Sunday, July 25, 2010

@ Empire

The effect of having 2 kids is that the camera battery runs flat now. So, the following pictures were experiments from my 2nd hand 'new' phone. At least now I know how to take pics with my new phone and that they turn out pretty well.

We went to Empire this weekend. Have been wanting to go for quite sometime now but well.....Had lunch at Tarbush coz i have been wanting to try this place. Previously, the only establishment was in KL. So I am quite glad to see it in Empire. The food is quite nice.

Tarbush Salad (RM10)
I didn't like it coz I don't like yogurt in my salad!

Lamb Arayes (RM16)
My dish and I loved it. Nicely spiced.
Hubbies Tawook Sandwich (RM 12)
He didn't like it coz it had too many onions.
I felt it quite blend after my lamb.

My mint tea (RM3). Very nice.
Sweet and minty!
There really isn't much in Empire (at this moment) in terms of shopping, so we concentrated on the FOOD!
The Loaf is now at Empire. So hubby couldn't resist getting some pastries for tea and breakfast tommorrow.

Tropical Stick and California Raisin was on promotion.

Cranberry Cheese was oozing cheese.
Managed to snap a pic of it before the little boy ate it all up!

Raspberry Swirl

Christopher is (still) down with cough and flu. Whenever he falls ill, I always find myself desperate for immediate solutions. And this leaves me always willing to try something new. Wai Yin told me about this remedy when she first gave me the plant. But I forgot. Upon her reminder, I decided to try it.
Surfed Oregano Tea and goodness, some recipies are really tedious. I took some and used some and improvised.
Plucked some young shoots of my oregano plant. Rinsed it once in Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 times in hot water. Then cut it up into strips directly into the pot of boiling water.
Boiled until the tea turned a little brown. Added some honey and spoon fed it to Christopher like medicine.
It actually doesn't taste that bad. But I only let him drink it once so I can't really tell the effect.
Reckon Tong Sum, Yuk Chuk, Longan and Pork ribs herbal soup still is easier to down for my little one. And hopefully with soup I can get him to eat more rice.
He has gone down so much now and his appetite is so bad, it breaks my heart. But he is in such a rotten mood i.e. rude and bad tempered that I just let him starve, and just give him milk, when he throws food at me or spits them out. Sigh....

All he wants to eat are lollipops. And that sure can't help him fight the virus/germs invading his body.


Mummy Gwen said...

Ah...finally you went to Empire. :)

I don't enjoy Middle Eastern food though. The only thing I like is the kebab..hehe.

I hope Chris will recover soon and gain back his appetite. Yes, boil more soups is good for him.

LittleLamb said...

aiyah..u didnt eat their special salad? Tabouleh? i'm sure u will like it..cos i did le...

smallkucing said...

hahaha gotta drag hubhy go there liao...saw the mint tea.

Ponytail said...

oh! did not know Oregano can cure cough and flu. Hmm...but all I have is just dried oregano...

Zoe is also down with cold and cough for so long already...sigh!

Jaanvi said...

I had no idea that oregano can be used for curing cough.... I hope Christopher gets better soon....

mNhL said...

Heard so much on Empire but yet to visit this place. Heard of The Loaf too and they said their bread are superb.

Hope Christoper will gets well soon.

reanaclaire said...

Must try Loaf then.. looks good..i love bread too esp those fresh ones..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think my husband would not like the food at Tarbush, as he dislike foods with a lot of herbs.
Anyway, I like the Lamb Arayes. It looks so crunchy and yummy!

Anyway, wish Christopher speedy recovery and you take k too.

andrewjune said...

I had phobia when anyone mentioned middle eastern food...I had too much and in the end had a terrible tummy upset during our trip to Egypt! So no more...hahaha...

Hope boy boy gets well soon...rachael n myself hv recovered fr cold but now it's hubby's turn...