Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super virus

These days I feel the viruses we are exposed to are like super viruses. And when I say these days, I really mean only this pass 2 years.

Previously most flus and coughs that hit the family are cured within 4-5 days given proper rest and medication. Now, coughs bring sore throats that ache like mad, swollen lymph nodes and phlegm that seems never ending.

And the flu hits your head like a one ton hammer and lasts for several days!

Our medication can't even seem to keep up with the mutation of the virus. When we find a medication for one, we find that it has laready mutated and the medication doesn't work anymore. So, we have to make stronger and stronger medication.

It's a never ending cycle of doom!

Right now, grandma is nursing a lost voice and hacking cough. Sounds like Christopher has caught it and has been coughing non stop at night. Hubby is down and out with the flu as well. And I am nursing swollen lymph nodes. Grandpa is still alright and Caylee is having a slight cough and flu.

I so hate this. I hate it to the core.

As the day progressed and I started to surf the net, I was brought to this article : When I am Weak

I believe God wil bring me THROUGH this.


Shireen Loh said...

aiyo. i hope caylee won't get it bad cos i know it's really tough when babies are sick. Tough on them, tough on parents. Here's hoping all of you get well soon!! take care

Baby Darren said...

I agree the viruses are getting stronger each day. When you have a baby at home, it is the most worrying and stressful moment when someone falls sick.

Hope all of you recover soon!! Eat more vitamins and rest well.

mNhL said...

hope everyone in the family will get well soon. I hate flu bugs....makes me weak and lazy and lost appetite too.

Mummy Gwen said...

I just recovered from a bad flu..took almost 2 weeks to fully recovered! Yes..I do agree with you.

Hope everyone in your family speedy recovery.

smallkucing said...

yup...i hate those too. And old people say if cough, cannot eat chicken coz will lead to coughing for 90 days.

Dora said...

Maybe blame to the bad weather?... Hope everyone get well soon & healthy!

andrewjune said...

Ann, the flu bug hit me again...rachael got it first, then it's me...AGAIN!!!
i so hate them too!