Sunday, August 29, 2010

out of body

Did you have a long weekend? For me, I did go back to Ipoh on Thursday evening but had to work from home on Friday. Went back to Ipoh only so that hubby will have help from my parents to take care of the kids.

Little girl hardly sleeps during the day and little boy needs constant companionship.

Now on Monday I am having an out of body experience. There are 2 laptops in front of me so that I can do 3 persons work more efficiently (my 2 other colleagues are on leave).

I can see myself typing there and then clicking there. My mind is vaguely registering everything.

And my mind is not F10 as well coz when I Ctrl-C on one laptop, I cannot Ctrl-C on the other laptop until I Ctrl-V on the original laptop first. Else I would have forgot which Ctrl-C holds which info.

Seems I have only one Ctrl-C in my brain even though I have 2 laptops with Ctrl-Cs that are totally unrelated!

Will post my Ipoh trip on Wed (time permitting).


reanaclaire said...

so... what did u wallop in IPOH? or were u too busy? :)

MeRy said...

So good..back to Ipoh...can eat lot nice foods there.

LittleLamb said...

at least u still get out of the house..breath some different air..