Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are the reason

I heard this song one fateful Christmas in Elim Gospel Hall Ipoh. I was not a Christian then and was just following my uncle to this celebration.

But then I heard this song.....and tears just flowed down my cheeks. It was embarassing to me at that time. I didn't know then how God touches people. I am glad to say the tears have never stopped.....

Anyway, I was listening to this song again last night and my son was curious as to what I was doing.

So, he climbed onto my lap and I let him see this video and listen to the song as well.

And I told him the story of Jesus crucifiction. I used words like sin and suffering. I compared mummy's beatings which has no blood to the beatings we saw which had ALOT of blood. I related blessings to sweets, food to eat and a house. I told him that is why we go to church and why mummy makes him sit still and pray quietly. I tried to make my explanation of what was happening simple to him.

He nodded several times, asked a few where-s when I told him things that were abstract. I didn't know how much he could absorb or whether the whole thing meant anything to him at all. He did repeat after me that he should not walk around in church and that he should pray like this (close his eyes and put his hands together).

Then just before we went to sleep, when I thought all was forgotten, he asked me again "Mummy, why the bad people beat Jesus Christ until so much blood?"

I am glad he asked me again. I opened my sleepy eyes and gladly told him the whole story again.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

First PTA

We had out first parents-teachers-day on Saturday.

Woke up Saturday morning telling Christopher that we would be going to school today. He looked at me and kinda sadly said "I don't want to go to school." He sometimes says this. Reckon trying his luck if I will agree and he can spend his time watching TV at home!

Anyway I told him that mummy and daddy will be going to school with him. And through out the time in school, he occasionally asked me to hold his hand!

Anyway.....the teacher told me that given I had sent Christopher in last year, she had actually merged him with the (then) 3 year old class. And he has been doing quite well. He knows his numbers till 20 (11-20 still a bit jumpy), all his aphabets, all his colours and all his shapes.

So, this year, he has been merged with the 4 year old class since keeping him in the 3 year old class would only call for boredom! He is beginning to read but he lacks focus. His eyes will be wandering round and round and the teacher has to frequently rap "Christopher, look here. Focus."

I am glad he is doing well. In fact I was surprised that he is above par compared with the other children his age. The teacher of course didn't tell me this. The maid did. She was telling me this boy and that girl cannot do this and that etc.

I was only half listening actually. Coz the place was really noisy and I really didn't want to start feeling too big headed about my own son.

But then the maid also did mention alot of good points about this boy and that girl in behaviour. While my son was a cry baby and a very sensitive boy. :)

Managed to meet a few of his friends. Also managed to meet this boy and that girl's mum/dad! We make friends through our kids sometimes! :)

All in all it was a good PTA.

Went to 1U after that. Went to MPH to buy some gifts for a little boy we were having dinner with that night. Bought some Seek and Find it books for Christopher. Hoping this will help him to sit down and concentrate better. As well as learn new objects and hopefully the word as well.

Reckon part of his learning comes from his being the first child. We spent alot of time talking to him and buying books for him and reading with him.

Good thing my 2nd child is a girl who even now shows signs of wanting to communicate already. Hubby says he heard her say "Nen nen" (milk) the other day. Actually I heard it too. And that day I also heard her say "Milk".
Sounds impossible?

Well.....just watched Alice in Wonderland. And even if we imagined it or it was pure conincidence....it's alright no?

Fairfarren folks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shots of what's been going on!

Some shots of what we have been up to!

Before the school holidays, Christopher's kindy had a trip to the Science Centre. On that fateful trip, Christopher dropped his Nuby bottle and lost his bottle cover.
We bought him another bottle from Tesco which requires him to lift up the bottle to drink (an emergency buy before we went for our Penang holiday). I realised he hardly drank any water with his new bottle. Reckon he can't yet control how much he has to tilt (while still walking around)! So, when I went back to Ipoh last week, I decided to visit old town Ipoh to get him another bottle. Things are much cheaper in the old town!

Managed to get his a straw bottle which he can easily open by himself for RM5 (listed price was RM 6.50). Sure beats getting him another Nuby bottle.

And with Caylee taking up alot of my time, I have not had the time to cut Christopher's hair as well as I would like. So, decided it is time for him to join daddy at the Indian barber. I didn't go with them but told hubby to take some shots.

