Friday, January 29, 2010

When we need it most

Sometimes when the going gets tough....
When we are gearing up for change....
When we voice our fears....
When we try hard to remain positive....
When we cling to the last straw of hope....
When we want to give up....
When we get tired but know we have to go on....

Give me an encouraging word.
Else please don't tell me anything at all.

My way may be different from yours.
You may not agree with my methods.
You may not even agree with my timing.

But it is my choice.
And if there is no harm from trying and continuing.
And if you cannot stand by my decisions.
Walk away.
But don't tell me anything negative.
Because sometimes.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Note to self : toilet-training-full-gear-ahead

This is to remind myself that as of 26th Jan 2010, I started toilet training Christopher.

  • As of now, he doesn't seem to have control over his bladder. I am beginning to notice that he stops and thinks and then pees within a few seconds.
  • And I think he is beginning also to understand the consequences of this feeling he is getting and then what happens after that - which is a wet floor and wet pants.
  • He is starting to become conscious of what I mean by "shee shee", "wetting his pants" and my reaction to it.
  • He repeats after me that "Big boy, no diaper." and "Shee shee tell mummy."

We shall see how it goes.

Admittedly so far, I have been very lazy to toilet train him. What with the issue of public toilets!!!

But pants out are out. We now have an extra towel downstairs and we have bought him extra pants. Full gear ahead!

But sometimes when I am doubled over wiping the floor I am wondering.....

By the way, my other resolution beginning this year is to wean him off his thumb!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes.....I can't do it anymore

Sometimes.....and only sometimes....

I feel I can't do this anymore.....being a mum, that is.

Had changed the sheets yesterday afternoon.
Christopher's cough was very much improved.
Runny nose stopping once in a while.
Hubby was feeling alright.

Wasn't done with the laundry yet.
And then....

This morning at 5+ am, hubby woke me up.
Boyboy's nose was bleeding.
Turned on the lights.
The clean sheets were stained red - double bed and single bed.
Including 2 pillow cases and his bolster.
Boyboy's PJs were also stained red.
His whole face was clogged with blood.
His hands were filled with dried blood.

He was still sleeping when we turned on the lights.
Took a warm cloth to try to wipe his face.
He threw such a tantrum.
Took me a good 30 min to clean him up and get him into his clothings.
Apparently part of the tantrum was becuase he didn't want to sleep anymore and I was asking him to wear his long pants and shirt.
Until I realised it was already 6+ am.

Time for me to get to work.
Hubby looked at me.....he wanted more sleep.

I looked at him. I looked at boyboy. I looked at the double pile of sheets.
Sheets to be soaked.
Time for me to get to work.
What do I do with boyboy?
How do I stop these surprises?

Chinese New Year is coming.
For some, it's a time to let go and eat!!!
For me, I am do I stop the enthusiastic relatives from overfeeding my son with mandarin oranges and nga ku chips and any other cookies for that matter?
So that at least he will eat his proper meals and not get a heaty body?

He walloped a whole half jar of nga ku chips only the night before. I am thinking if this was the reason why his nose suddenly bled this wee morning.

I am so tired. Sometimes I can't do this anymore. But I have another baby on the way. And 2 kids will require so much more from me.

Parenting. You love it and sometimes want to escape from it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Westin weekend!

We had a free voucher to stay in either Westin, Sheraton or Le Meridien which was expiring in June. Decided to use it before I become too big to enjoy any of the hotel facilities i.e. swimming!
So, this was our weekend:

Boyboy always loves hotel beds partly coz he loves to snuggle in between mummy and daddy!

Loved the fact that Westin gave me mugs to drink my tea in!

Do you see what I see?

Some of our catch from the buffet table!

Boyboy enjoying the spread !!!

(yes....he had popcorn and candy floss!

And surprise surprise, he loves pineapple!)

Nothing like brewed coffee to round up the meal, the stay and the weekend!


We went swimming too but didn't manage any photos coz I was in the pool with Christopher and hubby was in the gym!

We ate in Lot10's new food court - supposedly all the great famous stalls from Petaling Street had been moved there. The beed noodles sucked! BUt heard the wanton noodles with duck was good.

Also ate in Pavillion foodcourt. And bought tea from The Loaf.

By the way, the cherry blossoms are out on the streets of Pavillion! Go check it out!

