Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caylee's first day

Today is Caylee's first day at the babysitter.
She woke up at 5.45 for her milk this morning.
I fed her and burped her.
And on other days I would have willed her back to sleep.
But this morning, I played with her a bit.
And hugged her and kissd her.
And whispered in her ear.
"Be good, darling girl.
Today you will be going to your babysitter.
Mummy will pick you up as early as possible.
Be good ya, darling girl."
She slept in the car.
While I maneuvered round traffic.
And peeped at me when the car stopped.
The babysitter cooed over her.
When I brought her in.
And then she opened her eyes a bit.
They "oohhh-ed" and "aaahhh-ed",
While I left for work.
My heart slightly reassured.
My darling girl may be alright after all.
Dear Lord, let her be alright.
(If a human mother never stops thinking of her children,
what more our Lord Jesus.)


eugene said...

Just pray and give thank to the Lord that he has given us world's greatest's gift in the form of our children.

pray too that Lord will keep Caylee safe from all harm and giving her joy and peace so that she will be well brought up with the wisdom of the Lord....

god bless ya and have a great week ahead

smallkucing said...

all the best to you on your 1st day back to work

Jaanvi said...

don't worry.. she will be just fine.. :)
btw, who was taking care of her before?

MeRy said...

Going back to work.....enjoy your working life!!
Don't worry too much,your girl will be fine...

Sasha Tan said...

o i remember the first day i left my son with babysitter.. felt like crying too. Dun worry she will be okay.

mNhL said...

Everything will be fine once you and caylee got used to it. All the best to you ;)

coffeesncookies said...

difficult ya ? I sent Amber to bbsitter when she was months, I cried for many days at work.. Now, I leave her there slightly longer so I can get some work done, without any guilt.

Mummy Gwen said...

I think she will be fine. All the best ya.

mommy to chumsy said...

aww...what a sweet lil post :) so heartwarming. how's the little sweetie at the nanny?

Jen Cheung said...

how was her first day with the babysitter ar?? did she miss you?? hehe just curious :) i'm sure she did fine!