Thursday, April 29, 2010

On taking care of Caylee

It's 3 weeks now since this litle girl invaded into our world!

She is everything I prayed for (fullstop). If any of you are ever planning for a child, be soooo specific in your prayer! :) God answers completely the things you ask for (only).

Please note I am not complaining at all about the quirks of my little girl. It's just marvelous how God has answered all my prayers for her and yet.....

At 3 weeks, Caylee can turn her head 180 degrees and frequently scares me at night coz I am not sure if there would be any point in time when she runs out of energy to complete the turn!!!

And she loves body contact and frequently requests to be carried and refuses to sleep on her own in her baby cot. So, she is sleeping on/beside me now which leaves me little room to sleep or little sleep at all (coz I will find myself checking on her everytime she makes a turn - which she announces with a grunt or a whimper).

And of course with Caylee on the master bed, Christopher also wants to claim a part of the bed. Which really leaves me sandwiched between 2 kids. Hubby has the better deal - a super single bed all to himself.

And it is great indeed that she is a superb drinker. I think she is addicted to MILK !!! :) She requests for it clockwork every 2 hours. And if she poops or is awake in between feeds, she will start requesting for milk half an hour before time is due. Which really means if she takes her milk at 7.30am, finishes it at 7.40 am, plays/poops, by 8+ when we try to put her to bed, she is ready to cry for milk AGAIN by 9 am.

And if we submit to her cries at 9am, she won't finish her milk or fall asleep in between and then cry again at 10 am for the rest of her milk!!!

So, at 3 weeks, we are mastering the art of keeping her BUSY for half an hour so that at least at the alloted time, she will finish her milk and prayerfully fall asleep!

But what a ruckus! It leaves all of us at a wits end really when we fail to occupy her and she gets so agitated.

She is different from Christopher in that way. Christopher was a poorer drinker and slept alot. I say.....I should not complain Caylee is drinking plentiful. :)

One thing both kids have in common though is that they all have a way to find their thumb in their mouth!!! And thus, we have resorted to a pacifier for Caylee. Seems easier to wean of a pacifier than a thumb!!! Sigh....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More on Big C than lil C

Christopher has stopped asking his daddy every morning now "Why mummy at home, I have to go to school?"

Last Sunday as I was doing some activities with him, I realised that his colouring has improved. He doesn't loose his patience so quickly now and tries to colour within the lines.

I also drew some dotted lines and asked him to draw straight lines to join the dotted lines. He caught on to the idea very quickly and now draws traces all the box diagrams I have on the rough papers I brought back from office.

And here's Big C with Lil C. He frequently asks to carry his Mui Mui now. And he loves to hold her hand. But on other times, he also asks me to take Mui Mui away !!! :)

Whenever he sees either Poh Poh or Mummy with Caylee, he doesn't really disturb us taking care of the baby. But demands our attention as soon as we put the baby down.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

God's timing is amazing!

Remember the time I wrote about hubby's stolen car ?

Well, this is a follow up story.

Last Wednesday, at around 10+ am, I received a call on my house phone from an Inspector. He asked me if hubby had received the insurance money yet or not? I told him I didn't know to which I received a snigger.

Anyway, he told me he was the Inspector in charge of the case and wanted to follow up. He has been trying to get through to hubby since this morning but all his calls has went to voice mail.

Thinking the issue was important, I called hubby on his other phone. He told me that his battery had died (which is very unusual for hubby).

And of course I asked him about the insurance money.

Later he called me back.

The amazing thing was that the bank just cleared the insurance money into his account this morning at 9+ am. And when he called the Inspector back, he received news that THEY FOUND HIS CAR !!!

So, imagine if the insurance company had been an hour late or if hubby's phone battery had not died...the situation might have been highly unfavourable.

God's's AMAZING !!!

Hubby's ex-car with its heavily tinted windows

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first toot toot gift

Toot toot.....the motorcyclist tooted at my gate!
"Courier service for Ms xxx!" he called.

My mum went out to collect it for me. It's from a June Tan, she told me!

Aaahhh....yeah....Caylee's gift has arrived. June messaged me on Facebook some weeks ago to tell me that she was getting Caylee a gift and had asked for my address. So, I was kinda expecting something from her! :) hehehe....

It's a nice pink Pooh outfit for my little girl! At least now all her clothes wouldn't be stained, blue or neutral colours but GLORIOUSLY GIRLY!

Thanks June. You are the FIRST blogger friend to send me a gift through courier.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 hours

It was a funny day of sorts. Given the prognosis of my gynae the day before, I was rather anxious as the night progressed and I was still having minor pains. I prayed for words to pray. In the end I just prayed that nothing would happen that night and that the contractions will only be more consistent when my parents arrive from Ipoh.

