Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 hours

It was a funny day of sorts. Given the prognosis of my gynae the day before, I was rather anxious as the night progressed and I was still having minor pains. I prayed for words to pray. In the end I just prayed that nothing would happen that night and that the contractions will only be more consistent when my parents arrive from Ipoh.

The morning of 7th April, the contractions seem to have lessened in degree and consistency. On average I was having intense pains only every 40 minutes and minor pains every 15 minutes. My sister took leave to stay with me in the morning. Everyone who knew of my situation tried to persuade me to go to the hospital but I was not comfortable with the fact that my parents were not down yet. In fact my reluctance lasted well into the late afternoon even after my parents were down.

I went to take a nap at 3 pm, waking up an hour later. I remembered that during my nap, I was woken up 2 times due to the pain. I came down and still managed to eat some mango. At 4.30, we got ready to pick Christopher from school. At 4.40 and 4.50, I had 2 quite painful contractions. By 5 pm, I called hubby and told him to come home NOW.

Somehow the pain reduced in consistency again after that and I was wondering if it was really time. One thing that crossed my mind though, was that most of the ‘events’ in my life have always been on ‘nice’ Chinese dates. And April 7th was the 2nd month, 13th day. If I delivered on the 8th April, it would be the 14th day. I know…..what a thought to think! But well… did cross my mind.

Had my dinner and decided to just go in. Hubby didn’t want to eat… we left by 6.30 pm. I remember hubby got cross with a driver who was driving really slowly. At this time my contractions I could say were 5-6 minutes apart. Told hubby not to tell that to the nurse else we could get into hot soup with my gynae who specifically told me to come in when the pain was 30 minutes apart.

During the prep time, I was glad about 1 major thing. They didn’t seem to be getting ready drips. I realized later that the drips were only needed the last time because I was to be induced.

Hubby and I were concerned if our gynae would be the one delivering the baby or the gynae on standby. We were told Dr. Siti was around that night. Hmmmm…..

Anyway, the midwife, a nice friendly Chinese lady later told me that our gynae told her to just let me progress naturally. This was after she checked my dilation, which was only 4 cm (I was hoping it would be already 5/6cm! J) and the consistency of my contractions, which to my surprise was every 4-5 minutes.

From the time we checked in at around 7pm (underground parking at Sime Darby Medical Ctr is RM3 only after 7pm which was what made me check the time) till 8.30, I was allowed to lie down there and progress. Hubby met his brother who walked over with his dinner.

I remembered Phua Chu Kang starting at 8.30 and 5 minutes later the nice midwife walking in and telling me that my gynae has called back. He was back from dinner and told them that to start cleaning me up. It seems the liquid that the midwife squirts in speeds up the process of labour! Sigh.

From 8.40 till about 9.30, my contractions were more intense and was about 2-3 minutes apart lasting about 30 seconds. Yes…I was concentrating on the clock in front of me at each contraction while praying. The nice Chinese midwife also called it a day to be replaced by an Indian midwife. When they checked my dilation at 9.30, I was only 5-6 cm. I was so disappointed and scared of the long hours that lay before me. I prayed, no pleaded, with God to quicken the dilation. And in my deepest fear, I prayed that I would deliver before 12 am…then being more daring, prayed that the baby would come out by 10+, 10.30 pm at the latest.

When I was in my 7th month, I remembered wishing that I would experience labour naturally this time round, as in my water bag breaking by itself and all else that follows. My aunt told me not to wish for my water bag to break at home. It would be super messy and very panicky.

So, you can bet I was surprised that at around 9.40 I heard a ‘pop’ sound and a trickle of water down my legs. Oh….but the pain of it all started right after that. I could no longer think positive thoughts and after the 2nd most painful contraction of all, I told hubby that if I had to go through this pain the another hour, I would die!!! When fear grips your heart, I can tell you that the pain becomes literally unbearable. We decided to have a painkiller.

I was cursing the nurse in my head for taking so long. I was hoping to just get the shot before the next contraction, which were like 2-3 minutes apart now. I received the jab at 10 pm. I still felt the contractions, as the nurse promised but a lot more relaxation in between. I was told to tell them if I ever felt like pushing.

Did I? At the back of my mind, I felt it. But it was not such a great desire at that time.

I am not sure of the time and the situation in the room after which. I remember shortly after which I voiced out the fact that I did indeed feel like pushing. One Malay midwife told me not to push and closed my legs shut. Come to think of it, it was really funny!

The next I heard, I was already 7 cm dilated. I was given another life saver – the gas. I heard hubby asking the midwife if it would be really bad if I push now. And I heard her tell him that there would be very bad tearing if I push too early! At that time, I could feel like my innards were almost tearing but the desire to push was even greater. Now, I wonder why I never had such intensity to push Christopher out. Could it be that I was under the influence of drugs and therefore didn’t really feel that much pain? Or was it the fact that I Christopher was induced?

