Sunday, October 10, 2010

If a shoe fits....

I was lucky. When I had boyboy, hubby's cousin from Singapore gave me alot of shoes for his growing feet. The shoes were quite 'high-end' in nature in that they came from reputable companies known to put research and effort in getting the shoes right for babies and toddler's feet.

So, I never knew how important a good shoe and a good fit was until I had to get shoes for my son myself. It's really not the price that matters when it comes to kid's shoes. Coz if it is uncomfortable you will have a tough time getting them to walk on their own. And not to mention the blisters and their posture in the long run.

Thank goodness I have help from shoes shops like this, that has oh-so-cute baby shoes for Caylee and so much variety for Christopher. Much better than buying in store! As it is shopping in store in itself is a hassle.

And videos such as this also really helps!

Caylee will benefit greatly since I am so educated in shoe shopping now.