The morning of 7th April, the contractions seem to have lessened in degree and consistency. On average I was having intense pains only every 40 minutes and minor pains every 15 minutes. My sister took leave to stay with me in the morning. Everyone who knew of my situation tried to persuade me to go to the hospital but I was not comfortable with the fact that my parents were not down yet. In fact my reluctance lasted well into the late afternoon even after my parents were down.

I went to take a nap at 3 pm, waking up an hour later. I remembered that during my nap, I was woken up 2 times due to the pain. I came down and still managed to eat some mango. At 4.30, we got ready to pick Christopher from school. At 4.40 and 4.50, I had 2 quite painful contractions. By 5 pm, I called hubby and told him to come home NOW.

Somehow the pain reduced in consistency again after that and I was wondering if it was really time. One thing that crossed my mind though, was that most of the ‘events’ in my life have always been on ‘nice’ Chinese dates. And April 7th was the 2nd month, 13th day. If I delivered on the 8th April, it would be the 14th day. I know…..what a thought to think! But well… did cross my mind.

Had my dinner and decided to just go in. Hubby didn’t want to eat… we left by 6.30 pm. I remember hubby got cross with a driver who was driving really slowly. At this time my contractions I could say were 5-6 minutes apart. Told hubby not to tell that to the nurse else we could get into hot soup with my gynae who specifically told me to come in when the pain was 30 minutes apart.

During the prep time, I was glad about 1 major thing. They didn’t seem to be getting ready drips. I realized later that the drips were only needed the last time because I was to be induced.

Hubby and I were concerned if our gynae would be the one delivering the baby or the gynae on standby. We were told Dr. Siti was around that night. Hmmmm…..

Anyway, the midwife, a nice friendly Chinese lady later told me that our gynae told her to just let me progress naturally. This was after she checked my dilation, which was only 4 cm (I was hoping it would be already 5/6cm! J) and the consistency of my contractions, which to my surprise was every 4-5 minutes.

From the time we checked in at around 7pm (underground parking at Sime Darby Medical Ctr is RM3 only after 7pm which was what made me check the time) till 8.30, I was allowed to lie down there and progress. Hubby met his brother who walked over with his dinner.

I remembered Phua Chu Kang starting at 8.30 and 5 minutes later the nice midwife walking in and telling me that my gynae has called back. He was back from dinner and told them that to start cleaning me up. It seems the liquid that the midwife squirts in speeds up the process of labour! Sigh.

From 8.40 till about 9.30, my contractions were more intense and was about 2-3 minutes apart lasting about 30 seconds. Yes…I was concentrating on the clock in front of me at each contraction while praying. The nice Chinese midwife also called it a day to be replaced by an Indian midwife. When they checked my dilation at 9.30, I was only 5-6 cm. I was so disappointed and scared of the long hours that lay before me. I prayed, no pleaded, with God to quicken the dilation. And in my deepest fear, I prayed that I would deliver before 12 am…then being more daring, prayed that the baby would come out by 10+, 10.30 pm at the latest.

When I was in my 7th month, I remembered wishing that I would experience labour naturally this time round, as in my water bag breaking by itself and all else that follows. My aunt told me not to wish for my water bag to break at home. It would be super messy and very panicky.

So, you can bet I was surprised that at around 9.40 I heard a ‘pop’ sound and a trickle of water down my legs. Oh….but the pain of it all started right after that. I could no longer think positive thoughts and after the 2nd most painful contraction of all, I told hubby that if I had to go through this pain the another hour, I would die!!! When fear grips your heart, I can tell you that the pain becomes literally unbearable. We decided to have a painkiller.

I was cursing the nurse in my head for taking so long. I was hoping to just get the shot before the next contraction, which were like 2-3 minutes apart now. I received the jab at 10 pm. I still felt the contractions, as the nurse promised but a lot more relaxation in between. I was told to tell them if I ever felt like pushing.

Did I? At the back of my mind, I felt it. But it was not such a great desire at that time.

I am not sure of the time and the situation in the room after which. I remember shortly after which I voiced out the fact that I did indeed feel like pushing. One Malay midwife told me not to push and closed my legs shut. Come to think of it, it was really funny!

The next I heard, I was already 7 cm dilated. I was given another life saver – the gas. I heard hubby asking the midwife if it would be really bad if I push now. And I heard her tell him that there would be very bad tearing if I push too early! At that time, I could feel like my innards were almost tearing but the desire to push was even greater. Now, I wonder why I never had such intensity to push Christopher out. Could it be that I was under the influence of drugs and therefore didn’t really feel that much pain? Or was it the fact that I Christopher was induced?

