Monday, April 5, 2010

More on toilet training

Well....this is really for me to remember by.

Yesterday, 5th April, boyboy deliberately told me that he was having a stomach ache and wanted to poop. And he deliberately sat down on his potty and pooped.

He was also very naughty yesterday and threw a tantrum. Our scoldings made him burst into tears. He cried until be accidentally pee-d in his pants (and on the sofa and on the pillow he was sitting on). Then he touched his pants and looked at me and sobbed "Wet already!". We all had a good laugh after that.

Later that night, after putting him in diaper, I was lying down next to him having our nightly chat. He touched his diaper and told me "Mummy, want to shee-shee." I told him he was wearing his diaper now, can pee, it's ok. He looked at me "Won't be wet?". And I told him "No."
He looked serious for a while (and presumably was pee-ing) coz after a while he told me "Mummy, not wet."

On the other note....just finished watching Little Nyonya. It's a tragic tale but quite a good one.


mNhL said...

When my boy was first toilet trained, I asked him to pee on his diaper too (night time) but he REFUSED and insist of going to the toilet. I think he is used to it. haha...

smallkucing said...

haiz....duno when mine is going to be fully toilet trained.