Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kiddo-s and foodies

Our recent trip back to Ipoh was a trip of new discoveries. Told hubby "ENOUGH of all the usual eating places. Time to venture into new territories!"
And new territories it was indeed...marked by the fact that hubby had to ask me for directions.

But food aside, let's talk about the kids first.
Christopher's a little blur here but look at him cradling the baby kangaroo. He has been frequently doing this since watching us cradle Caylee and Sunday night, he brought baby kangaroo to bed and patted him to sleep.

For the pass few nights he has also been watching me change Caylee into her PJs and insists on holding her bottle to feed his mui mui.

And....yet another purchase for our little girl. You would think that being the 2nd child, we would have fewer purchses. But NO !!! During Christopher's time, Reese's mum lent us the Bumbo. This time round, we had to buy our own. But well....this girl loves to SIT UP. She keeps pushing herself up everytime we try to lie her down. So....

When we were in Ipoh, there was PC Fair going on as well. Hubby went with my dad and some of my dad's friends. I had to stay at home to work and take care of the kids. But well....I got a gift as a result! MP3 player for my car. Have to attach this unit to the cig lighter and put in my thumb drive/memory card. Also comes with a remote control. All for RM14. Not bad huh!
There was also a Verbatim 5GB harddisk going for RM205. But it was COD and hubby never carries that much cash. And we never got around to going back (wonder what happened to the time!).
*** the main meal foodies:

Mum asked me to choose between Mar Poh or Weng Kee for lunch the last day we were in Ipoh. I have been to Mar Poh (or Sun Mar Poh) since I was still studying in Ipoh and hubby loves the food. But this trip being trying new places, we opted for Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant. Reanaclaire has been there (several times) and 2 of the dishes my mum ordered were the same. Which is a good thing coz I forgot to snap pics.
Highlight of our lunch was the yam pork ribs. We thought it would be like cube yam stir fried with pork ribs....but it came out a surprising mush of yam and har mai with bits of pork ribs. The yam being the emphasis and the pork ribs the accompaniment rather than the other way around.
The beancurd was also really smooth and very nice. Though we were debating with no conclusion what those transparent crunchy stuff atop the bean curd were!

Another place we also tried for dinner one day was Kedai Kum Kee in Pasir Pinji.
The highlight from this place is their famous stewed dai geok, sai geok (meaning pig trotters, chicken feet). I can say nothing else but IT WAS SUPERBLY YUMMY!!! It was soft yet still crunchy and the taste was just right.

I wasn't hungry when we stepped into the shop at 6 pm (opening time) but I was still 'fighting' over the last chicken feet with hubby. Delectable. Will definitely go there again next trip.

Of course we also ordered some char liew (disappointing sar kok but fried wantan big, crispy and nice) and yong liew (quite alright). Hubby also ordered a plate of dry koay teow (which he says was not that great). Total bill came up to RM12.50.

The other place which we visited (and went back again the next day) was Xin Xiang Er Nong also in Pasir Pinji. It's located at the corner of Jalan Tokong and Jalan Foo Eng Lim.
What was sold in this restaurant that made us come back for more was this!
Half boiled egg atop toasted hainanese bread. The sides of the bread were still crispy and the egg was done OH SO right!!!

Hubby also loved the 3 layer tea (bottom pic right) which had the slight taste of gula melaka.
The pork rib dry curry mee was also good. Christopher loved the herbal chicken noodle. And the toasted bread with kaya was nicely thin.

On the way back to KL, I commented to hubby.....we forgot to drink our white coffee! post will be a confectionary post. Stay tuned.


smallkucing said...

wow..lovely food. Pandai also claire cari makan. Hope to go and makan there one of these days

Mummy Gwen said...

Chris cradling a baby kangaroo? Haha...he is soo cute. Mei mei seems to enjoy sitting on the Bumbo chair. :)

Aiyo, so much of good food. My tummy is hungry already. I haven't been to Ipoh before. *paiseh*

Wai Yin said...

We had coffee at Xin Xiang Er Nong for tea time while waiting for that Jln Tun Perak goreng to open. Verdict - good.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh much good food. i miss ipoh..haven't been back since cny :( your baby looked so cute in the bumbo sitter :D

hey Ann, i've sent you a message in FB regarding the cake. Did you get it?

andrewjune said...

i hv been in ipoh for few yrs during my study days...but i hv never been to pasir pinji for food hahaha...of course i hv heard of pp but i hv just never been there! too bad!

the mp3 gadjet you bought for rm 14 is so cool!

love the 3 layers coffee too!