Sunday, October 31, 2010


Shaved soya ice with red beans and green tea balls @RM6.

Snowflakes best seller @RM6! Shaved grass jelly ice topped with grass jelly. Added into this is taro and sweet potato balls. And creamer to top it all up.

I don't usually rave over shaved ice! But these 2 bowls of 'snowflakes' were quite a surprise to me. It's surprisingly GREAT! Will definitely go there again next weekend. And this time maybe will try the hot version.

Warning : Try to choose off peak desert time as this place can get really crowded.

Snowflake Dessert Cafe
26-1, Jalan PJU 5/10
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Business Hours: 1:00p.m. - 11:00p.m. (Sunday - Thursday), 1:00p.m. - 12:00a.m. (Friday - Saturday)

They have branches in Pavillion and SS15, as far as I know.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stretching it

I thought everyone did it. Apparently I was wrong.

I have 2 friends who have been told to make a conscious effort to stretch when they get up from bed and anytime during the day. One of them is on the onset of a lumbar arthritis. I had to google that to find out what it was. The other had pain near her hip right up to her shoulder blade.

I stretch quite often. Sometimes not as soon as I get out of bed coz the baby requires attention ASAP. But I still stretch my legs and wiggle my toes while feeding the baby. And as soon as I get up again, I love to stretch on my toes right up to the 'sky'.

Even as I write this now, I feel like stretching. Maybe the word stretching as the same effect as yawning.

I read a book once that had a short piece on yawning. The short piece took about 15 minutes for an average reader to finish. It contained the word yawn in almost all its sentences making yawn appear again and again in the mind. As the article was coming to an end, it predicted that reading the word yawn so often would make you feel a strong urge to yawn. And you would actually yawn by the end of the article. And indeed I did. In fact I yawned 2 times.

So anyway, back to stretching. Do you stretch? Do you ask your kids to stretch when they get up. Reckon you should stretch now. And stretch often. Not only as a warm up before a jog or exercise regime. And do you notice babies stretch quite often?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Really Woolly Bible Stories by DaySpring

I loved this little pink book as soon as I received it, compliments of Booksneeze. It's a very different book on bible stories. Different in what way? The stories are in rhyme. It would be a perfect introduction to poetry for my kids using stories they are already familiar with.

It's a hard cover book with thick pages so my little Miss Toddler will have no trouble turning pages. One page holds the story and one page is the illustration. Little Miss Toddler will love the colourful pictures.

And it is easier for me to capture active Mr Toddler's attention as to what the story relates to. Reason being the main gist of the story is also drawn in the picture. And there are some cute small pictures drawn around too which I didn't notice but my son did. And these small pictures are also related to the story.

The stories are common ones which are great for reinforcement. And the words, although poetic are still simple. Also, the message stays true.

Lovely indeed. I may be colour biased, but I reckon this litle pink book will be a great keepsake for a little girl.

Finding yourself

Who do you think you are?

No, I am not scolding you and this post is not targeting you. But it is asking you "WHO do you think you are?"

Do you ever feel that there is a need to define who you are? Well, not really WHO you are since you should be someone wife/husband, someone's mother/father, someone's daughter/son and defintely someone's friend. So, who you are does not really define you, does it? Those are just roles in life actually.

So what defines you? Does your talent define you. What you are good at. Does doing what you are good at define you? Getting recognition for what you do and do well most certainly feeds your pride. So, maybe what you are good at should not be what defines you. Since then you would be just slightly, if not more, egoistic/prideful.

When it comes to talent, God says to use the talent He has given you for good works. So, talent which does relate to what you do well is to be used for God's purpose.

So, God defines us. If I seek God, will He tell me who I am?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

4 in 1

There are 4 of us in one room now. It works out really well since all of us require air con when sleeping. But of late, I am thinking otherwise.

Reason being, my daughter is a great singer and she loves to entertain us as soon as she gets up. Which recently has been a wee bit too early NOT. If she is a good girl, she will get up by 5.30. But half the time, she is naughty which means any time between after 4 am.

