

At night while I was putting him to bed, he told me "Mummy, I am sorry for being naughty." Then he hugged me.

I felt my eyes mist up. I have a good boy, I do. No matter how difficult he gets sometimes, I know I have a good boy.

Remembering the good in him even when he is at his worst.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday coming up!

Christopher is at the age of "I wants". It was never really that prominent before and of course at this age, it's still under control. However....there are some exceptions.

COZ his birthday is coming up. And whatever he wants (under reasonable circumstances) for his birthday, we try to accommodate.

It's also the first year he is aware of his brithday and is counting down to it.

Actually his only REAL request is:
"I want a BARNEY birthday cake."

And he has been asking his kungkung if he will buy him one. But hubby and I have beat kungkung to it so kungkung and pohpoh are now busy looking ALL OVER town for a Barney shirt.

Which for goodness gracious me is quite hard to find. Heard only Isetan in KLCC has it so we may have to make a special trip down. Even the night markets don't have it! (kids don't really know the diff in quality anyway)

We may have to settle for some other Barney stuff in the end. Maybe a plate or a cup or a towel.

Anyone know where I can get any Barney shirts?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seng Kee, Ching Han Guan and Hoong Tho

OK....now for the (very late) confectionary bit!

ALAS we tried the famous JJ Swissroll (Motormouth has a good write up on it with map and menu). Went to the outlet at Hotel Fairmont. Hubby went down to buy the delectables since the kids were acting up and Christopher was moaning that he was too tired.

(They woke up really early coz church was at 8 am and so by 11am, they were understandably tired.)

He got the fruit mix (RM15) comprising (clockwise from left) : strawberry, dragon fruit, kiwi and orange. The taste is not that strong. A good indication perhaps that there was no added flavouring. Loved the orange and the strawberry.

I asked him why he didn't get maybe the durian or the cempedak one. His rationale was that the roll looked really big. And to eat the entire roll of just one flavour seems a bit too much.

Any time you mention you are going back to Ipoh to relatives and now Caylee's babysitter as well, people will always expect Ipoh Heong Peang as gifts!

So, this time round, I decided to give this new (to me) heong peang shop a try - Seng Kee Heong Peah. The bickies (no pics, sorry but gave you a link with a good write up and pics) actually look smaller compared to the (in)famouns Yee Hup. But at RM6.50 for 10, I guess they are entitled to the size difference. Heard Yee Hup now stands at RM8 per packet ! ALSO....this Seng Kee heong peah is still made the traditional way (supposedly).

(Feedback : Father in law says these were better than Yee Hup)

Our only 'old' stop was one to Hoong Tho. We had always got our mooncakes there, partly coz my parents knew no better back then and therefore the tradition of buying it from there stuck with me! But the tradition ends this year coz the kam tui (mixed nuts mooncake with ham) that I bought was not fragrant enough. You would think with ham it would be really fragrant BUT sadly the Hoong Tho kam tui was a poor comparison next to the Hilton mixed nuts one.

Really yat cham chin yat cham for (one kind of price, one kind of goods)!

(Feedback : My mum says the shop opposite Tuck Kee, Pasir Pinji sells better mooncake!)

But Hoong Tho's kung chai peang (biscuit made with mooncake 'skin') is still good enough for me. That is (sigh) given I have not tried this other new shop we visited.

The new shop (again, may be only to me) in question is this biscuit shop along Hugh Low street - Ching Han Guan. We came here of course to get some of their much mentioned meat floss lotus paste biscuits. When we came back to Ipoh, hubby and I opened it up and starting discussing how much to keep for ourselves and how much to give to my inlaws. In the end, we kept 6 and gave them 6. Meaning....it was only a so-so for us.

Hubby says the pastry felt like Seremban Siew Pau pastry but to me it feels like Tau Sar Peah pastry but crispy (akin to Heong Peang pastry).

Hubby was also tempted and bought some kind of mooncake they were promoting. Very different. Quite nice.

I would say it really is different visiting Ipoh nearing the Mid Autumn festival. There were different kinds of mooncakes being sold everywhere. Teochew, Hokkien etc etc. So different indeed from shopping for mooncakes amongst Overseas, Bakers Cottage etc. in KL.

So, REALLY if you are thinking of visiting Ipoh, do go before Mid Autumn. You will really be spoiled for choice and well educated too!!!

By this way, this mooncake (3 piglets) were given to me by my colleague from Kluang. Lotus paste with aslted egg yolk. Cute isn't it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Caylee has turned

And the little girl has turned!!!

Cheerios to Caylee. Now comes reinforcement time!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 week short of 5 months

Yes, I know each child is different.

Caylee is 7.08 kg at 4 months 3 weeks.

Just started her on Nestle rice, one spoonful. However she doesn't seem to like it at all. Cries after 2-3 mouthfuls. And she spits out alot of it together with alot of saliva.

