Tuesday, April 6, 2010

37th week 3 days

As soon as I entered the room....

Q1 : Have you been having contractions?
A1 :Have been having pain but not sure if those are contractions.

Q2 : Baby movement ok?
A2 : Yes.

Current weight? 56.5 kg

After doctor check.....verdict?

Predicting delivery in the next few days.
Currently dilated at 3 cm.

First time my gynae has a worried serious talk with me, throwing me questions left and right.

  • Would it better to be at work where your colleagues can send you to the hospital if anything happens?
  • If you are at home, is there anyone who can send you to hospital straight away?
  • I am worried that if anything happens, you won't get to the hospital in time.
  • Better come in as soon as there are signs ok like contractions every 30 minutes!

I was like ummm....I don't even know if the pain I am having is contractions! :)

So anyway, he has scheduled my next appointment on Thursday. I presume if I am very much dilated, he would induce the birth.

Right now, I am sore and slightly bleeding (I presume from the check in dilation). Fingers cross I really don't want to go through another vaginal check for dilation.


smallkucing said...

you will know it's contraction. the pain will be at your lower back. Then there might be some blood in ur undies

simon said...

april 8th! april 8th! :)

Anonymous said...

wow... april 8 will share birthday with my little niece...
btw, are u expecting a prince or princess??
Wish u smooth smooth delivery ya..
Baby n mummy healthy healthy!

mumsgather said...

Wish you a speedy and smooth delivery Ann. Take good care of yourself. :)

Mummy Gwen said...

whoa..it's coming already. Wishing you a smooth delivery and take care!

I was like you too...I didn't feel any contraction and I was 1cm dilated during my 38 weeks check-up. I was induced the next morning.

mNhL said...

Its coming! Wish you have a smooth delivery. Wow...3cm dilated already.

Shireen Loh said...

good luck and have a smooth delivery. Don't wanna scare you but, when I was 2 cm dilated in the morning, I gave birth at 1++am...so.....ok...ok..dun wanna stress u up.

mommy to chumsy said...

take care ann.

hissychick said...

Gotta hate those exams...but it might just speed things up, especially if a stretch and sweep was done at the same time.

It's a cliche but you will know when you are in labour ;)

Best of luck for a safe and smooth labour and birth. Please tell me that you aren't still working?!

Pat said...

Will be same birthday as my Vanessa if April 8th, haha :)

Danny said...

you should have delivered by now. hope all was well and take care. we'll be waiting for your next post.