Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In a LiNgO!

I work for this international organization and always receive "oohhhh-s" and "aaahhhh-s" and "so nice!" whenever I tell anyone where I am at. But seriously, no matter how glamorous an organization sounds, it really is not the reality of the situation.

We work on a contract basis. Since soming back (yes, I joined and then left) to this organization, I was given a 4 year contract. This was like in Feb 2006. So, as (almost) everyone knows, come Feb 2010 I was out-of-job.

At the eleventh hour, they notified me to send in my CV for a continuous of my job. It was the first CNY weekend and I was out of town. So, you can imagine the rush I had to go through to come back to KL and get all the paper work signed and scanned to HQ. And then I realised that this position of continuous employment was only a temporary postition. Meaning, apart from its short duration, pay and benefits would be sorely lacking.

1 week later, I was informed my interview would be at 10.30 pm. Fine.

No news came when March 1st approached. And then on 2nd March late evening I was told to go for a medical clearance. No formal letter to give to the doctor. And I would have to get it done before I can return to work.

Again another rush to go to my GP, explain the situation, pay the RM40 due for a simple letter stating I was fit to work. (My gynae would never have done this for me!)

Anyways.....I am back to work now with a one month contract.

It's almost mid-March now. And of course, there is still no news on what will happen when 31st March approaches.

I did a little calculating that day after my 33rd-week appointment. Given my history with Christopher, I would say some action could start in the 37th week....which would be the first week or April.

So what happens IF the action starts AND THEN they call me back to office to work on my new contract? (shake head)

I am not really stressed about it. Paid or unpaid maternity leave should not matter (who am I kidding, it matters TOTALLY!).

I hate being caught in a lingo.
Lingo doesn't work well for planners like me!


Family First said...

Hmmm ... we still think you have a great job with the flexi hour! You know, just before CNY till now, the traffic sucks big time!!! I take almost 2 hrs to get home each evening!!! If only I could leave 30 mins earlier, I can be home in 40 mins!!

eugene said...

i guess you are so accustomed to the running of your company that's why no stress for you, but it is good to work on flexi.

i didn't get after reading your post, are you on monthly contract ? that sounds funny

Mummy Gwen said...

When the 'action' starts, I'm sure your company will understand your situation. Don't worry too much ya. Wishing you the best of luck in everything. :)

mNhL said...

Not to worry too much. I was also working as a contract basis with my 1st pregnancy in year 2006. Weeks before my contract ends, I went into labour and the company still pay me full for that month salary. ;) Can you requset for maternity leaves?

Pete said...

Hi, got your link from Reanaclaire's blog. Anyway, they should have at least maternity leave in the contract!

LittleLamb said...

your company is probably not well managed le... if u hv been staff with them for such a long period..n every new contract, even for 1 month, still need medical check up? not very cost effective n efficiency of work..

anyway take it easy and go along with what they can offer lor.

mommy to chumsy said...

i hate that too. Good luck to you :)

Julie said...

Could it be that you are pregnant now and so they are holding back your contract renewal and give you a monthly one instead?

No matter what, we trust in the Lord that He will provide and plan the best for us.