Monday, September 20, 2010

Blessed are we

This boy is really blessed. Another cake from his Chek Chek (uncle) and another present from his Aunty WY and Uncle Simon!

The cake was an oreo cheese cake. Not really my favourite, so it is sitting in the fridge consumed slowly by my Ah Yee and Poh Poh.

As for the race car track.....this boy was pushing me to open it as soon as Aunty WY left. On hindsight, he was a good boy to receive it and keep it aside first. And only open it later to play when the guests have left.

(I have taught him this with regard to ang paus and made a passing remark that this applies to any presents given to him. That it can be opened only after the person has left. I am impressed if he was really practising what he has been taught!)

After playing it for a few rounds, making tunnels with our legs and body, he kept his side of the bargain and went to sleep. No fuss.


The other blessed person is me of course.

Christopher has been a blast helping me how ever he can with the baby and the chores.

He took out the clothes from his school bag yesterday and put it in the washing machine, upon my request.

He talked to his mui mui while I went down to make milk so that she won't cry.

When I was bathing him and mui mui was left in the room by herself, both of us were alternating shouting "Don't cry mui mui, we are all here." And later when he came out of the bathroom, he went over to his little sister and stroked her and told her not to cry. (heartwarming!)

He helped me rinse the dishes yesterday and put them aside. Also helped me clear some tupperwares and put them back in the cupboard without supervision.

He went to pee by himself in the toilet. Later asking me to flush for him. (yes, he knows how to pull down his pants enough for the shee shee to come out into the little container I have for him in the toilet. He is not tall enough to pee in the toilet bowl yet.)

Today, I will ask him to help me wash dishes again. And soon maybe I will train him to mop the floor. hahahahaha.....

But you know....he really enjoys getting involved in the activities we are doing. Only we consider it chores. He considers it helping mummy and later getting rewarded.

His reward yesterday was half a packet of Smarties. And he really ate half and then gave the packet back to me.

Thank You God for this little miracle of a blessing!


andrewjune said...

boy boy is really so helpful...and such a good kor kor for mei're truly blessed, Ann :)

perhaps getting him a stool so he could pee on the toilet bowl?

and here's wishing boy boy a happy 3rd for rachael's, there's some stay tune for my post next month *wink*

Baby Darren said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Christ!!

As for mommy, you are really lucky to have such good and obedient boy. It's good to train them from young, while they still enjoy helping and dun think it is a chore. Good work for both mommy and boyboy!!

Family First said...

Can I send my Bryan over to your place for training please??? Everything you wrote about your elder boy, Bryan is the opposite!!!

mNhL said...

Your boy is only 3 and is so smart and obedient. You are really blessed.

Irene said...

Truly a wonderful little boy you have there, and praise God for blessings and wonderful parents like you. He's really growing up so fast!

Mummy Gwen said...

Chris is such a good and obedient boy. He is a big boy now. Keep it up, Chris. The racing track toy is huge!

MeRy said...

very good boy..

smallkucing said...

you are really blessed :D

Mummy to QiQi said...

come..come..Chinnee helps you to finish it la...

Julie said...

What he is today is how we had nurtured him. So all thanks to the mommy right? :) Ahem... :P

Wah, you really bully him to the max. :P Wash dishes and mop the floor? Soon you can goyang kaki already.

Ever thought of fixing those toilet bowl and basin for little children like those we seen in the shopping mall's toilet? I did thought of that but it necessary and what happens when they've outgrown it?