Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes.....I can't do it anymore

Sometimes.....and only sometimes....

I feel I can't do this anymore.....being a mum, that is.

Had changed the sheets yesterday afternoon.
Christopher's cough was very much improved.
Runny nose stopping once in a while.
Hubby was feeling alright.

Wasn't done with the laundry yet.
And then....

This morning at 5+ am, hubby woke me up.
Boyboy's nose was bleeding.
Turned on the lights.
The clean sheets were stained red - double bed and single bed.
Including 2 pillow cases and his bolster.
Boyboy's PJs were also stained red.
His whole face was clogged with blood.
His hands were filled with dried blood.

He was still sleeping when we turned on the lights.
Took a warm cloth to try to wipe his face.
He threw such a tantrum.
Took me a good 30 min to clean him up and get him into his clothings.
Apparently part of the tantrum was becuase he didn't want to sleep anymore and I was asking him to wear his long pants and shirt.
Until I realised it was already 6+ am.

Time for me to get to work.
Hubby looked at me.....he wanted more sleep.

I looked at him. I looked at boyboy. I looked at the double pile of sheets.
Sheets to be soaked.
Time for me to get to work.
What do I do with boyboy?
How do I stop these surprises?

Chinese New Year is coming.
For some, it's a time to let go and eat!!!
For me, I am do I stop the enthusiastic relatives from overfeeding my son with mandarin oranges and nga ku chips and any other cookies for that matter?
So that at least he will eat his proper meals and not get a heaty body?

He walloped a whole half jar of nga ku chips only the night before. I am thinking if this was the reason why his nose suddenly bled this wee morning.

I am so tired. Sometimes I can't do this anymore. But I have another baby on the way. And 2 kids will require so much more from me.

Parenting. You love it and sometimes want to escape from it.


Techcrazee said...

i know what you are going through. Even with one, wj and myself face "hell" every now and then. Just like you say, "surprises". Aaarrrggghh... I wanna have a break too and maybe watch Avatar???

Is there someplace where we could "leave" our child to care for temporary to have our break?????

Happy parenting!

mommy to chumsy said...

*hugs* i understand what you are feeling now. Do you boil any herbal drinks for Christopher to reduce heatiness? As for the relatives, just tell them directly not to give him anymore junk food. Tell them what happens when he eats junk food. I do that all the time and I don't care if they like it or not because i'm the one who has to take care of my kid.

reanaclaire said...

yes..barb is right.. do tell them.. kids are ignorant.. they wallop anything they love.. so we adults should control.. after all, he is yr kid so u have the right.. but of course, tell nicely la.. hahaha.. anyway, i can understand how workedup u r.. i hv 3 kids myself.. how i gone thru it, i dont want to remember.. hahha... so if i can, u CAN too!!

Baby Darren said...

I can totally understand. Especially when we are heavily pregnant now, it is just too tough for us to handle such amount of work and stress.

Do tell the ppl off not to feed your child with those junk. We always do that until now our relatives are so scared of giving food to Darren. Slowly they know your style and will respect it.

Come to those housechores and work, take it easy. Just leave it there if you have no energy to handle it. Close one eye and do it only when u feel ok. Get your hubby to help up when he is back at night.

You have to listen to your body too. Don't overwork although we wish to get this and that done...but if u really can't, just leave it aside...

hugs to you...

mumsgather said...

Aww Ann. Hugs to you. Just remember that this too shall pass and you will not remember them after a while but you will remember all the precious moments with your lovelies for life. Take care.

LittleLamb said...

Hang in there Ann...
It does not happen often. We are tired just for the moment. Ask Hubby to give u a break or treat sometime this week ya...

Take care


I know how you feel, so that is precisely why I dont want to have No. 2. I am very sure abt this. But if "accident" happen, hubby is being warned of this and he will have a load of shit from me each day I go through these feelings.

Mummy Gwen said...

You just hang in there dear. Maybe when No.2 comes, you could get a helper? Relax and dont stress is coming.

eugene said...

I can understand how you feel, hey Ann, take care yourself dont get too stressed out,ok?

Try to slot in some " Me Time" for yourself, go yam cha with your buddies once a week, and ask hub to jaga the anak, ya.

Now lagi susah to be a parent,may be we cant learn to let go of our children, letting them make mistakes ,,hammmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

you take care now ya

mNhL said...

Hope boyboy is fine now. Tell directly to the relatives not to feed the kid junks as they are really heaty to their little body. I think it is ok for sometimes, ppl might not think of the consequences. Hope you can overcome this stress and take care. ^_^

coffeesncookies said...

If the going gets tough and you can't handle, get help. Don't stretch yourself too far. Once #2 arrives,you'll have more on your hands. not scaring you. but it's true.. *hugs*

A gift from God said...

Hang in there dear, parenting can be tough but very rewarding right? Hard work I know... but one day you will look back and said... "Ah... it's not so bad after all...see my kids are all grown up! " :)

I am waiting for that day! :)
Take care!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Poor Christopher, his body must be extremely heaty.
Yea, with CNY around, I think we can't escape our kids from eating all the biscuits and junk food, the only thing we could do is feed them with plenty of water.

Ann, do not think too much about taking care of 2 kids. I am sure you will know what to do when time comes.