Monday, March 15, 2010

Good deed gone bad!

My parents come down from Ipoh quite often. And when they do, they put up at my place. They were going to come down on Wed so I decided to clean the bathroom attached to their room.

That was my good deed !

But in the process of rushing to complete the cleaning, I forgot I had taken out the shower drain cover and forgot to close it.

What went bad was this.

Monday evening, I saw a cockroach at the landing just outside their room. Took out my insectiside and a rolled up newspaper and swatted it.

Proceeded to clean boyboy up.

When I came up later that night, I saw another one just under the bed. Rolled up another newspaper (the previous newspaper I already threw away coz I never expected to see another one in the same night!) and killed it.

By this time of course hubby was back and I was yelling at him to come up and help me pick it up (I can't bend down now).

We proceeded to the bathroom with the intention of flushing it down the toilet bowl WHEN.....lo behold....we saw THREE cockroaches in the bathroom.

Hubby drowned 1 and swatted 2.

I had goosebumps all over now. I hate cockroaches of all the creepy crawlys. I always imagine them infested with germs!

Made a mental note to myself to dettol the entire room and bathroom tommorrow. At the back of my mind wondering IF I could even do it!

Anyways.....went to bed. My frequent peeing, aching groin and boyboy's cough didn't help with my sleeping. At around 4+ am, I woke up to boyboy's non stop coughing to get him some water. Lay down after checking the time and heard a soft thud behind my head.

What made me get up to check, I wonder! But I did and staring at me was a black flat thing!!!! EwwWWw....

I jumped out of bed and yelled at hubby "ANOTHER ONE!!!!"

Yes, it was another cockroach that landed on my pillow.

You bet I didn't continue sleeping after that. I kept staring at my bed wondering how in the world the cockroach got there....unless it was not only creepy crawly but fly-ey as well!


Went to the bathroom. Don't know why I still dared to go in without the lights on. Cleaned up thoroughly and decided to downstairs.

Hubby just told me that he killed another one hiding under the toilet bowl seat cover! I could have fainted if I was not already sitting down in office.

My house is not that dirty, save for the dirt of having one kid in the house. And if it was food they were looking for, the cockroaches would have been in the kitchen not on the upper floor only. So, that is my only consolation.

It was just an unfortunate lack of memory and a rush by incident of leaving the shower drain pipe open. But then again....

Either the neighbour just did pest control to account for the MANY that emerged or the grounds under the house is already infested with cockroaches!

Makes me wonder about town houses and a kitchen existing above my bedroom! You know how kitchens attract cockroaches easier. You reckon they might give my floor a skip and go up a floor higher?

At any rate.....I am all goosey bumpy and eerie now.

How many have you killed in a night - these tip-toeing brown flat flying crawlies?


smallkucing said...

gosh...I hate cockroaches too. I hope they didnt lay eggs behind the furniture or anything.

eugene said...

I am not afraid of cockroaches,you know why? when i was small,my mother used to let me eat cockroaches(in hot hotel) and made me drink it,for my ever persisting stomachache problem,,,

so cockroaches no problem

mommy to chumsy said...

ewww..i hate them. so scary to see them on your bed! no matter how clean your house is, they will still come from the drain pipes. once in a while i would spray some insecticides down the drain pipe :D

Cynthia said...

eee yiak! I hate them too.. I will run out of the place, and insist to see the corpse before entering it again.. of course, I asked someone else to kill for me..

Ponytail said...

This reminds me when I was a kid. We used to live in townhouse too, upper floor. I made the biggest mistake once by tailing a small cockroach and spraying it with insecticide. I thot I was being smart when the cockroach made an escape to the drain pipe hole in toilet. I spray into the drain pipe hole!
In about less then a minute, all hell break loose! So many cockroaches big & small all came crawling out of the drain pipe hole. I ran for my life! aahhhhhh...
My parents and brother was so so mad a me :p

mNhL said...

Eeewwww....I hate that creepy crawly thing too!!! And I won;t dare to beat them with the newspaper as well. When I see one, I will shout for hubby. If hubby not around, I will spray ridsect in all direction. I HATE THEM!

Mummy Gwen said...

I had roaches problem when we left to Singapore for 2 weeks. First time leaving the house for so long and came back to see so many roaches. Took me weeks to eradicate them. Using roach baits and baking soda to kill them. Also, cover all the drain holes in the bathrooms and sink too.

Now we are in Jakarta, we sealed the drain holes in the bathrooms completely. Hopefully, when we are back to KL in a few months time I don't spot these pesky critters.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ooo....this is real bad!
My house got roaches too and we are really tiring of thinking ways in preventing these fellas to "intrude" us.

So either we will just pour them with hot boiling water the moment we saw them (For us, this is the most efficient way, they died instantly!!!). Or for my husband, he will kill them with newspaper.

The max of roaches we killed (in a day) is 3. I hope it is a one off incident.

BoeyJoey said...

i hate roaches too... but you are so brave, dare to swathe it yourself. i would yell for huby to "take care" of it. "mo ngan tai"!

andrewjune said...

rachael hates them too and who doesn't actually?
and yes, they can fly...ewwww!

we are also having difficulties in combating these creepy crawlies in our very own home!

coffeesncookies said...

If there's one thing I hate most, it's cockroaches. Hell.. I named one of my nasty ex-bf 'cockroach' too.

My worst encounter was entire back yard full of cockroach.. whole troop of more than 20. We did nothing but quickly got in the house and seal the doors n windows.

I can even smell a cockroach coming in to my room. somehow, I'll know if one flies in thru the window while I'm asleep and I'll jump up.. and I'm ALWAYS right, then the battle of me vs cockroach starts.

Well, those were the days of living in my dad's place with no air-cond.

I'll suggest you.. I mean yr hubs.. to boil a big pot of boiling hot water and pour in down the shower drain cover and then seal it. that should do the trick..

and.. seal all other holes in the toilet too.. holes are connected by pipings.. good luck !