And of late, she has been waking her brother too. Daddy just takes his bolster and covers his ears! hahahaha....

If it was the weekend, I would not mind as much since we would just take an earlier afternoon (although not yet even afternoon) nap.

And on some days he can be very sweet like this one time when Caylee cried, Christopher got up and a little blur, crawled over to her cot. Stroked her head and asked "Why mui mui? Why cry?" And told me after that to make milk and insisted to hold the bottle and feed her. And later patted her back to sleep.

But there are days like today when my son woke up and cried when he saw me leaving the room. Had to have a talk with him about how the weekdays are and how they are different from weekends. He did crawl back to sleep after our talk. But according to hubby, he didn't fall back asleep straight away. And later could/did not want to get up to go to school.

Told hubby its so difficult for me to jump out of bed when the girl cries now. If I do that, chances are I can get her out of the room before she wakes up anyone. I used to survive pretty well with 6 hours of sleep. Now a days I feel I still want to slumber on.

By the way....our steriliser is a goner. So, I am back to boiling bottles. 6 more months to go. What luck!
And lastly some pics of the kids in their Sunday best. Christopher put on his clothes himself with a little struggle and some help.

Christopher's new Barney utensils courtesy of Julie!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Caylee is now pass her 6 month mark. She celebrated it by having her first bowl of porridge at the nanny's place.
1 week after eating a full bowl at 4.30 pm everyday, she now eats porridge 2 times a day, the other time being 11+ am.

When she was about 5 months, she was actually already eating baby organic oats with milk every evening.

She LOVES her porridge (or course) and swallows each mouthful gLeefully and quickly. The nanny comments that she has no problem at all getting her to swallow and open her mouth for her porridge (as compared to when she was on oats).

Being the grabber that she is, she is always trying to grab the spoon and the bowl that holds her porridge coz she wants to stuff the grub into her mouth herself. She even grabs her milk bottle when she can and holds it (with some help) until she tires out.

Every time we eat, she smacks her lips in anticipation and whines when she has nothing to put in her mouth. So, we have resorted to baby bites for her when we eat out now. Rusks (I discovered) requires 1 hour of cleaning up after that (have to wash baby, clothes and car seat after that). She is a messy eater.

And here is the little girl enjoying her bicky.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Which exercise

If I want a quick workout at home, these days I have 3 choices.

The fastest is 20-25 times up and down the stairs. It takes me about 15 minutes and by the end of it, my heart would be racing and I would be slightly out of breath. But I would not break out into a sweat.

The other thing I can do would be to jump on my trampolin. It helps if I want to watch TV as well since I can place it in front of the TV. Try to do it for about 20-30 minutes. This gets my midrif area very itchy (due to all the flab fibrating up and down). Which is a good thing I suppose since that would mean all the blood is going to that area, possibly breaking down the fat? But I don't break into much of a sweat and I am not breathless at all and my heart does not really race.

And the last thing I can do would be to cycle on the stationary bike. I always read a book when I cycle....which means my hands are not moving as they should. But without a book I get really bored just cycling and looking at the cobwebs on the wall. I try to do this also for 30 minutes. My heart doesn't race (I don't cycle that fast) but I do break out into a sweat (dripping) after 20 minutes. So that would mean 10 minutes of real exercise sweat.

I deduce I choose my exercise depending on
1) time
2) what feeling I want to have (sweaty, heart racing, itchy skin?) and
3) what activity I want to do (TV? reading?)

Yeah....and I know outdoor exercise is always the best. But at least I try to put in some exercise apart from mopping the floor and washing the car.

I think today I will jump on my trampolin again. Got to empty my bladder before I do this. The kids have weakened my ability to hold! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eating Breakfast

Christopher had a bout of tummy flu this pass weekend. He was puking and purging badly on Friday night and his purging is just about ending now.

His tummy flu didn't get passed around this time coz we took all the necessary precautions. But the 'flu' did and I am having such a bad case of congestion.

Oh well.....

