Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday coming up!

Christopher is at the age of "I wants". It was never really that prominent before and of course at this age, it's still under control. However....there are some exceptions.

COZ his birthday is coming up. And whatever he wants (under reasonable circumstances) for his birthday, we try to accommodate.

It's also the first year he is aware of his brithday and is counting down to it.

Actually his only REAL request is:
"I want a BARNEY birthday cake."

And he has been asking his kungkung if he will buy him one. But hubby and I have beat kungkung to it so kungkung and pohpoh are now busy looking ALL OVER town for a Barney shirt.

Which for goodness gracious me is quite hard to find. Heard only Isetan in KLCC has it so we may have to make a special trip down. Even the night markets don't have it! (kids don't really know the diff in quality anyway)

We may have to settle for some other Barney stuff in the end. Maybe a plate or a cup or a towel.

Anyone know where I can get any Barney shirts?


mommy to chumsy said...

Ann, have you ordered the cake? I've seen some Barney clothing at Toys R Us. Not all stores have them though. You gotta go shop around...the last time when Ashley was asking (more like pestering us) for a Barney top, we went to a few Toys R Us and only found them at the one in Subang Parade. However, they have since moved to Empire Shopping Gallery. Maybe you may find them there :)

MeRy said... son favo too.

Dora said...

I'm sorry that I can't help as to where to get a Barney shirt. Maybe u can surf thru the online shops. The little boy surely keeps everyone busy for his coming birthday huh but that's FUN :-)

Julie said...

Hehe...I'm thinking of Barney theme for Jonathan's birthday this year too. Either that or Thomas train.

Try searching online for the t-shirt. Will let you know if I spotted any at the stores or online.

Planning for a birthday party for him besides celebrating in kindy?

Wai Yin said...

I want PARTY! I want PARTY! Uncle Simon wants lobak! Uncle Simon wants lobak!

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen is like that too. I want....haih.

Ann I think Brands Outlet at IOI Mall is selling Barney t-shirt..maybe PJs. Lots of Ben 10 and Thomas t-shirts though.

smallkucing said...

Not sure where you can get Barney T-shirt.If can't find, maybe can consider going to one of those shop that print T-shirt. Maybe they have Barney design?

Too bad Cynthia no longer taking order for cakes. If not, maybe can ask her make Barney cake. Her cakes are lovely

mNhL said...

how about jusco? i remember SIL bought for her son a few years back from Jusco 1 Utama. Not too sure if now still have or not.