Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of Dave's and barley

Had a belated birthday celebration for my sister last weekend. She loves Western food when it comes to celebrations, so we decided to try out Dave's (situated opposite TGIF in 1U's old wing)
Food was quite good and service was commendable.

Can't remember the name of the dishes coz I was too busy taking care of boyboy who was playing with his plastic cutlery - including a plastic knife!
By the way, my parents were down for the week, partly due to hubby's travel to Bangkok and partly due to Ching Ming. And my dad boiled this new concoction - Barley and red bean.
If you are like me having problems getting your kids to drink Barley, this combination sure gets them walloping cups and cups of Barley (masked with red bean taste) down!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What would you do?

Case 1

We had to buy a play pen at the past minute to be placed downstairs. Got it and was deciding upon the mattress. For the same mattress, we had 3 places to get it. Where would you have got it if you were in my place:

JJ - Cost of mattress RM49.90 but I had a Rm30 voucher to offset.
Tesco - Cost of mattress RM49.90 but I would have points.
Carrefour - Cost of mattress RM 43.90

Note : This is just a fun trivial.
Case 2

During my last checkup, the gynae checked and declared I could be early. Maybe the week after the 1st weekend of April or early 2nd week.

Would you on the 1st week of April think it best to work from home or go to office?

If I were to stay at home, hubby is worried I would tidy and clean and etc. And of course, being at home, if anything happens, it could take some time for hubby to rush home. And of course being at home, I would have to take care of my own lunch and I could get bored. But then I would not have to drive and I would not have to wake up at 6 am to go to office. And I would not have to struggle to stay awake the whole day.

So, what would you do? I am far too inactive (in other words lazy) to weigh the pro and cons now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Good deed gone bad!

My parents come down from Ipoh quite often. And when they do, they put up at my place. They were going to come down on Wed so I decided to clean the bathroom attached to their room.

That was my good deed !

But in the process of rushing to complete the cleaning, I forgot I had taken out the shower drain cover and forgot to close it.

What went bad was this.

Monday evening, I saw a cockroach at the landing just outside their room. Took out my insectiside and a rolled up newspaper and swatted it.

Proceeded to clean boyboy up.

When I came up later that night, I saw another one just under the bed. Rolled up another newspaper (the previous newspaper I already threw away coz I never expected to see another one in the same night!) and killed it.

By this time of course hubby was back and I was yelling at him to come up and help me pick it up (I can't bend down now).

We proceeded to the bathroom with the intention of flushing it down the toilet bowl WHEN.....lo behold....we saw THREE cockroaches in the bathroom.

Hubby drowned 1 and swatted 2.

I had goosebumps all over now. I hate cockroaches of all the creepy crawlys. I always imagine them infested with germs!

Made a mental note to myself to dettol the entire room and bathroom tommorrow. At the back of my mind wondering IF I could even do it!

Anyways.....went to bed. My frequent peeing, aching groin and boyboy's cough didn't help with my sleeping. At around 4+ am, I woke up to boyboy's non stop coughing to get him some water. Lay down after checking the time and heard a soft thud behind my head.

What made me get up to check, I wonder! But I did and staring at me was a black flat thing!!!! EwwWWw....

I jumped out of bed and yelled at hubby "ANOTHER ONE!!!!"

Yes, it was another cockroach that landed on my pillow.

You bet I didn't continue sleeping after that. I kept staring at my bed wondering how in the world the cockroach got there....unless it was not only creepy crawly but fly-ey as well!


Went to the bathroom. Don't know why I still dared to go in without the lights on. Cleaned up thoroughly and decided to downstairs.

Hubby just told me that he killed another one hiding under the toilet bowl seat cover! I could have fainted if I was not already sitting down in office.

My house is not that dirty, save for the dirt of having one kid in the house. And if it was food they were looking for, the cockroaches would have been in the kitchen not on the upper floor only. So, that is my only consolation.

It was just an unfortunate lack of memory and a rush by incident of leaving the shower drain pipe open. But then again....

Either the neighbour just did pest control to account for the MANY that emerged or the grounds under the house is already infested with cockroaches!

Makes me wonder about town houses and a kitchen existing above my bedroom! You know how kitchens attract cockroaches easier. You reckon they might give my floor a skip and go up a floor higher?

At any rate.....I am all goosey bumpy and eerie now.

How many have you killed in a night - these tip-toeing brown flat flying crawlies?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A little action before bed!

