Monday, September 27, 2010

FTWM without maid

Was talking to my colleague the other day. She was maidless for 3 weeks. Thankfully for her, her hubby took a 3 week leave/work from home to help her. And she was also granted 3 week work from home.

However, she was complaining that without a maid, she has to run up to work/clean, run down when she needs to clean/cook/look at her youngest with her hubby.

And we kind of took a stock of things.

Among the 3
1) being a housewife (meaning cleaning and cooking and ironing etc.)
2) working and
3) being a mother

Can a woman really do all 3 well? Or can we only juggle two without yelling at our hubby all the time?

We didn't consider being a wife as one of the options since if we were not a wife, we would not have to consider this issue at all!

For me : I do all three and I don't have a maid. When my #2 came along, many told me to get a maid. I still don't have one. And yes, I may not have as much time with the kids since the chores do keep me busy at times. But I feel as the kids get older, they will start to help with the chores and hubby is around to also be 'a mum'. But I also don't feel the stress of it coz my work ends at 4 pm (and starts at 7 am).


mNhL said...

depending on how a person handles it. Organised our timetable are important.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Hi Ann, thanks for dropping by my blog. I salute you for not having any maids. I would have had a nervous breakdown. As a result, i have TWO maids! LOL
P/S: have you figured out the ages of my kids yet?

reanaclaire said...

i think can still manage if we close one eye on the house cleaniness.. :)

LittleLamb said...

U know what...i m suffering now...
After I moved in to a condo, I thought to myself..hey why need a maid when the place is small... and mind you, for the past 8 yrs I've a maid.. i m feeling so lethargic, so tired, so sleepy n feels that everything has just broke down..:((((
People say i need time to adjust but i felt that i hv just aged 10 yrs older :(((((

Irene said...

ann, i salute you. i went maidless volunteerily for 3 months because the previous was more headache and heartache than an asset to us.. and i tell you, it was tough. and that is also an understatement... getting used to, too much work, kids neglected and even after awhile when the dusts settled (no pun intended), we knew we still needed a maid, because the part timers are limited help.

@little lamb, i tot you have the cleaner come in?

MeRy said...

I am not sure whether I can do all 3 tasks at the same time. Maybe with on kid around, I still can manage it.

Mummy Gwen said...

You are doing very well with flying colours. I'm kinda lazy when it comes to housework.

I'm in a dilemma..haih..thinking to have a 2nd one but my husband is working overseas.

Annie Q said...

Hi, first time come here and thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

FTWM without maid, hmmmmm..maybe all of us too "pamper" with maids, when come to maidless, everything become haywire. To me, i don't know consider lucky or not lucky, i stay with in law and everyone all stay under one roof including two brother in laws and family. When my boys were young that time i do have my own maid to help me take care the boys. One of the maid run away when my boys just 18 months old, that time really a big "hit" on me, i have to do everything myself, and my hub don't help me at all. From that on, i told myself, even got maid, i also have to hands on on some housework and taking care, cannot totally depends on maid, once they run, we are the one who suffer. When the second maid run away, that time i more cool already. :)

Glad that, now my boys are older, we do have two house maids, sharing by everyone, so when i am working, the maid will help me to keep an eye on them.

Wah, your work start at 7am and end at 4pm? So nice! But want to make you jeles, mine is 9am to 5pm. hahahahhahahah..

Sorry for the long comment ya. :)