Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alas the madness is over!

And so Chinese New Year 2010 has passed us by. How was Chap Goh Mei for you?

Mine passed with my parents going back to Ipoh and Christopher developing a withdrawal symptom that his kung-kung and por-por has left.

He developed a fever and is starting (hopefully NOT) a alergy reaction being his runny nose! Anyways....

On being pregnant:

This little one must be having a gala time stretching in all directions. I have felt her kicks in areas I never knew my womb could extend to!

And gosh by gosh, I can never leave her hungry!
(Though my loss in weight after CNY has left the doctor wondering. For me I know it is due to the chasing Christopher around during CNY. And the fact that my parents were around and so I was eating proper meals and cutting down on the need for supper!)

Week 33 now and counting.....looking forward to 2 other mama bloggers birth before mine!

And random CNY thoughts:

Did you know that ignorance sometimes gets you more friends?

It doesn't apply in all cases. But I have somewhat realised that for some people, it is alright being ignorant (or feigning ignorance). They love to talk (or you can call it share) and feel really important when they tell you something you don't know (or pretend not to know).

So, you don't have to be a 'smart ass' or well, feel the need to contribute to the conversation, for some people.

But anyways....

Alas the madness is over, somewhat. The house is quiet what with my parents gone and Christopher sleeping off his fever/flu.

Time to clear the CNY cookies, get the piano tuned and change the water filter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remember your Wedding Song?

I have been asked to think of some wedding songs for a church wedding and also dinner walk-in.

I remember mine vaguely (good thing I still have the 2 CDs I compiled for the day).

I used This is the Day by Scott Wesley Brown for my church walk in and the traditional Wedding March for my walk out.

And hubby and I loved Michael Buble so we used his music for our walk in dinner. Thinking now if it was How Sweet It Is or The Way You Look Tonight. Hmmm.....

We also used one Scott Wesley Brown and one Michael Buble song for our video presentation.

This couple doesn't have a favourite contemporary singer they both share and don't listen to much contemporary music for that matter.

So I am in quite a dilemma. Have come up with some like Morning Has Broken, There is Love, The Prayer and even Forrest Gump Main Theme (don't ask how I thought of that). And of course everyone loves Kenny G right?

So, do you remember the songs you used on THE day?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

WOW !!!!!

My sister in law didn't turn up for reunion dinner this year. I salute her! She sure has guts. Her hubby sure chose such a wrong time to create a situation!


When you are pregnant, seems the conversation somehow steers to talk about having kids (this is from a 28 year old getting married in May) or their trying to have kids (this is with a 32 year old who already has a 4 year old son).

WOW !!

The heat wave SUCKS big time. TNB will surely be earning big bucks this month!

WOW !!

Pregnant at 7 months with much more to organise for the little one, skin is taut, back aches, Christopher stuck at home and hubby not being around.....IT'S SOMETIMES SO TOUGH I WANT TO CRY!

Cleaned the bathroom on Sat and pulled a muscle in my back that was from my waist to my butt cheeks! So, was limping all Sat evening! Thank God, earnest prayer, massage and an overnight Salon Pas did wonders!


After 2-3 months of catering food, it was good to cook some familiar dishes that got my appetite going! But to have to cook for lunch AND DINNER as well got me and my mum irritated after a while! What more cooking for 5-7 people for some of the meals! AND we have to do this till the end of Feb. I think it is the thought of having to do it for so many more days that really tires us out.

WOW !!!

I am very proud of my son for the way he is turning up to be a good boy and a great kor kor. There was a baby in the extended family gathering on CNY and my son surprised me by holding the baby's hand and stroking it. And doing it several times and spending some time with the baby.

He also told the aunties and uncles he doesn't want a baby brother. He wants a baby sister.

Also, he wished everyone Happy New Year or Gong Xi. Didn't eat anything I didn't allow him to and gave daddy all the ang pau-s he collected.

But he still is having a cough from the oranges and crackers someone gave him on CNY eve. SIGH....

All in was a WOW (not WOW also WOW lah) CNY 2010. Did you and are you still having a good time?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Definitely a best seller!

This is NOT a sponsored post. Neither am I working from this company!!So, this is a really an independent opinion! :)

I was given this drink to try one day. And from the first sip to the last gulp, I was pleasantly surprised.

I am not a big fan of flavoured tea actually. But I got to admit I like green tea for its benefits. So, when I was given the little chilled 350 ml bottle of forest berries flavoured green tea (which reminds me of Pop!), I wasn't really expecting much but still it was green tea after all!

Hubby poured some into a glass for me (coz he wanted some too!) and put in some ice, I was like WOW! Seriously!

"MY drink!"

Firstly, this flavoured tea is not that sweet at all!
In fact I thought hubby added some cold water in my cup.
But he swore he didn't!

Secondly, I could actually taste the distinction
between the green tea taste complimented by the berries taste.
I mean as it is there aren't many forest berries drink in the market.
So, the taste was really something very new!

I couldn't resist.
Had to try the apple flavoured and the lemon flavoured one next.
(And my little girl must be loving it too coz she was squirming with delight when the drink hit her!)

I was quite surprised coz even for the apple and lemon, I could taste the green tea. Which really goes to show that the tea wasn't any of those instant powder type but really brewed! I would know frankly if a tea comes from those instant powder type!

And me being the over-analytical,
I was curious over their label mentioning "Catechins".
Its actually a powerful antioxidant naturally found in green tea.

This will definitely be my drink to serve for Chinese New Year. It can really quench a thirst (which gassy drinks used to do) and its so light and not overly sweet.

And what more everyone can drink it even if you are pregnant like me. And my fussy-with-drinks hubby also now choose this green tea drink over his gassy, unhealthy drinks.

And I also give it to my son since it does not have any preservatives.
(Which is a great help since he considers this drink an alternative to his nga ku chips or the mandarin oranges or any other nonsense he is not supposed to be eating!)

So, look out for C2, cool and clean,
the next time you go to Giant or Jusco.
Sigh....we even stopped by 7-11 one evening
because I wanted a cold drink.
Of the 3 flavours, the forest berries is my favourite.
You really got to try it.
It's SUPERB!!!
Kinda love the little bottle it comes in too!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pork burgers - best seller or not?

Anyone tried this pork burger from Ninja Joe?
It can be found in Tropicana Mall.

Size wise the burger was 'are-you-kidding-me?-this-small'
Hubby finished it in 3 bites.
Price wise was 'are-you-kidding-for-this-size?'
2 burgers were about RM9+.
Taste wise was 'I-think-I-can-do-better!'

Verdict - first time and last time.
Next time we will jsut go back to McD.
The person who told us it was really nice
must have been really hungry
and had a really small stomach!
Sigh....but now that I have mentioned it
How many of you actually feel like trying it?
The place is actually quite full during weekends.
Wonder if it is just for the novelty of it
Or that there really is a market for pork burgers!