Hubby failed coz boyboy cried the minute the razor came on! Poor kiddo. He has taken to closing his ears now whenever he is scared of something.

Anyways.....his new haircut. My mum commented he looks so different. So grown up already! Well, he does have the 'school boy' style!

And my latest ice cream purchase. I love mint ice cream. And this one comes with dark chocolate chips. Finished this whole tub in 3 weeks. And now I have another one from the same company in Strawberry flavour.

Bought this at Jaya Grocer in Tropicana and the new Strawberry one at Cold Storage 1U.


Also, some time last week I received an email from Huggies telling me how to collect my points and redeem stuff. At last all the packets that I have collected can be put to good use. And maybe I can now redeem the tunnel or house for Christopher to play imagine in!

Any one ever redeemed the car? Is the opening only from the top?


And that is Christopher deciding to lie down in his sister's car seat since as he proclaims "Caylee don't want to sit, I want to sit!"

He has taken over her stroller as well. Something he would never have agreed to if not for Caylee. So, we are carrying her and he is in the stroller!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from Ipoh

Came back from Ipoh Sunday morning in time for Fathers' Day celebration with my inlaws. My own father celebrated with his pals in Penang eating durians! Well....

Didn't send Christopher to school on Monday just to make sure everything is alright. Tommorrow he will be going back to school.

And Caylee will be long overdue for her shots!

In the process of packing to and from Ipoh, I realised that Christopher takes 3 vitamins on a daily basis - his multivits, Cod Liver Oil and Colostrum. So many compared to what I used to take at his age - just the regular Vitamin C!

And I also realised that most of our weekend outings are determined by what interests Christopher and what would be comfortable to Caylee. I kinda wonder what I would be doing if I did not have kids. Considering I don't like movies!

Well.....hopefully my next post would have some photos if I manage to get them downloaded on to my laptop. Have been terribly busy with Christopher at home these 2 weeks! And when I am free, I just want to put my legs up! :)

So, what vits do your kids take and what are your weekends like?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Ipoh

Christopher's kindy has been closed since last week Wed due to Hand Foot Mouth.

Daycare was supposed to resume this week but some 'silly' parents still brought their disease spreading children to school.

So, we received an emergency SMS on Monday morning not to bring Christopher to school for another whole week!!

Sigh Sigh Sigh

So, back to Ipoh I go....hubby cannot afford to be taking half day leave for the whole week.

There goes all my plans.....but well....

At least now I can try the salted duck that Smallkucing blogged about. Smallkucing, if you read this, you want me to tar pau back for you? :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eating by himself

Christopher is relatively independent these days. He can play by himself while daddy eats his dinner and mummy tends to Caylee. He can also take out his colour pencils and his notebook and start drawing by himself.

Sometimes he will look for one of us to accompany him and tell him stories. However, when he watches TV, he would prefer one of us to sit with him and kinda let him know why that man is doing what he is doing and what is happening. He is watching cartoons now like Incredibles and Cars! Reckon he can't fully catch all that they are saying at this moment.

However, there is one thing I would like him to do on his own. And that is to eat his own dinner by himself at home. He eats by himself when we go out. In fact he would not allow us to feed him when we eat out. But at home, he whines for me to feed him.

I am determined to put into practice he eating by himself at home. One thing I need to get before that though is his own plastic plate. Maybe a nice colourful orange one will get him started.

He kinda eats less when he eats by himself coz he loses interest in his meal after a while. And he eats very slowly.....reason being I have not let him eat by himself at home until now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wesak weekend

We had planned a marvelous time of swimming, beach and food for our Wesak weekend. Had booked Friday night at Parkroyal Penang stopping by in Ipoh to drop off and pick up Caylee with my parents. Also, I had visiting obligations to 'show' Caylee to my grandma.

We left on Thursday evening to Ipoh. Traffic was ok. Arrived in just over 2 hours. Boyboy had to sit alone in front for the first time and he was terribly grouchy at the end of the trip. Partly because he had to be confined in the seat, he couldn't sleep and he didnt have mummy to entertain him. We didn't talk to him and he soon snapped out of it.

Caylee is not a 'car baby'! She frowns at each jolt and whenever the sun shines on her eye and then doesn't! She requires alot of security in that she will wave her hands in the air looking for something to grasp on which most of the time will be my finger. And if I carry her, she will grab on to my collar.

