Sunday, September 19, 2010

A long week 'alone'

Hubby is in Jakarta again for 8 days.
My parents will be in Taiwan (still awaiting confirmation their plane can land in Taiwan following the typhoon) for 6 days.

I have asked my Ah Yee and Poh Poh to come down from Ipoh to stay with me. Just in case something comes up and I need someone to stay with either/both kid(s). Also just in case one acts up and requires my attention.

But sigh....a bit of a backfire. My daughter doesn't know them and thus refuses to stay with them for long. Also they don't know how to handle this demanding creature who requires them to forever carry and walk around.
(Actually she just wants to be talked to, not necessarily carried....but well....their baby vocab is quite limited!)

And my boy when he is in a sleepy/irritated/angry state also refuses them. "I want mummy! I want mummy!"

And so.....I am really running around like a headless chicken. Got to teach them to use the washing machine and maybe cook rice so that that is at least 2 things off my to do list.

It's going to be a loooonnnnnggggg week. Hubby so needs to get me a present when he returns. I can feel the stress in my system working overtime! :)


MeRy said...

SUch a tiring day.....takecare!!

Ponytail said...

At times like these, we will sing "I AM YOUR SUPERWOMAN!"!

Take good care Ann and eat some chocolates :p

Irene said...

Oh dear, I know what you mean! Been thru that, but you better hang in there. When the younger one sleeps, you try to catch half hour sleep. Can they cook simple meal like porridge or steam stuff? Then you can tick that off the list... worse, jst tapau all the way.

Take care.

LittleLamb said...

Take it easy.
Yes eat out or tapau or order delivery or cook big portions n freeze them.

Hang in there. I'm sure ur hubs will get u a surprise..

reanaclaire said...

when u said "headless chicken" it sound so funny! :)

Julie said...

Now that hubby needs to work on night shift, I am going through madness at times when little one crying and older one pulling your hands to do this and that.

We sure need some pampering from our hubs. Time to post up some hints. :p

mNhL said... are busy. Don't over stress. Take care. Soon your hubby will be back.

smallkucing said...

take a deep breath

Mummy Gwen said...

I can imagine the stress. Hang in there, your Hubs is coming home soon...surprises on the way..hehe. With 2 kids is definitely not easy managing alone. The thought of it gives me the shivers.

Baby Darren said...

Can totally understand and imagine the situation. Arrgghh...I will be sharing the same fate with you starting tomorrow..hubby will be away for almost 2 weeks. The only consolation is I still have a helper at home. But as you said, both will want MOMMY AT THE SAME TIME, especially sleeping time.

Baby nowadays really not easy to take care I tell you. Mine too, don't even want my in law, only my helper or ME. Tiring..tiring....I can already feel it...