While wrestling with the pains of labour, it was actually comforting to hear the midwives talk to each other. It allowed me to focus on some of the good news they were talking about like:

“Her cervix is very soft. That’s very good.”
“At this rate she is going, she will deliver very fast. Tomorrow morning can discharge already.”
“Wah! So fast already 10 cm.”

I was told to breathe deeply on the gas whenever I felt like pushing. I tried very hard to comply but I stole moments of pushing in between. It was a feeling TOO hard to manage even with gas. And the midwives knew it coz one told the other “Look at her, curi curi push juga.”

Anyway, after some stolen pushes, I realized the midwives were not really stopping me anymore. I realized that I must be 10 cm dilated now. Then I heard my gynae’s voice telling them not to ask me to push yet. Hubby later told me that when I was between 7cm to 10 cm dilated, our gynae had arrived and was reading the charts, pulling up his boots and chair and getting his gloves ready.

I felt the strongest desire to push and the midwives were helping me up. And then I heard my gyane say “Wait, wait, don’t push yet!” I tried to open my eyes to see what was happening, but all I could see was this red flame in front of me.

I felt a barrier then stopping the baby from popping out. I closed my eyes again. Hubby told me the ‘barrier’ I felt could be the gel that they poured down so that the gynae could perform the episotomy. When the barrier was gone, the next thing I knew were sounds of hearty cries.

Hubby told me the gynae had just sat down when the baby popped out with a gush of water following. So, it was only a 10 minute work for him for RM1200.

I tried to open my eyes several times but really all I saw was that red flame in front of me. I know now that that was the colour of the shirt my gynae was wearing. And according to hubby, Dr. Fong without his hair gelled was really unruly and slightly curly. Hai….that would have been a sight I would not have wanted to miss.

Anyway….with the baby out, I felt the jab, I felt slightly the tug of the stitches. And I definitely cringed every time the midwife tried to clear the blood clots from inside later.

I wasn’t really as tired as when I delivered Christopher. I heard the gynae ask if I wanted to stay 1 night or 2. Hubby answered on my behalf. I could open my eyes and help the nurses move me from gurney to bed. I even heard the nurse tell hubby to take all my stuff. I heard hubby also tell me that he has to go home now, the nurses were kicking him out. Hubby left at 12 pm.

Hubby later told me that the gynae did ‘scold’ us for not coming in earlier. And that he kept on saying that 2nd pregnancy very fast!!

But to me what was really amazing was that God answered all my prayers. He ended my requested ‘natural labour’ by 10.30 pm.

Friday, April 16, 2010

One week of confinement and COUNTING!

My confinement was been a week and a half now. Seems very long.

2 days ago I was wondering how I will be able to survive 3 more weeks.

It's not really about Caylee. One main thing I am so thankful to God is that Caylee has had no signs of jaundice to date. Unlike Christopher who even had yellow in his eyes and slightly at the chest. And had to go in to the hospital at the wee hours of the morning for a test. And the pain I felt as a first time mum to see them prick him while he was crying pitifully.

It's not really about Caylee actually. She eats well though pukes up any water we give her. So, it's actually GREAT that I am able to express quite alot of BM. At least Bm has some level of water content. And in fact I now know what it means to have leakage, dripping and wear breast pads. I am really thankful to God for making up and meeting Caylee's needs that way.

But it's about the not able to bathe often. It's especially hard since I have to also entertain Christopher when he comes back from school. And weekends are harder especially if my mum is too tired to go out.

It's also about my mum who is having knee pains if she exerts herself too much. And I can't really help her....

It's also about hubby who is working this weekend even and have been working late nights. I understand his having to work coz it's budget time for his office. But it gets really hard without an extra hand.

It's also about my dad who is beginning to miss his life in Ipoh. Yet he has functions far and in between in KL which makes my mum feel it's just easier to stay put in KL instead of moving up and down.

It's also hard that Christopher is not taking to the baby as well as we would like. He gets very sensitive if we get overly protective of the baby when he tries to hold (sometimes pull) her hand or when he plays his guitar over her head!

Christopher is also missing his outing time with mummy and daddy. And always asks why mummy has to stay at home.

Sometimes the fact that I have to express BM also gets annoying coz I have to do it in a quiet corner which means leaving a sometimes throwing tantrum kid with my pain-wrecked mum.

I can't wait for this 3 more weeks to be over so that I can help around more with the stuff that needs to be done. Why or why does it have to be 30 days! I so hope my mum doesn't extend it to 40 days since that is the duration she will be here anyway!!!