I have been having bad tummy aches of late. Maybe coz the baby has turned and is pressing down on my bowels or kicking my stomach most of the time!

So anyways, a bad tummy ache brought me upstairs last night at 9.45 pm, ignoring boyboy's plea for me to play with him and ignoring hubby's looks at me and what is happening!

Went to the toilet and sat there for a while.

Some 20 min later, I crawled to bed. But I was too uncomfortable. My feet and hands were beginning to swell up. It felt like my skin could not contain whatever it was that was making it swell.

I tried to ignore it, like I was ignoring everything else that night, but it kept sleep at bay.

In the end, I whispered to hubby if he was awake? We usually try to keep quiet so that boyboy gets so bored he will fall asleep on his own.

Hubby was. So, I told him about my swelling limb-ends and my aching tummy (not to mention my aching back and the endless pressure on my anus!).

Got him to go downstairs and get me some pillows to elevate my legs.

And just when hubby came upstairs, we heard a small voice asking "Daddy, I want milk please!"

Sigh....and down daddy goes for his milk.

And when he was done, down Daddy went again to clean up his bottle.

And last night, I went to toilet 5 times and Christopher woke up 3 times.

Just a little action, I said....but yeah, the swelling has begun!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In a LiNgO!

I work for this international organization and always receive "oohhhh-s" and "aaahhhh-s" and "so nice!" whenever I tell anyone where I am at. But seriously, no matter how glamorous an organization sounds, it really is not the reality of the situation.

We work on a contract basis. Since soming back (yes, I joined and then left) to this organization, I was given a 4 year contract. This was like in Feb 2006. So, as (almost) everyone knows, come Feb 2010 I was out-of-job.

At the eleventh hour, they notified me to send in my CV for a continuous of my job. It was the first CNY weekend and I was out of town. So, you can imagine the rush I had to go through to come back to KL and get all the paper work signed and scanned to HQ. And then I realised that this position of continuous employment was only a temporary postition. Meaning, apart from its short duration, pay and benefits would be sorely lacking.

1 week later, I was informed my interview would be at 10.30 pm. Fine.

No news came when March 1st approached. And then on 2nd March late evening I was told to go for a medical clearance. No formal letter to give to the doctor. And I would have to get it done before I can return to work.

Again another rush to go to my GP, explain the situation, pay the RM40 due for a simple letter stating I was fit to work. (My gynae would never have done this for me!)

Anyways.....I am back to work now with a one month contract.

It's almost mid-March now. And of course, there is still no news on what will happen when 31st March approaches.

I did a little calculating that day after my 33rd-week appointment. Given my history with Christopher, I would say some action could start in the 37th week....which would be the first week or April.

So what happens IF the action starts AND THEN they call me back to office to work on my new contract? (shake head)

I am not really stressed about it. Paid or unpaid maternity leave should not matter (who am I kidding, it matters TOTALLY!).

I hate being caught in a lingo.
Lingo doesn't work well for planners like me!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Radio Station

I changed my radio station this morning.

I have Mix FM 94.5 on Setting 1 which is more for hubby than me.
I have Light FM 105.7 on Setting 2 which I love when I drive home from work.

I used to also play Light FM in the mornings as well. But then recently, back at work at 6 am in the morning, my colleague is blasting off her radio to Red FM 104.9.

Yes, I reach work that early. And yes, she blasts her radio with my consent coz the whole offic consists of no one but us 2 girls.

Red FM is pretty cool for a 6am morning drive. The upbeat popular songs sure make the morning more CHIRPY! So, I have Red FM on Setting 3 now.

And now I am singing to "Don't Stop....Believing" and my son's favourite "Tonight's going to be a good night!"

What's tuned up in your car radio?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I had a moment...

I had a moment last night...
  • when I had flashbacks of my previous labour and I am so dreading the birthing process that is looming up. Alot of 'What If' questions!
  • when I thought of the mulitple times I would have to wake up in the middle of the night. I feel so tired these days as it is!
  • when I thought of the few hours of breast engorgment that I would have to go through.
  • when I think of the heat and the fact that I would not be able to bathe as often.
  • when I think of where the cot is going to be and would it be too cold.
  • when I think about getting out of bed to go to the cot to handle the baby.
  • when I felt I don't want to do all of this anymore.....
  • when I felt why in the world did I get myself into this again.....

Dear Lord.....please help me!