Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alas the madness is over!

And so Chinese New Year 2010 has passed us by. How was Chap Goh Mei for you?

Mine passed with my parents going back to Ipoh and Christopher developing a withdrawal symptom that his kung-kung and por-por has left.

He developed a fever and is starting (hopefully NOT) a alergy reaction being his runny nose! Anyways....

On being pregnant:

This little one must be having a gala time stretching in all directions. I have felt her kicks in areas I never knew my womb could extend to!

And gosh by gosh, I can never leave her hungry!
(Though my loss in weight after CNY has left the doctor wondering. For me I know it is due to the chasing Christopher around during CNY. And the fact that my parents were around and so I was eating proper meals and cutting down on the need for supper!)

Week 33 now and counting.....looking forward to 2 other mama bloggers birth before mine!

And random CNY thoughts:

Did you know that ignorance sometimes gets you more friends?

It doesn't apply in all cases. But I have somewhat realised that for some people, it is alright being ignorant (or feigning ignorance). They love to talk (or you can call it share) and feel really important when they tell you something you don't know (or pretend not to know).

So, you don't have to be a 'smart ass' or well, feel the need to contribute to the conversation, for some people.

But anyways....

Alas the madness is over, somewhat. The house is quiet what with my parents gone and Christopher sleeping off his fever/flu.

Time to clear the CNY cookies, get the piano tuned and change the water filter.


andrewjune said...

wow, 33 wks and counting...soon you will hv her in your arms!

yeah, CNY is over...and i guess i should be hitting the gym real hard soon! i've gained so much weight!!!!!!

reanaclaire said...

so ...your baby is a SHE! Yeh.. a princess to be born..
yes, cny is over, my biscuits almost gone, this year i didnt buy much.. my son asked for prawn crackers, i might fry them again next week.. hahaha..

LittleLamb said...

another 2 more bloggers giving birth soon? I only know u, Julie...

your nesting instinct started to kick in already huh

Mummy Gwen said...

Few more weeks and your baby is here. Hope everything goes well for you. Also speedy recovery to Christopher.

mNhL said...

Wow....counting down. So excited for you. And yes, time to clear the CNY cookies. Mine still have lots of them. But afraid of heatiness.

coffeesncookies said...

and so, you are expecting a princess.. :)