Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ASUS as a lesson

My colleague looked at me and said "Can upgrade mah!". Her answer when I told her that the desktop I have at home is a version 6 which is a version insufficient for the work we do.

I felt the need to justify my purchase. "No lah, I don't have space to transfer the desktop out to the living area."

Which by the way is true. But take me back a few years, I perhaps would have made the desktop move possible and argued my way through it (coz most people would have disagreed that I add another furniture in my already cramped living room).

So, anyway, I have made my purchase of a new laptop. An Asus, by the way, costing me RM 2198 (with Windows and a one year free anti-virus).

I don't usually spend on myself (I find it easier to spend on someone else). It's a family trait. I reckon my most expensive 'want' to date has been my handphone. And even then, I keep the range of choice below RM 800 if possible. Some have preferences for cars but for me, a car is a car is a car. Even when I was looking for a jewellery box, I loved one which cost nearly RM300 but didn't get it in the end, settling for an alternative costing only RM60.

So, when my colleague said what she said, it caught me by surprise too that I really went through with my purchase all within a 2 week period. Over the years I guess I have somewhat learnt to let go. To love myself a little more.

Also, when I do allow myself to get stuff for myself, I wouldn't feel that I always have to be the one to sacrifice my wants while hubby just gets stuff without really thinking twice. Up to a limit, it has allowed me to be less restrictive of hubby's indulgence in gadgets and splurge on hobbies.

So, for this year, this is my anniversary lesson. To put a limit to my savings and spend some on things I love and cannot find alternatives for. And allow hubby to also do the same.


smallkucing said...

spend on me la :p. Just joking

Sometimes really hard to let go when biasa save. Like me if ask me buy clothes RM80, I would think a few times. But if say a book, i would not blink.

I have Asus too :D

Shireen Loh said...

oh for a minute i didn't know what ASUS was. When I read further, then only realized that it's a lappie. Yes, it's ok once in a while to splurge on yourself. You deserve it.

LittleLamb said...

Percentage out a certain amount from ur income. This amount is for you, you alone. Do whatever with the amount and dont feel guilty. Be it spending on a facial, gadget, dress, blah blah..

reanaclaire said...

sometimes we got to treat ourselves... pamper... so dont feel bad.. :)

btw, ann, i wrote u an email.. :)

coffeesncookies said...

our dating anniversary is this month and wedding ann. coming soon. this year we splurge a little, he went to get a new camera lens and I got 3 pairs of shoes n a nice handbag.. all these cause we've been working hard and saving maid's salary for so many months.. once in a while, it's ok but we always believe in save n invest first, spend later. gimme *5*

Family First said...

I am like you too. Feel pain to spend on even a proper "labelled" bag or shoes but hey, Im hitting a certain number this year and for this, Im spending on a "labelled" bag from Paris! After all, how often we spend on ourselves, cos its always for hubby and kid and home.