Sunday, June 27, 2010

First PTA

We had out first parents-teachers-day on Saturday.

Woke up Saturday morning telling Christopher that we would be going to school today. He looked at me and kinda sadly said "I don't want to go to school." He sometimes says this. Reckon trying his luck if I will agree and he can spend his time watching TV at home!

Anyway I told him that mummy and daddy will be going to school with him. And through out the time in school, he occasionally asked me to hold his hand!

Anyway.....the teacher told me that given I had sent Christopher in last year, she had actually merged him with the (then) 3 year old class. And he has been doing quite well. He knows his numbers till 20 (11-20 still a bit jumpy), all his aphabets, all his colours and all his shapes.

So, this year, he has been merged with the 4 year old class since keeping him in the 3 year old class would only call for boredom! He is beginning to read but he lacks focus. His eyes will be wandering round and round and the teacher has to frequently rap "Christopher, look here. Focus."

I am glad he is doing well. In fact I was surprised that he is above par compared with the other children his age. The teacher of course didn't tell me this. The maid did. She was telling me this boy and that girl cannot do this and that etc.

I was only half listening actually. Coz the place was really noisy and I really didn't want to start feeling too big headed about my own son.

But then the maid also did mention alot of good points about this boy and that girl in behaviour. While my son was a cry baby and a very sensitive boy. :)

Managed to meet a few of his friends. Also managed to meet this boy and that girl's mum/dad! We make friends through our kids sometimes! :)

All in all it was a good PTA.

Went to 1U after that. Went to MPH to buy some gifts for a little boy we were having dinner with that night. Bought some Seek and Find it books for Christopher. Hoping this will help him to sit down and concentrate better. As well as learn new objects and hopefully the word as well.

Reckon part of his learning comes from his being the first child. We spent alot of time talking to him and buying books for him and reading with him.

Good thing my 2nd child is a girl who even now shows signs of wanting to communicate already. Hubby says he heard her say "Nen nen" (milk) the other day. Actually I heard it too. And that day I also heard her say "Milk".
Sounds impossible?

Well.....just watched Alice in Wonderland. And even if we imagined it or it was pure's alright no?

Fairfarren folks!


smallkucing said...

Not impossible as girl learn to talk sooner than boy

JLow said...

Caitlin had her parent teacher meeting yesterday too; and I am sorry- I had to bring Caleb along too, and he would be one of the kids you mentioned being noise.

He was more than noisy, he was terrorising me (*I* couldn't talk to the teacher properly!) as well as Caitlin's friends! They didn't know what to do with him...

"HE'S your brother???" Ha ha!

Dora said...

hahaha... having heard enough abt this boy/that girl thru the maid, it's good to meet their parents too :-) you'll expect more words fr ur baby girl soon!

Thx for dropping-by my blog. Happy Sunday!

MeRy said...

Glad that Christopher is doing very well in school.

andrewjune said... he's in 4 yrs old class now? well done, chris :)
mummy's hard work pays off handsomely!

sure caitlin will soon be like kor kor :)

Mummy Gwen said...

It's not impossible. Usually, the 2nd one learn to speak faster than the first child.

Glad to know Chris is doing well in school. :)

reanaclaire said...

wow..your girl starts talking so fast.. i tot u just gave birth not too long ago.. time really flies!!!

Anonymous said...

:) Caylee will be much faster learner given she is lucky to have kor kor to teach her too!

Jaanvi said...

wow! your son is picking things up quite fast... and your girl already in the mood to talk.. good going there! no its not completely impossible because girls do like to talk early... so next time you catch her saying something, do believe it ;-)

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm 4 months old and can talk?
hard to believe..but i believe there are exceptional cases. Well done Caylee and to Chris...well done too. Philip cant do alphabets at all. and for numbers, he is stuck after eleven.. so Chris is very advance...

HI said...

Good for Christopher. Looks like you have a gifted child there. :)

Mummy Moon said...

Well done to Chris! I think most second child can talk sooner! I can hear from Heng Heng speaks and pick up alot of words and sentences from his jie jie..