Monday, June 21, 2010

Back from Ipoh

Came back from Ipoh Sunday morning in time for Fathers' Day celebration with my inlaws. My own father celebrated with his pals in Penang eating durians! Well....

Didn't send Christopher to school on Monday just to make sure everything is alright. Tommorrow he will be going back to school.

And Caylee will be long overdue for her shots!

In the process of packing to and from Ipoh, I realised that Christopher takes 3 vitamins on a daily basis - his multivits, Cod Liver Oil and Colostrum. So many compared to what I used to take at his age - just the regular Vitamin C!

And I also realised that most of our weekend outings are determined by what interests Christopher and what would be comfortable to Caylee. I kinda wonder what I would be doing if I did not have kids. Considering I don't like movies!

Well.....hopefully my next post would have some photos if I manage to get them downloaded on to my laptop. Have been terribly busy with Christopher at home these 2 weeks! And when I am free, I just want to put my legs up! :)

So, what vits do your kids take and what are your weekends like?


smallkucing said...

alamak! durian feast again...sob sob...just saw claire's feast two days ago in her blog

How was your trip? good?

MeRy said...

How is ur trip?
Ryan is currently having Scotts emulsion,Immuno8 & gripe water.

Mummy-yeoh said...


Currently my girl is taking Kawai (cod liver and Vit C) and E.Excel Nutrifresh.

But she is sensitive to the environment. She will be having running nose for a month and cough non-stop in the evening and early morning. All started since her kindy. Doc said she is not at the stage for an inhaler. So praying hard that she wont develop asthma.

Any reconmendation from parents on what Vitamins/supplements to take?

Shireen Loh said...

err...I have not started my girl on vits yet. So far, **touch wood**, she's doing ok. Maybe it's hard to judge now since she's not in school yet. so, we shall see next year. But, would be interesting to see what vits other moms/dads are giving their kiddos.

coffeesncookies said...

mine has one long list.
Pharmaton lysine in the morning, pre breakfast
Vit C, DHA and Scotts in the evening - alternate and if I remember.
Appeton Lysine.. alternating w Pharmaton lysine
Cordyceps - added to milk,, maybe once or twice a wk

Alternate days... freshly squeezed orange juice.

I had all these lined up for her bacause she wasn't taking much food due to her allergy. I could see her losing baby fats and her face color.. lost it's rosiness.
Now, slowly coming back.

LittleLamb said...

i m feeding philip a supplement from a direct selling company. i find that those alike appeton, scotts...not enoug ummmph..he falls sick often. when i switched him to this supplement, (cost 3x higher)..he had not fallen sick for 2 months.