Saturday, May 1, 2010

On taking care of detail

It's a minuet business taking care of a minuet 'creature'.

In my previous post, I 'complained' mainly about Caylee's eratic drinking timing. Realised today its not so eratic after all. She is drinking the amount as per the milk box recommended. Only that she has a tiny tummy so she can't take 4 ounces all at once every 4 hours but 2 ounces every 2 hours.

However, one thing about Caylee is: 1) She doesn't burb. and 2) She seems to have tummy aches.

Our carrying her is often to comfort her when she frowns at a pain that must be wrecking her body. He tummy hardens and she frowns and cries. And it comes at intervals.....which is why we have all deduced it must be tummy aches - either due to wanting to poop or wind!

Either way, we are all happier when she poops. And frankly I never knew a baby who farts as loudly and often as she does.

Now....if only she could burp. Christopher was a GREAT burper, 2-3 min after his feed. This girl can go to sleep and wake up 1 hour later to burp!

But oh...what a satisfying sigh she emits when she does burp, fart or poop! Reckon as long as the wind gets out of the system!


smallkucing said...

have you tried using yuyi oil? Not to sapu on her tummy but sapu on your palm then rub till warm and place on her tummy for awhile.

another which i have done was fed my boy with gripe water. But I did that when he was around 3mths old and having colic. His poo came out watery and green after having gripe water. MIL said green due to wind. Am not sure whether Caylee is to young for gripe water.

mommy to chumsy said...

haahahaha...the fart part is so funny. Could be wind in her tummy that's making her uncomfortable. Rubbing yuyi oil is good and maybe giving her little massages? Ashley's paed is against us giving her gripe water so maybe you could check with your paed first :)

Daddy Parenting Tips said...

Haruka doesn't burb too. Yet, she does not fart too much or have a tummy ache problem. Never once, did I witness her vomitting any milk or food. Though, she was on mother's milk till age 18 months old.

LittleLamb said...

yu yi oil everyday after each shower. 3 drops.

Mummy Gwen said...

I think she has got wind in her tummy. Yeah yeah..I agree with Barb and small kucing too.

Techcrazee said...

Hahahaha.... I really like the "fart" part.

Sasha said...

erm i never burp my kids. Cos with jayden i used bfree and no need to burp the kid after meal. Justin cos i bf him also never burp him. I so lazy. hahah

Julie said...

I burp Samantha because she used to cry after sleeping for a while wanting to burp. Else she will vomit/spit out milk. As for Jonathan, he doesn't need to be burped.

Samantha is only taking 1oz then fall asleep. I have to force her to finish up the balance of 0.5oz.

coffeesncookies said...

she has lotsa gas that needs an outlet out. I had a hard time burping Amber too. Change position many times until i hear the 'uurrwhork' !!! Phew.. thinking back, it's quite funny, getting her burped, we, first time parents were so happy, like strike lottery !