Monday, August 9, 2010

Between 7-7.30 am

Work for me starts at 7am. Previously I used to leave for work by 6.15 am. There are very few cars at that time so I can drive at whatever speed I want. And usually it will be a constant and comfortable mid speed. It usually takes me 5-7 minutes to reach office so I only get to listen to maybe 1 and a half songs on CD or just a bit of radio.


I still wake up at near 6 am. Wash and cut up stuff for dinner. Get dressed, moisturize, bring down all of girl girl's bottles to be washed and sterilized (if required), pack my office bag and girl girl's bag.


At around 6.40 am, I go back upstairs to feed girl girl her milk. Burp her and carry her downstairs. Put her in the car by 7 am.

7 am TILL 7.30 am

I am in traffic. Ferrying girl girl to the babysitter takes up the first 10 minutes of the drive. 5 minutes to drop her. And another 12-15 mintues to reach office.

After one week of such schedule,
  • I am pushing my car harder - drive faster when the traffic clears and follow slowly when in line.
  • I am scolding more drivers. I mean you are stuck in a 2 lane crawl for like 500 m. When the lane opens up to the 3rd lane, won't you want to get into that lane and speed off? Well....some drivers just want to stick to their lane and tus blocking me (from the inner lane) from going to the fast lane!
  • I am listening to the radio more and laughing to myself when the DJs make a joke.
  • I am using up petrol much faster but that's to be expected.

As for Caylee...

  • She has also gotten used to being woken up at 6+ am.
  • She doesn't really grumble, swallows her milk and lets me put her in the car.
  • She still doesn't like being strapped in her car seat but she tolerates it for the short distance.
  • She looks at me dolefully.
  • She smiles when I shake my head and sing songs to the radio.
  • She sometimes laughs when she hears the DJs laugh.

So, life is quite enjoyable at 7 am till 7.30 am. Apart from the traffic (which I can ignore if I want and drive stupidly), I would say it's my most relaxing time of the day.


smallkucing said...

Good tht you have a positive outloook despite the hectic schedule ..:D

mNhL said...

good that you are enjoying your 7-7.30 am.

andrewjune said..., you're really an early bird :)
ignore the traffic and enjoy the morning music :)
glad that caylee doesn't create much fuss every morning!

MeRy said...

A wonderful times in the morning...Good good..

LittleLamb said...

ooo put some christian cd..better

mommy to chumsy said...

ahhhh..great to hear this :) the mornings are more pleasant now huh?

Baby Darren said...

Wow..not bad..can complete so many things in that 1 hour time...I don't think I can do it...hehehe...

Good that both of you is able to adapt to the new routine and enjoying it...happy for you.

Dora said...

It seems both of u enjoyed the company in the car between this hour :-)

Irene said...

Wow, you wake up so early. I grumble that I hv to wake at 6am-ish to check on the maid, or even at 7am to wake Vic and the hubs up and wish I can sleep in for another hour. After they leave, I try to nap before William wakes, sometimes I get my chance, sometimes he catches me off guard. Is life as a SAHM easier, or FTWM easier? I don't know. Sighh...

You're doing a great job as a mom!

Mummy Gwen said... wake up so early. You are so efficient. :)

Mamapumpkin said...

Mornings are the greatest, when the still air allows you to think in peace.