Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ko Hyang @ The Gardens

The other place that my collegaues have been raving about was this Korean 'restaurant' Ko Hyang in The Gardens.

The first time they tried it, they were comparing notes. And subsequently I heard then comparing notes every other Monday following their weekend meal! Last I heard though the standard has dropped but my fussy colleague proclaimed it "still good!".

So, last weekend I went. Ko Hyang is not a restaurant. It's like a stall along the walkway with a few dedicated tables. An uncle who saw us waiting with 2 kids hurriedly finished his tea and gave us the table. (so nice!)
This is what we ordered. Hubby was eyeing the fried oyster in the next stall which he would have ordered if the I had eaten more of the Seafood Jeon.
Christopher had this. It came together with some soup which could nto have been good for him but he drank it all up before I could really stop him.

Of course the condiments.

I managed to do some bit of shopping as well in Isetan. So, THAT really made my weekend. It would be quite some time before I ever venture to Midvalley or The Gardens again. It's too crowded for my liking.


reanaclaire said...

Looks kind of fine dining to me... no meat, Ann?

smallkucing said...

ya..MV & Garden very crowded even on weekdays let a lone weekend. I try to avoid going on a weekend

mNhL said...

Went there 2 weeks ago and most of the F & B outlets which we wish to try are FULLHOUSE. Got to queue somemore. Ended up, we ate at the food court. Food so so only.

LittleLamb said...

Me too.....i guess i go to Gardens/MV when I need to only.

Mummy Gwen said...

Yes..very crowded and hard to find parking. I don't really fancy Korean food. Glad to know you did some retail therapy. :)

Jen Cheung said...

looks like a nice restaurant hor?? love the food pictures :):)


andrewjune said...

i love midvalley & tha gardens...convenient for me if i stay in cititel :)
but i do agree with you bout the big crowd.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh..i've seen this eatery but haven't tried because it's always full :) i've tried the King Oyster next door though :) You don't like the gardens or mid valley? i do :)

Chen Li said...

I like the food there. Also the drink sounds like 'C.K'.. it tastes like Barley water of Korean style.