While wrestling with the pains of labour, it was actually comforting to hear the midwives talk to each other. It allowed me to focus on some of the good news they were talking about like:

“Her cervix is very soft. That’s very good.”
“At this rate she is going, she will deliver very fast. Tomorrow morning can discharge already.”
“Wah! So fast already 10 cm.”

I was told to breathe deeply on the gas whenever I felt like pushing. I tried very hard to comply but I stole moments of pushing in between. It was a feeling TOO hard to manage even with gas. And the midwives knew it coz one told the other “Look at her, curi curi push juga.”

Anyway, after some stolen pushes, I realized the midwives were not really stopping me anymore. I realized that I must be 10 cm dilated now. Then I heard my gynae’s voice telling them not to ask me to push yet. Hubby later told me that when I was between 7cm to 10 cm dilated, our gynae had arrived and was reading the charts, pulling up his boots and chair and getting his gloves ready.

I felt the strongest desire to push and the midwives were helping me up. And then I heard my gyane say “Wait, wait, don’t push yet!” I tried to open my eyes to see what was happening, but all I could see was this red flame in front of me.

I felt a barrier then stopping the baby from popping out. I closed my eyes again. Hubby told me the ‘barrier’ I felt could be the gel that they poured down so that the gynae could perform the episotomy. When the barrier was gone, the next thing I knew were sounds of hearty cries.

Hubby told me the gynae had just sat down when the baby popped out with a gush of water following. So, it was only a 10 minute work for him for RM1200.

I tried to open my eyes several times but really all I saw was that red flame in front of me. I know now that that was the colour of the shirt my gynae was wearing. And according to hubby, Dr. Fong without his hair gelled was really unruly and slightly curly. Hai….that would have been a sight I would not have wanted to miss.

Anyway….with the baby out, I felt the jab, I felt slightly the tug of the stitches. And I definitely cringed every time the midwife tried to clear the blood clots from inside later.

I wasn’t really as tired as when I delivered Christopher. I heard the gynae ask if I wanted to stay 1 night or 2. Hubby answered on my behalf. I could open my eyes and help the nurses move me from gurney to bed. I even heard the nurse tell hubby to take all my stuff. I heard hubby also tell me that he has to go home now, the nurses were kicking him out. Hubby left at 12 pm.

Hubby later told me that the gynae did ‘scold’ us for not coming in earlier. And that he kept on saying that 2nd pregnancy very fast!!

But to me what was really amazing was that God answered all my prayers. He ended my requested ‘natural labour’ by 10.30 pm.


mNhL said...

Wow...a journal of your delivery. Next time when you read back, sure will bring back lots of memories.

lyncpf513 said...

Ann, such a joy to read about your 2nd labour story.. Almost had teary eyes.. Every birth of child makes me feel so happy...... truly a blessing! Prayer answered, with a healthy baby girl... Congratulation!

reanaclaire said...

Ann, reading your experience reminded me of mine.. when i was about to admit, i cried.. in the car.. dont know why..oh, i know, i know.. i was scared stiff and i couldnt control my fear... 3rd child and still fearing.. my husband was dumbfounded.. he was helpless then..

Mummy Gwen said...

You were so calm during I salute you for that. Thank God all your prayers were answered. :)

smallkucing said...

Tabik! can still think of PCK at that time ah? LOL. Mine was 48 hrs.haiz.

Your were so calm leh..But I guess it's true gua coz ppl say 2nd baby will come out faster

LittleLamb said...

So glad that everything seems to go smooth..even though you thought wasnt..

3 hours...damn easy..wanna do it again?

coffeesncookies said...

3 hours is easy peasy. god is watching you and you've got a good date. mine, induced, was 24 hours ..
you're really good..remember all the details, timing and intensity of pain. I only remembered hubs nicked a donut for me when I should be fasting. Lucky for the donut, otherwise, I'll not have energy to push.

Shireen Loh said...

Congratulations again Ann. You did very well and yes, God did answer your prayers for a natural birth. Plus, it was quick. It brought back memories for my 2nd birth as well esp the part when you said that how you heard a 'pop' sound and that the pain became more intense after your water broke. Exactly like mine. But I remember thinking " come it was only a trickle of water? I thought should have alot". I didn't what it feels like to have my water break so suddenly since I was induced for my 1st delivery.

Anyhow, you take care. Get some rest.

andrewjune said...

what a very thorough post :)

you did very well :)

eugene said...

kudos to you my friend,,,,,,

Ponytail said...

Wow! This time without vacumm yea.
Hmm...I think the feeling of the baby popping out by herself is really something that cannot forget.
This is really a smooth labour!
Thank God!

Debbie Y said...

as I reading yoru Labour story, it remind about my delivery for Xavier. Yours is 3 hours, mine is 16 hours in total...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Caylee was delivered from SJMC? Sarah too.

Anyway, it was a great but painful experience, I believe. For me, I never experienced those.

Irene said...