Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seng Kee, Ching Han Guan and Hoong Tho

OK....now for the (very late) confectionary bit!

ALAS we tried the famous JJ Swissroll (Motormouth has a good write up on it with map and menu). Went to the outlet at Hotel Fairmont. Hubby went down to buy the delectables since the kids were acting up and Christopher was moaning that he was too tired.

(They woke up really early coz church was at 8 am and so by 11am, they were understandably tired.)

He got the fruit mix (RM15) comprising (clockwise from left) : strawberry, dragon fruit, kiwi and orange. The taste is not that strong. A good indication perhaps that there was no added flavouring. Loved the orange and the strawberry.

I asked him why he didn't get maybe the durian or the cempedak one. His rationale was that the roll looked really big. And to eat the entire roll of just one flavour seems a bit too much.

Any time you mention you are going back to Ipoh to relatives and now Caylee's babysitter as well, people will always expect Ipoh Heong Peang as gifts!

So, this time round, I decided to give this new (to me) heong peang shop a try - Seng Kee Heong Peah. The bickies (no pics, sorry but gave you a link with a good write up and pics) actually look smaller compared to the (in)famouns Yee Hup. But at RM6.50 for 10, I guess they are entitled to the size difference. Heard Yee Hup now stands at RM8 per packet ! ALSO....this Seng Kee heong peah is still made the traditional way (supposedly).

(Feedback : Father in law says these were better than Yee Hup)

Our only 'old' stop was one to Hoong Tho. We had always got our mooncakes there, partly coz my parents knew no better back then and therefore the tradition of buying it from there stuck with me! But the tradition ends this year coz the kam tui (mixed nuts mooncake with ham) that I bought was not fragrant enough. You would think with ham it would be really fragrant BUT sadly the Hoong Tho kam tui was a poor comparison next to the Hilton mixed nuts one.

Really yat cham chin yat cham for (one kind of price, one kind of goods)!

(Feedback : My mum says the shop opposite Tuck Kee, Pasir Pinji sells better mooncake!)

But Hoong Tho's kung chai peang (biscuit made with mooncake 'skin') is still good enough for me. That is (sigh) given I have not tried this other new shop we visited.

The new shop (again, may be only to me) in question is this biscuit shop along Hugh Low street - Ching Han Guan. We came here of course to get some of their much mentioned meat floss lotus paste biscuits. When we came back to Ipoh, hubby and I opened it up and starting discussing how much to keep for ourselves and how much to give to my inlaws. In the end, we kept 6 and gave them 6. Meaning....it was only a so-so for us.

Hubby says the pastry felt like Seremban Siew Pau pastry but to me it feels like Tau Sar Peah pastry but crispy (akin to Heong Peang pastry).

Hubby was also tempted and bought some kind of mooncake they were promoting. Very different. Quite nice.

I would say it really is different visiting Ipoh nearing the Mid Autumn festival. There were different kinds of mooncakes being sold everywhere. Teochew, Hokkien etc etc. So different indeed from shopping for mooncakes amongst Overseas, Bakers Cottage etc. in KL.

So, REALLY if you are thinking of visiting Ipoh, do go before Mid Autumn. You will really be spoiled for choice and well educated too!!!

By this way, this mooncake (3 piglets) were given to me by my colleague from Kluang. Lotus paste with aslted egg yolk. Cute isn't it!


Julie said...

These are all from Ipoh? You sure know where to get good food.

MeRy said...

WOw....so yummy....All these food from where?

mommy to chumsy said...

i love the chempedak swiss rolls. they are not very sweet and not too overwhelming :D i also love the kung chai peang :D this means i better go back to ipoh very soon again :D

smallkucing said...

Interesting. I I ever go there will try and get some of the yummy looking swiss roll

andrewjune said...

julie, ann's formerly fr Ipoh :)

i hope to visit ipoh before mid autumn but i thk it's a slim chance...

just seeing the mooncakes make me craving already!

Mummy Gwen said...

Finally you managed to try the swiss rolls. Looks so yummy. I'm drooling looking at the pics.

jen cheung said...

woahh! so many different kinds of flavor lah. wanna try em all. too bad - not as many flavors here in toronto lah.


Wai Yin said...

i bought mini mix - choc, vanilla, pandan and coffee and the 'big' roll - mix half roll durian and the other half cempedak. Taste ok...not sweet and not strong flavour...just nice.

eugene said...

Don't know confectionary just won't turn me on... but then again, if i were to have biscuits and all, i must chase it with a cup of kop o kaw kaw..

hey take care now ya