Sunday, March 21, 2010

What would you do?

Case 1

We had to buy a play pen at the past minute to be placed downstairs. Got it and was deciding upon the mattress. For the same mattress, we had 3 places to get it. Where would you have got it if you were in my place:

JJ - Cost of mattress RM49.90 but I had a Rm30 voucher to offset.
Tesco - Cost of mattress RM49.90 but I would have points.
Carrefour - Cost of mattress RM 43.90

Note : This is just a fun trivial.
Case 2

During my last checkup, the gynae checked and declared I could be early. Maybe the week after the 1st weekend of April or early 2nd week.

Would you on the 1st week of April think it best to work from home or go to office?

If I were to stay at home, hubby is worried I would tidy and clean and etc. And of course, being at home, if anything happens, it could take some time for hubby to rush home. And of course being at home, I would have to take care of my own lunch and I could get bored. But then I would not have to drive and I would not have to wake up at 6 am to go to office. And I would not have to struggle to stay awake the whole day.

So, what would you do? I am far too inactive (in other words lazy) to weigh the pro and cons now.


Cynthia said...

Hi Ann... first, most important, take care and rest well to welcome the newborn soon ya..

Case 1 - I will go JJ, coz I only pay 19.90 by offsetting the vouchers (voucher sooner or later got to use, and conserve cash)

Case 2 - go to work, as I will be bored sitting at home.. will try to talk to the baby 'everytime' I drive so, the baby won't decide to come out on ad-hoc..

mNhL said...

Hmm.....for me

case 1 - use the vch as sooner or later, they will expired.

case 2 - I prefer to stay at home so I could rest, and do my own things. But that depends on individual.

Most importantly, don't stress yourself. Take care.

smallkucing said...

1) I go for JJcoz sooner or later will have to use the rm30 voucher

2) I would take leave stay home

LittleLamb said...

i will still go to work. tendency when u r at home, u may forget about giving birth. but when u r at home, u r just counting time

Mummy Gwen said...

1) If the voucher expires much later, I will buy from Tesco. Use the voucher for other things.

2) Stay at home and rest. Depends lor if you are those type who cannot sit still then you should go to work.

P/S: I think if you are really a shopaholic then Bandung is good place to go and shop. There's nothing there besides shopping.

mommy to chumsy said...

i would chose JJ for the cot since you got some vouchers. As for the days off, I would take the 1st week of April and rest more :D

Sasha said...

rest la..stay home and do nuthing

eugene said...

Use voucher lah,,,,,, go work lah, more things to do and more things to chat, right? not so boring ma

simpleyetcomplicated said...

use voucher! But go work.. coz waiting make urself so bored...

andrewjune said...

case 1 - use the voucher...

case 2 - i thk i will take a rest at home (not working), hv MORE time for my time myself before the 2nd one arrives and prob will spend my remaining days on DVDs and going online...*wink*

Mummy Moon said...

Use the voucher so you can save using cash. hehe.

Better stay at home, even you do house chores you still can take a break and lying down on the bed, but if you go to work, then no break lor.

BoeyJoey said...

1. provided that all mattresses are of the same quality, i will use the voucher and buy from jj.

2. work until "sang". then i'll have more days off after i delivered :-).