We are hoping to cover Malacca and Camerons before April is due.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My day yesterday

Dragged my feet to work. It seems to get worse as the week progresses. I feel it's like the tiredness accumulates day by day.

Worked and facebooked (playing Cafe World now) and listened to music and ate.

Then at 11 am, received a call from my son's school. Boyboy was having a mild fever. Decision required. Give him medicine or come take him home? I decided to bring him home.

He was jumping up and down when he saw me. He even opened the latch by himself and started looking for his shoes. The 'kakak' was opening the gate for me.

He must have been very excited to go home coz he came and hugged me and kept calling me.

"Fever....what fever?" I asked the kakak.

And really when I came home and checked, he wasn't having much of a temperature at all. But when he saw the themometer, he kept proclaiming "Christopher fever".

Gave him a cool Frootos drink and sat him under the fan. Called hubby and got him to pack lunch for us.

Christopher was surprisingly good. He watched his Barney while I continued to work from home. When it was time to eat, he sat down quietly everytime I bellowed for him to sit still. Yes, I still needed to bellow several times. But only one warning got him into action.

He ate three quarts of his noodles. And then whined to see Barney again. For which I told him no more TV. He needs to lie down now and sleep. After his nap, I will allow him to see Barney again with his milk.

No complains. No tantrums. He just lay down on the sofa, turned his back on the TV and sucked his thumb to sleep. I think its his school routine as well.

He woke up at 3+, about the time I was watching my 7th Heaven and whined that it was Barney time. But I told him mummy wants to finish watching this show. After that we will watch Barney. He agreed. Drank the remaining of his Frootos drink and ate some fruits.

When my show ended, he jumped up and exclaimed that my show was over. Barney time with milk now.

My, about biding time!

Even when he pooped, I had no trouble bringing him up to wash. He usually kicks up such a fuss.

We went for a walk after that to see the lorries at the construction site, the crane and the 3 dogs in the neighbourhood. He tried to let go of his hand. But after the scare of him running out to the streets one evening (and thinking it was funny watching his pregnant mummy running after him), I have never let go since, even if it is for a short while. And that gets tough coz he has sweaty palms.

He didn't kick up a fuss too when I told him that we need to shower now.

Or when after dinner, I had to wash up the dishes, throw the rubbish and still iron his uniform. After which when I sat down, he was already aching for someone to play with him. But I told him that mummy was tired. Can give mummy some time to rest for a while? He looked at me, nodded his OK and played with his aeroplanes. I finished my cup of warm water and made tunnels for him!

And when he was thirsty, he brought me my cup of water before taking his bottle. And when I stopped, he told me he has alot of water more and asked me if he could share some with me.

And at night when he requested for some biscuits and I told him after his second one that when we finish this, we will go upstairs to sleep already, he nodded and said OK. And really after finishing it, he got up to wash his hands and allowed me to take him (and his bus) up to sleep.

My day yesterday? It was indeed a good day. Even though I had to do almost everything by myself and my feet ached by night fall, Christopher was very cooperative.

He has alot of me in him. So it is sometimes easy for me to understand why he throws tantrums. But it does take alot of talking and alot of patience to control him. He is a relatively good boy. Two isn't all that terrible some days at all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 24 and counting.....

I am now in my 24th week and beginning to feel pregnant. Take note this is a 'complaining' post! Read further at own risk.

Have put on a substantial amount of weight since my last visit. Actually about 2 kg.

"Back with a vengence", the doctor says. Considering my weight did not increase the last two checkups!

Am feeling stretched all over all of a sudden! Keep on rubbing cream on my belly coz the skin is so dry!

I feel so immobile and clumsy. My hips seem to be locked in position when I try to manuveur around furniture.

Still having slight cramps, more prominantly now on my right side! Keep scaring hubby that it feels like appendicitis! And it sure hinders my ability to enjoy the park with Christopher.

My back hurts in particular areas that I cannot get to. And every other sitting or sleeping position seems unsuitable.

It's a good thing I have some things to occupy my mind like CNY next month, visiting some wedding shops with my sister and my impending contract ending (which would possibly mean I don't have to drag my feet to work in my last month of pregnancy).

Though unpaid maternity leave sure SUCKS !

But anyway......the only good part is that I can wear a low cut blouse now and be confident about it! ;)