Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shots of what's been going on!

Some shots of what we have been up to!

Before the school holidays, Christopher's kindy had a trip to the Science Centre. On that fateful trip, Christopher dropped his Nuby bottle and lost his bottle cover.
We bought him another bottle from Tesco which requires him to lift up the bottle to drink (an emergency buy before we went for our Penang holiday). I realised he hardly drank any water with his new bottle. Reckon he can't yet control how much he has to tilt (while still walking around)! So, when I went back to Ipoh last week, I decided to visit old town Ipoh to get him another bottle. Things are much cheaper in the old town!

Managed to get his a straw bottle which he can easily open by himself for RM5 (listed price was RM 6.50). Sure beats getting him another Nuby bottle.

And with Caylee taking up alot of my time, I have not had the time to cut Christopher's hair as well as I would like. So, decided it is time for him to join daddy at the Indian barber. I didn't go with them but told hubby to take some shots.

Hubby failed coz boyboy cried the minute the razor came on! Poor kiddo. He has taken to closing his ears now whenever he is scared of something.

Anyways.....his new haircut. My mum commented he looks so different. So grown up already! Well, he does have the 'school boy' style!

And my latest ice cream purchase. I love mint ice cream. And this one comes with dark chocolate chips. Finished this whole tub in 3 weeks. And now I have another one from the same company in Strawberry flavour.

Bought this at Jaya Grocer in Tropicana and the new Strawberry one at Cold Storage 1U.


Also, some time last week I received an email from Huggies telling me how to collect my points and redeem stuff. At last all the packets that I have collected can be put to good use. And maybe I can now redeem the tunnel or house for Christopher to play imagine in!

Any one ever redeemed the car? Is the opening only from the top?


And that is Christopher deciding to lie down in his sister's car seat since as he proclaims "Caylee don't want to sit, I want to sit!"

He has taken over her stroller as well. Something he would never have agreed to if not for Caylee. So, we are carrying her and he is in the stroller!


smallkucing said...

We sent J to the indian barber also. At 1st he was scared but after looking at the Papa having his hair cut, he got no problem already. Nowadays he even climb on to the chair by himself. mau cantik kakakaka

reanaclaire said...

he is now asking for your attention.. lol.. Christopher looks adorable here in the stroller..

Mummy Gwen said...

Maybe you should bring Chris to those kids hair salon where they have kiddy rides for them to sit on during haircuts.

I haven't redeem anything from Huggies before. Haha...he wants to be a baby again like her mei mei. :P

Ponytail said...

Yeah, Christopher looks different after the haircut, very handsome!

Hey, we bought the Sunnyside Farms ice cream too, French Vanilla and it was really nice!
Now, I want to try the mint and choc one...and the chocolate one too....aiyo!

coffeesncookies said...

ahhh.. Sunnyside Farms.. issit new ? haven't seen it before.
I've collected and lost so many of Huggies stamps... never got to claim.. shame hor ?

LittleLamb said...

i love those poly bags...good qualty rubbish bags to use at home..ahahhahaha i never once redeemed anything ...not into those craze.

mNhL said...

haha...he wanted to be like a baby again. It is ok. he is still young. Can pampered him a little bit more.

Wow...RM5 for a sippy bottle. Very cheap.

mommy to chumsy said...

Wow, only rm5 for a straw bottle? what a good buy from old town :) which shop did you get it from? now you are making me crave for ice-cream...uwawawawawawawawa

Baby Darren said...

everything sounds so familiar to me..

I sent Darren to Indian barber too.
Darren also taken over Isabel's stroller.

I love mint chocolate ice cream too..

Jaanvi said...

great updates.... and you took 3 days, c'mon, it has to be a little faster ;-) wt say??

andrewjune said...

boy boy sure has grown up...:)
handsome boy!

i haven't redeem the HUGGIES thingy yet...hv you?

hey, you're into ice cream again...craving them? another good news coming? hahaha...