Caylee is speaking more than her brother at this age. Her range of vocabulary ranges from the famous Ah Goo.....to Gleeee.....to Hey!.....to mmmeeeee.....to ah,ah,ah,ah.

She can't turn over yet. Highly possible reason coz she is hardly left on her tummy. She doesn't seem to like tummy time as much as her kor kor. Thus she doesn't lift her head as high as her kor kor. Hubby says could be due to the length of her neck which is shorter than her brother (in other words, she is fatter!). Instead she prefers to sit up...or of course be carried around.

She has less hair compared to her brother. I had to cut the brother's hair 2 times already by the time he was 5 months!

She drinks milk like we have been starving her for hours unlike her kor kor who drank at regular intervals. Drinking 6 oz min every 2-3 hours. It would help if she could eat....

She is beginning to want to hold her bottle buts its still too heavy for her.

Character wise, she is more demanding than her kor kor on a regular basis, in that she calls for people to come talk to her. However, she is easier in that when she is tired, she goes to sleep (given of course it is not too hot or noisy) instead of struggling to keep awake and getting all grouchy afterward like her brother.

Other developments similar to her kor kor are...reaching out and pulling things towards her, sucking her fingers and pooing everyday.

Due to the consistency of her poop, we may be taking her of Mamex and putting her on Friscolac. Yet to decide.

By the way, Christopher is 13 kg at 2 years 11 months.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kiddo-s and foodies

Our recent trip back to Ipoh was a trip of new discoveries. Told hubby "ENOUGH of all the usual eating places. Time to venture into new territories!"
And new territories it was indeed...marked by the fact that hubby had to ask me for directions.

But food aside, let's talk about the kids first.
Christopher's a little blur here but look at him cradling the baby kangaroo. He has been frequently doing this since watching us cradle Caylee and Sunday night, he brought baby kangaroo to bed and patted him to sleep.

For the pass few nights he has also been watching me change Caylee into her PJs and insists on holding her bottle to feed his mui mui.

And....yet another purchase for our little girl. You would think that being the 2nd child, we would have fewer purchses. But NO !!! During Christopher's time, Reese's mum lent us the Bumbo. This time round, we had to buy our own. But well....this girl loves to SIT UP. She keeps pushing herself up everytime we try to lie her down. So....

When we were in Ipoh, there was PC Fair going on as well. Hubby went with my dad and some of my dad's friends. I had to stay at home to work and take care of the kids. But well....I got a gift as a result! MP3 player for my car. Have to attach this unit to the cig lighter and put in my thumb drive/memory card. Also comes with a remote control. All for RM14. Not bad huh!
There was also a Verbatim 5GB harddisk going for RM205. But it was COD and hubby never carries that much cash. And we never got around to going back (wonder what happened to the time!).
OK....now the main meal foodies:

Mum asked me to choose between Mar Poh or Weng Kee for lunch the last day we were in Ipoh. I have been to Mar Poh (or Sun Mar Poh) since I was still studying in Ipoh and hubby loves the food. But this trip being trying new places, we opted for Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant. Reanaclaire has been there (several times) and 2 of the dishes my mum ordered were the same. Which is a good thing coz I forgot to snap pics.
Highlight of our lunch was the yam pork ribs. We thought it would be like cube yam stir fried with pork ribs....but it came out a surprising mush of yam and har mai with bits of pork ribs. The yam being the emphasis and the pork ribs the accompaniment rather than the other way around.
The beancurd was also really smooth and very nice. Though we were debating with no conclusion what those transparent crunchy stuff atop the bean curd were!

Another place we also tried for dinner one day was Kedai Kum Kee in Pasir Pinji.
The highlight from this place is their famous stewed dai geok, sai geok (meaning pig trotters, chicken feet). I can say nothing else but IT WAS SUPERBLY YUMMY!!! It was soft yet still crunchy and the taste was just right.

I wasn't hungry when we stepped into the shop at 6 pm (opening time) but I was still 'fighting' over the last chicken feet with hubby. Delectable. Will definitely go there again next trip.

Of course we also ordered some char liew (disappointing sar kok but fried wantan big, crispy and nice) and yong liew (quite alright). Hubby also ordered a plate of dry koay teow (which he says was not that great). Total bill came up to RM12.50.

The other place which we visited (and went back again the next day) was Xin Xiang Er Nong also in Pasir Pinji. It's located at the corner of Jalan Tokong and Jalan Foo Eng Lim.
What was sold in this restaurant that made us come back for more was this!
Half boiled egg atop toasted hainanese bread. The sides of the bread were still crispy and the egg was done OH SO right!!!

Hubby also loved the 3 layer tea (bottom pic right) which had the slight taste of gula melaka.
The pork rib dry curry mee was also good. Christopher loved the herbal chicken noodle. And the toasted bread with kaya was nicely thin.