So, his tummy flu resulted in him having tummy aches alot. Most of the time when we are trying to get some warm food into his system. So much so he now does not give some biscuits a second look coz he says "the biscuits cause him to have tummy ache".

My mum is down to help since hubby is away (again) to KK. And his lack of appetite is depressing my mum.

Mummy (as in me) doens't care to coax them to eat. You either eat or go hungry. And stop that whinning or you will get a beating! And no biscuits or junk food. Are you mad? And no sweets either.

You get the gist of how it is with me.

But it's a different case for grandma! She coaxes him, negotiates with him and thinks real hard what she can cook for him.

But seems the table has turned around. Yesterday I came back from work and asked my mum what Christopher had today. She kinda looked at me sheepishly (hmm...something is so up!) and told me he had potato chips for breakfast!


Anything to get his weight back up. As long as he eats right?

But she did try to make things balance out by boiling him some herbal drink after that and making him drink one whole cup.

Later that night she was nagging me about the whole issue of making him eat a normal breakfast. Her point mainly is about how he will be able to concentrate in school (when he turns 7, that is) when he does not have breakfast? And it's not a matter of worrying about it when he turns 6 coz having breakfast is a routine and has to be built from young.

Now, the trouble is my son is not really a 'sweet' eater (except when it comes to sweets). So bread and kaya/jam/peanut butter does not work. He would take the occasional sweet cereal or cookies but it cannot be a daily affair. So far his weekend breakfast has been fried eggs.

Right now I don't feel it's much of a big issue coz he takes his milk (which he also hates and has to be forced to drink) in school and haves some food by 10 am. And I am not the one taking care of him in the morning so hubby has to support me 100% on this since the effort has to come from him. But it is true, the eating breakfast routine has to be cultivated soon.

Do your kids eat breakfast? What is the world do you feed them?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UNited against child abuse


This is the latest public program by UNICEF.

To raise your hand, log on to this website 'Unite Against Abuse', scroll to the bottom of the page (if the whole page is not visible on your screen) and click to get on board.

There is an effect to an additional person. There is an effect to you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

If a shoe fits....

I was lucky. When I had boyboy, hubby's cousin from Singapore gave me alot of shoes for his growing feet. The shoes were quite 'high-end' in nature in that they came from reputable companies known to put research and effort in getting the shoes right for babies and toddler's feet.

So, I never knew how important a good shoe and a good fit was until I had to get shoes for my son myself. It's really not the price that matters when it comes to kid's shoes. Coz if it is uncomfortable you will have a tough time getting them to walk on their own. And not to mention the blisters and their posture in the long run.

Thank goodness I have help from shoes shops like this, that has oh-so-cute baby shoes for Caylee and so much variety for Christopher. Much better than buying in store! As it is shopping in store in itself is a hassle.

And videos such as this also really helps!

Caylee will benefit greatly since I am so educated in shoe shopping now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ASUS as a lesson

My colleague looked at me and said "Can upgrade mah!". Her answer when I told her that the desktop I have at home is a version 6 which is a version insufficient for the work we do.

I felt the need to justify my purchase. "No lah, I don't have space to transfer the desktop out to the living area."

Which by the way is true. But take me back a few years, I perhaps would have made the desktop move possible and argued my way through it (coz most people would have disagreed that I add another furniture in my already cramped living room).

So, anyway, I have made my purchase of a new laptop. An Asus, by the way, costing me RM 2198 (with Windows and a one year free anti-virus).

I don't usually spend on myself (I find it easier to spend on someone else). It's a family trait. I reckon my most expensive 'want' to date has been my handphone. And even then, I keep the range of choice below RM 800 if possible. Some have preferences for cars but for me, a car is a car is a car. Even when I was looking for a jewellery box, I loved one which cost nearly RM300 but didn't get it in the end, settling for an alternative costing only RM60.

So, when my colleague said what she said, it caught me by surprise too that I really went through with my purchase all within a 2 week period. Over the years I guess I have somewhat learnt to let go. To love myself a little more.

