Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Of Dave's and barley

Had a belated birthday celebration for my sister last weekend. She loves Western food when it comes to celebrations, so we decided to try out Dave's (situated opposite TGIF in 1U's old wing)
Food was quite good and service was commendable.

Can't remember the name of the dishes coz I was too busy taking care of boyboy who was playing with his plastic cutlery - including a plastic knife!
By the way, my parents were down for the week, partly due to hubby's travel to Bangkok and partly due to Ching Ming. And my dad boiled this new concoction - Barley and red bean.
If you are like me having problems getting your kids to drink Barley, this combination sure gets them walloping cups and cups of Barley (masked with red bean taste) down!


smallkucing said...

looks very delicious.Didnt know they have spare ribs also

Mummy Gwen said...

The food looks so yummy. I've never tried pork knuckles before. Looks good.

LittleLamb said...

Barley n red bean??? hmmmmmmmmm
barley = leong
red bean = heaty

educate me pls

Jen Cheung said...

lovely blog you have here! I'm a new blogger as well! feel free to visit my page whenever you got the time. will be coming here often! take cares & happy easter to you and your family!

Cheers, Jen

mNhL said...

Aaaa...never drink barley + red bean. Special combination. And the food at Dave looked so delicious.