Then again....when my parents go back to Ipoh.....I am wondering if I can cope with 2 demanding kids. Especially if hubby has to work late.

One day at a day at a time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcoming Caylee

Baby Caylee was born last Wednesday night.
Born naturally into the world after 3 hours of labour,
she gave mummy a new experience to labour!
She looks very different from her brother, in mummy's eyes.
But to daddy, she looks very much like Christopher.

Her neck is stronger than her brother's at birth and
she can turn and lift her head now after 4 days.
She eats very well, taking 1-2 ounces every 2-3 hours.
But she doesn't drink as much water as Christopher did
when he was her age.
She is on formula + breastmilk.
Saturday mummy had breast engorgement no matter how much she tried to avoid it. But thankfully it only lasted one day. Right now mummy can only express 1 ounce per time.

I am alternating 3rd party speaking and self expression.....
so you know the state of confusion I am in.
The result of not having a proper bath or proper rest!
Will blog more about Caylee another the mean time....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

37th week 3 days

As soon as I entered the room....

Q1 : Have you been having contractions?
A1 :Have been having pain but not sure if those are contractions.

Q2 : Baby movement ok?
A2 : Yes.

Current weight? 56.5 kg

After doctor check.....verdict?

Predicting delivery in the next few days.
Currently dilated at 3 cm.

First time my gynae has a worried serious talk with me, throwing me questions left and right.

  • Would it better to be at work where your colleagues can send you to the hospital if anything happens?
  • If you are at home, is there anyone who can send you to hospital straight away?
  • I am worried that if anything happens, you won't get to the hospital in time.
  • Better come in as soon as there are signs ok like contractions every 30 minutes!

I was like ummm....I don't even know if the pain I am having is contractions! :)

So anyway, he has scheduled my next appointment on Thursday. I presume if I am very much dilated, he would induce the birth.

Right now, I am sore and slightly bleeding (I presume from the check in dilation). Fingers cross I really don't want to go through another vaginal check for dilation.

Monday, April 5, 2010

More on toilet training

Well....this is really for me to remember by.

Yesterday, 5th April, boyboy deliberately told me that he was having a stomach ache and wanted to poop. And he deliberately sat down on his potty and pooped.

He was also very naughty yesterday and threw a tantrum. Our scoldings made him burst into tears. He cried until be accidentally pee-d in his pants (and on the sofa and on the pillow he was sitting on). Then he touched his pants and looked at me and sobbed "Wet already!". We all had a good laugh after that.

Later that night, after putting him in diaper, I was lying down next to him having our nightly chat. He touched his diaper and told me "Mummy, want to shee-shee." I told him he was wearing his diaper now, can pee, it's ok. He looked at me "Won't be wet?". And I told him "No."
He looked serious for a while (and presumably was pee-ing) coz after a while he told me "Mummy, not wet."

On the other note....just finished watching Little Nyonya. It's a tragic tale but quite a good one.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Toilet Training

I always thought it easier to teach a child to poop in the potty. But was told and now know for a fact that teaching a child to pee is easier!

So, what has been happening these pass 3 days?

30th March

I took boyboy's nappy and nappy cover (not even diaper mind you) off when he came back from school and put him in his training pants and shorts.

On previous occasions, he would tell me that he wants to pee and then tell me that he has pee-d or that he was wet.

But on this day he told me that he wanted to pee.

This time I didnt take him and make him sit on the potty. Instead I held a old prune container before him and let him pee inside. He looked at me, kept quiet a while and really pee-d in the container.

I could see from his facial expression that it was such a revelation to pee in the container.

Kungkung and pohpoh of course made a great big deal about it to encourage him further.

He spent the rest of the night diaperless without any accidents.

31st March

Not only did he tell us everytime he wanted to pee and without any accidents too! But he also pooped in the potty. I would have to say his pooping was not deliberate, more of by chance that I made him sit on the potty coz he told me his stomach ached and he couldn't hold it in anymore.

And for pooping in the potty, he reminded kungkung of his promise!

1st April

The pee-ing continues without accident but a funny thing happened.

He did tell me he was having a tummy ache. So, after his pee, I was inteding to sit him down on the potty. But half way pee-ing, his poop came out as well!!!

So, our first accident in the toilet training process.

One thing I feel after these 3 days is that he is not that 'secure' pooping in the potty. Maybe the potty is too low. Whereas if he was standing while pooping, I think he would have pooped more!

Anyway.....thinking of getting the old fashion potty which is higher for him. Maybe the one I have is too uncomfortable.

They say don't push until the child is ready. But if I hadn't started 3 days ago, I would not have known he was ready. So, I am glad I tried again even though he didn't show any positive signs before! :)