On the way back to KL, I commented to hubby.....we forgot to drink our white coffee! Anyway.....next post will be a confectionary post. Stay tuned.

out of body

Did you have a long weekend? For me, I did go back to Ipoh on Thursday evening but had to work from home on Friday. Went back to Ipoh only so that hubby will have help from my parents to take care of the kids.

Little girl hardly sleeps during the day and little boy needs constant companionship.

Now on Monday I am having an out of body experience. There are 2 laptops in front of me so that I can do 3 persons work more efficiently (my 2 other colleagues are on leave).

I can see myself typing there and then clicking there. My mind is vaguely registering everything.

And my mind is not F10 as well coz when I Ctrl-C on one laptop, I cannot Ctrl-C on the other laptop until I Ctrl-V on the original laptop first. Else I would have forgot which Ctrl-C holds which info.

Seems I have only one Ctrl-C in my brain even though I have 2 laptops with Ctrl-Cs that are totally unrelated!

Will post my Ipoh trip on Wed (time permitting).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Drive or co-drive

Today my colleague and I made our way to Hilton KL Sentral to pick up the mooncakes. It's quite a mess getting to Hilton KL Sentral for those who have no reason going to that area.

Usually I am at that area only to drop hubby at Sentral Train Station. So my colleague and I made a few turns to arrive at Hilton Hotel lobby.

My mooncakes!

From the top, the mooncakes I bought are: Red Lantern, snow skin Kirsch lotus paste with cheese and raspberry ; Yellow Moon, brandy flavoured lotus paste, violet flower essence and chocolate ; Blue Moon, snow skin Amaretto lotus paste with blueberry cheese Feuilantine ; And 2 mixed nuts baked mooncake at the bottom.

This is Hilton Chynna's awesome wooden box. Seems the cost of the box is already about RM20+. I paid (after staff discount) a whopping RM 83 from this loot.

Will put up more pics when I cut them up.

As we were driving there, she commented that my driving seems to have changed. Very mild these days. Well...

I was driving her around for about 1 hour waiting in the car all the time while she did some errands and bought lunch. She asked if I was tired driving like that.

I said that I wasn't really tired even though we had to do several rounds before we got to the place we wanted to go, the roads being one way and we were unfamiliar with the place. But I realised that what I didn't like about being the driver was my lack of control.

"Lack of control in what?" you may ask.

Well....as the driver you have to rely on your co-driver to give you directions in an unfamiliar place. So there is a certain amount of reliability you need from yoru co-driver. And if she is not the kind to be aware of things, you will find yourself going round and round, hitting dead ends and U-turning alot.

So, now....do you consider yourself being more in control at the wheel or at the side of the driver?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking out @ Waroeng Mas Timoer

We always had trouble keeping Christopher in a car seat or a stroller. Now, he is bargaining with us for his time in the stroller. Which means I have to carry girlgirl and he closes himself up in the stroller pretending he is in a spaceship.

However, sharing a car seat is totally ridiculous. And he doesn't want to sit on the toddler 'harnass' we got him anymore coz as he puts it "I can't see the tyres or the road or the grass mummy!"

So lest Caylee's carseat breaks under his oversized bum, we got him a new car seat 2 weeks ago.

The top pic is Christopher trying to fit into Caylee's car seat. And the bottom pic is of course his new comfortable car seat which as he puts it "can put drink at the side wan!".

And last weekend, we tried out a new restaurant in Sunway Giza. My treat to my inlaws (and 2nd bro in law tagged along) and my hubby for his birthday!

Tried this new Indonesian restaurant : Waroeng Mas Timoer

Top row : Nasi Goreng Indonesia for sonny boy (Rm9.30) and Nasi Timbel Komplit for BIL (RM14.90)
Mid row : Flying fish (RM 35.90) and Cumi-Cumi/squid (RM19.90)
Bottom row : (don't know what is that) and grilled chicken (RM 19.80)

We also ordered Lamb Topside (RM16.90) and Tumis Kangkung (RM7.90) and Sup Ekor (RM12.90).

LOVED and I repeat LOVED the lamb. It was tender, falling off the bone and well marinated GREAT !!! The flying Siakap fish was nothing special to me. Just fried to the bone. The squid was alright albeit a bit too chewy, it being squid.

If ever I go again, I would really just order the lamb and eat that all up by myself. And my utter surprise really was that each plate of rice in this premise is RM2.50. So, think carefully before ordering rice!

Tommorrow I am going to get hubby another birthday present - Chynna Hilton's snow skin mooncakes. Will blog about that when I get it. Heard the box is really awesome and well, hubby didn't get to eat his snow skin mooncakies last year. Yeah....it's all about the food this year.