When we reached Ipoh, fed boyboy his dinner, comforted Caylee and then I took hubby out for dinner. Took him to 'Tong Sui Kai' since he had never been. Not sure if it was due to tommorrow being Wesak or that it was Thursday but the number of stalls in Tong Sui Kai sure has dwindled. And the food was not that great.

We took off on Friday morning to Penang. Boyboy was very excited since he has been looking forward to this trip for AGES !!! He fell asleep due to his flu meds not long after we hit the road. Christopher is a 'car baby'!

We created an atmosphere of excitement when we reached Penang. He was oohh and aaahhh when we crossed the bridge. We were counting boats! I pointed to the buildings in Penang and told him that was Penang. But the concept of an island is still new to him and he kept asking me "Where? Penang? Where?"

We went for lunch in Lorong Selamat. Hubby wanted his curry mee and ice kacang. And I well only wanted something that was not spicy or fried. I was still nursing a cough and flu and as I earlier learnt - I cannot afford to be ill.

Shared a Kuey Teow Theng with boyboy for which he ate 3 quarts of it. Had some lobak as well.

We then decided to go to a shopping complex to walk around since it was only 12 pm. BUT holy moly....it was Wesak Day and the trafiic was TERRIBLE !!!! In the end after buying our Tau Sar Peah, we crawled our way out of town and headed to the hotel.

Our room was not ready since we wanted a King Bed. And Christopher having already spotted the pool was nagging me to go swimming. So, after our Welcome Drinks, we changed and went for a dip in the pool.

Sigh Sigh Sigh......being sick and only partly alert when I was packing, I forgot to bring boyboy's float! Which was a real pity becuase he is getting brave in the pool and would always ask me to move faster in the bigger pool when I have to carry him OR walk away by himself when he is in the kids pool.

As a result, he slipped two times in the kids pool swallowing several mounthfuls of water! But he was still alright after that. No particular fear and kept on playing.

HOWEVER....the shower in the room was another question. Even when I turned the tap to cool, the water came out HOT !!! And after the coolness of the room, the HOT was even HOTTER !!! Christopher SCREAMED !!! Poor fella.

After that whenever we went into the bathroom, he would tell me "Mummy, don't want that one (pointing to the shower!)." and
"This one ok (pointing to the hair dryer)."

I blew dry his hair to stop his flu from becoming worse. And yes, he was still having his runny nose. But what to do, can't go to the hotel and not swim especially since he has been waiting to go swimming in Penang for so long.

In the evening, we went to Swatow Lane for tea. Christopher fell asleep but woke up when I carried him out of the car. And half asleep, he told me "Mummy, I want noodle!" He ate half a wan tan mee at 4 pm while hubby enjoyed his asam laksa.

We then went to visit hubby's cousin's wife who just gave birth. Visited her in the confinement centre and I was like WOW, this looks like a hospital. And AAAHhh the smell of the food is familiar. And whew...I am so DONE with all this! :)

Had Fried Oyster for dinner. Then headed to Ferringhi Night Market.
Sad to say this was the highlight of my trip. Bought some handbag hooks which cost like 3-5 times more in KL. Also bought some shows. At RM4 a disk...well....you don't get that in KL!

Tucked in early at 10.30 pm worried. Called home and heard Caylee screaming! Sigh.

The next morning, had breakfast in the hotel. And decided to spend the morning at the beach. BUT lo behold our little boy decided enough of WATER!!! He refused to go to the water edge and screamed at us to go back!!! In fact he walked back himself even though hubby and I were walking away at the water edge. FIRST TIME!!!

Sigh....never mind.....decided to just go back to the room and chill. Let him play in the tub instead.

We left earlier than hubby would have wanted. Checked out at 11 am partly coz I was worried about my parents coping with girl girl. Partly coz I had alot to do in Ipoh without taking girl girl out.

Took hubby to eat Ipoh curry mee (at Yee Fatt, opp MGS) because he has been saying he has never tried it.

Traffic back to KL on Sun evening was terrible. Took 3 hours + for us to reach home. Caylee was not sleeping again. Christopher insisted he wanted to sleep in my arms. I literally had my arms full.

Well....our last holiday for quite a while. Next time we have a holiday both kids will be with us. And Christopher has to sit by himself at all cost!