Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

WOW !!!!!

My sister in law didn't turn up for reunion dinner this year. I salute her! She sure has guts. Her hubby sure chose such a wrong time to create a situation!


When you are pregnant, seems the conversation somehow steers to talk about having kids (this is from a 28 year old getting married in May) or their trying to have kids (this is with a 32 year old who already has a 4 year old son).

WOW !!

The heat wave SUCKS big time. TNB will surely be earning big bucks this month!

WOW !!

Pregnant at 7 months with much more to organise for the little one, skin is taut, back aches, Christopher stuck at home and hubby not being around.....IT'S SOMETIMES SO TOUGH I WANT TO CRY!

Cleaned the bathroom on Sat and pulled a muscle in my back that was from my waist to my butt cheeks! So, was limping all Sat evening! Thank God, earnest prayer, massage and an overnight Salon Pas did wonders!


After 2-3 months of catering food, it was good to cook some familiar dishes that got my appetite going! But to have to cook for lunch AND DINNER as well got me and my mum irritated after a while! What more cooking for 5-7 people for some of the meals! AND we have to do this till the end of Feb. I think it is the thought of having to do it for so many more days that really tires us out.

WOW !!!

I am very proud of my son for the way he is turning up to be a good boy and a great kor kor. There was a baby in the extended family gathering on CNY and my son surprised me by holding the baby's hand and stroking it. And doing it several times and spending some time with the baby.

He also told the aunties and uncles he doesn't want a baby brother. He wants a baby sister.

Also, he wished everyone Happy New Year or Gong Xi. Didn't eat anything I didn't allow him to and gave daddy all the ang pau-s he collected.

But he still is having a cough from the oranges and crackers someone gave him on CNY eve. SIGH....

All in all...it was a WOW (not WOW also WOW lah) CNY 2010. Did you and are you still having a good time?


reanaclaire said...

so many wows.. so must be a wow cny for u this year! hahaha... as for me, it was a hothothot cny! stayed inside my room most of the time.. my sons suggested instaling air con in the living hall.. tapi.. siapa nak bayar bil??!!

LittleLamb said...

alamak..hope ur SIL did not cause any bitterness in the family la. CNY is about forgiving ???

I like your WOW. I wow-ed at myself at 2 things. 1st is I love my CNY clothes to bits. 2nd, during the few days *no work*, i observe Philip n confirms he has surely grown up A LOT! that will do for my CNY!!!!

Techcrazee said...


andrewjune said...

wow Ann...you sure had a lot of going on-s during this year's CNY...

hope boy boy gets well soon...

and btw, pls engage a part-time cleaner to clean the hse...or else you will be having backache (like i did!)

Baby Darren said...

wow...so u are having a baby girl????

And wow....u still have the energy to cook? I salute you!!

wow..wow..wow....another few more months, we will be wow wow wow mom soon!!

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, how interesting, especially the part on your sister-in-law...hahhhahahaha. so you went back to ipoh for the new year?

Mummy Gwen said...

WOW!! Your CNY is so happening..hehe. Go easy on the cleaning part, Ann.

Mine not so WOW lah coz Gwen's not feeling well.

Julie said...

It should be a good time of celebration if not because of the heat wave. I was sweating like mad all day long.

Shireen Loh said...

wow...better take care of yourself!!

ps : really funny post!