Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers' Day 2010

My confinement has ended
and the fullmoon packages distributed.
My parents have also left.
Its now just the 4 of us under the same roof
having to cope with each other.
Today is also Mothers' Day.
There are alot of changes happening
that requires me to rethink my way of life.
I am now a mother of 2 kids.

I have a son who is getting used to the fact that mummy doesn't go out with him all the time now. And thus he 'loves me less' in that I am no longer there bringing him out for fun. When he is at home, he sometimes acts up and so mummy seems to always be disciplining him without balancing it with having fun. I make it a point to put him to bed so that we can spend some quiet time together. But then that also makes me the one who has to stop him sucking his thumb.

I have a daughter who still doesn't require that much attention at 1 month. She has her tummy upsets sometimes which require me to carry and comfort her for 1-2 hours until she farts or poops. And she still drinks very often so in between I find myself forever sterilisng bottles although we have 7 available. And of course I am trying to increase my milk supply so that means more expressing or suckling time.

And then there is hubby.....

He is getting nagged alot because I have not got used to the extra work yet.
And now I can't afford him to spend so much time in the toilet.
Or busy cleaning when the the boy is awake.
We go to bed at different times now.
And I spend most of my time handling the kids rather than talking to him.

And then there's our food.....
Our caterer decided to call it quits. So I had to source for another caterer. And the food this new caterer gives is wide in variety but seems suitable only for adults. So, this means I would have to cook for boyboy on a daily basis now. I will be starting to do this next week which means I have to start planning menus and buying raw food.

I am not sure how things will be when I start working. It looks like right now I will be the one who has to drop girlgirl at the nanny, go to work, after work come back to cook, pick boyboy, pick girlgirl and then feed boyboy. Hopefully hubby will be back by then to bathe boyboy before he gets to eat dinner.

And ironing hubby's clothings will be outsourced. Although I think I may be able to do it during the weekend. I feel that if I have the time, I should spend it resting or talking to hubby. But house cleaning we still can't outsource because it would be hard to clean the house with the kids awake and it inconvinient if they are asleep. about change. I don't like the uncertainty of change. I am a planner and find the lack of routine a bit discomforting. So, with my parents gone, today is the day I start putting my cooking routine in order. And then it would be the dropping off kids routine to deal with when I start working.

Happy Mothers' Day to YOU,
the hand that rocks the cradle!

My little quirk !
I am such a planner and sucker for routine that I have to wash my towels every Saturday and all the beddings every other Sunday. And my sheets have to be put back in the cupboard such that the master bedsheet has to be bundled with all the required number of pillow and bolster cases. it was so stressful when my mum changed my entire washing routine and cupboards! But I have put that back in order the minute their car drove off!


prince n princess mum said...

Happy mother's day! Yeah! No more confinment jailed.. :)

smallkucing said...

So fast one month.

Slowly you will adjust. Keep cool :D

mommy to chumsy said...

i know how you feel, Ann because I am a planner too. I don't like it when my routine is upsetted. I schedule everything too..especially when it comes to Ashley's stuff like when to eat or drink or sleep. Hubs think I'm crazy but hey, I am the one who has to do everything so I need a schedule so that I will remember.

Hang in there, Ann. Once you have settled down, a new routine will be established. Take care.

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy Mother's Day Ann! I like your style..haha. You are very organized..that's good.

Take care. :)

MeRy said...

Hepi Mother's Day..

Techcrazee said...

You are doing fine Ann. God will give you the strength as long as we let Him and rely on Him. But on a side note, I feel for Kevin, man. Hehehehe. Take care and hope to see you soon in church.

LittleLamb said...

Just over the weekend, i met 2 bastards. They spoiled my plans...n plans couldnt go on.. Sigh. So for Sunday, when 1 of the bastards didnt turn up...i chilled. i told myself..look positively n i moved on. Glad I made the choice, rather than sulking. and this was referring to my house renos.

Sasha said...

slowly la ann.. try and get part time maids to help also. ironing just outsource like u say.. take care. My son is nearly 2 and I am still trying to get used to be 4 in family.

Baby Darren said...

I can totally understand your current situation as we are facing the same changes in our life - a family of 4. I am still trying to adapt and accept but still find it hard to cope.

Hope you can do it better and adapt faster. Good luck!

Ling That's Me said...

Happy (belated Mother's Day =)
you are doing great

andrewjune said...

well, if you're too tight up with the kids, leave the cleaning to the part-timers, leave the cooking to the caterer & also leave the ironing to the laundry ppl :)

it's difficult to handle 2 kids at once...i i hope you can find the balance to it :)

happy belated MOTHER'S DAY to you,'ve been such an amazing mum :)

Irene said...

happy belated mother's day to YOU! kena get used to the new 4 in the family huh. im worried i can't cope when my times come. cus like you, im very particular about things around home. i gotta sweep n mop everyday, do laundry & fold clothes. this and lots others too. and now also not enuf time to do wat i like to do. hence watch series also kena till late midnite! die.