Also, when I do allow myself to get stuff for myself, I wouldn't feel that I always have to be the one to sacrifice my wants while hubby just gets stuff without really thinking twice. Up to a limit, it has allowed me to be less restrictive of hubby's indulgence in gadgets and splurge on hobbies.

So, for this year, this is my anniversary lesson. To put a limit to my savings and spend some on things I love and cannot find alternatives for. And allow hubby to also do the same.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Role Playing

My son is very much into role playing. Started when he was about 2 and a half. It can be irritating at times but useful too.

Irritating in that when he pretends to be the teacher, he will take his drum stick, pretending that it is a ruler and bang it on the floor asking us to tidy up. Which we roll our eyes and tell him that he made the mess, he tidy up. Mummy and daddy will just help you.

And when he pretends to be us, that's the worse! He will tell us "You naughty, I take the cane and beat you then you know. Want to be naughtyy some more?" For which I always end up telling him he cannot say that and blah blah blah.....

So, what we say to him when we punish him gets thrown back at us when he is angry with us. Given this circumstance, I cannot scold him with such 'meaningless' words anymore. Instead I will always have to reason with him why he cannot have this or that or do this and that.

As I say....irritating...and very tiring too.

But lately, it has become useful too. Coz of late he has been learning to read in school and frequently he would tell me that he is the teacher and I am the student. And he wants to teach me to read Peter and Jane.

And its quite comical because he would read and when he comes to a word he is not too sure about, he would ask me to read. So I go "You tell me teacher. I don't know." And I can see him struggling to remember. Sometimes he does. Sometimes I say "Is that the word 'here' teacher?" And he would say "Clever girl." and continue reading.

And I can see how the teacher (in her exasperation) teaches him coz he will say the same to (ignorant) me like "Can't you see this is the same. It's the same word. How come you don't know?"

eg : Here is Peter and here is Jane.

So anyway, I was relating this to my colleague and she told me her son does not do role playing. He doesn't ever pretend to be someone else. Which in my mind I am thinking - oh! at least then you don't have to choose your words too carefully when scolding him for fear he will use the same words in the same tone and throw it back at you.

(of course no excuse to use harsh words or simply raise your know what I mean, I hope!)

Does your child role play alot?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Miss...

Miss Determined
My daughter has ALOT of patience for a near 6 month old. There is some stalk of flowers in my inlaws house with red packets hanging from the branches. I carried her nearer seeing she was interested in the swaying red packets. When she was near enough, she tried to grasp the red packets. And it swaying and all that, made it tougher for her to grab between her fore finger and her thumb. but she tried and tried and didn't show any real signs of exasperation. And she got it about 3-4 times in that 30 min or so I stood there with her. Everyone who was watching her commented that she was so patient and determined to catch the red packet.

Miss High Tolerance to Pain
The nanny accidentally clipped little missy's skin when cutting her finger nails last Friday. She gave a yelp but didn't cry. It looks deep coz it has been 2 days now and it is still red and 'angry'. Also, her bum is having a bad case of diaper rash and apart from when I wash it with warm water and apply lotion, the girl does not show any other kind of fuss or irritation.

Miss Grabber
She wants to grab everything she sees. And anything as always goes into her mouth after looking at it careful front and back, top and bottom. And she pushes herself out of your grasp to get what she wants. It frustrates her like mad when you try to hold her back.

Miss Chuckle
She gives a good chuckle when we play with her. And smile sheepishly at you when you play peekaboo with her and hides herself in the shoulder of the person carrying her.
And the other day, I was blowing warm kisses into her neck and she was giggling away. After a few kisses, when she saw me come close to give another kiss, she put her hands in front of me and shouted playfully. Somewhat like a kid who could talk would do while saying "Nooooo" yet still wanting you to play with them. What a reation!

Miss Minnie
Ever heard the song with this lyrics 'You're my inny minny minnie mo lover'? Christopher likes this song and claims they are singing about his little sisiter. As in Min-Yi = minnie!