Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caylee, oh Caylee!

For the pass few nights Caylee has been somewhat a troublemaker in the night.

She goes to bed usually around 8+ pm, unless we go out for some 'air' after dinner. And even then, she will be in bed latest by 10pm.

Of late, she has been getting up in the wee hours of the morning. It starts with a caterpillar pose and then she will sit up. And she will call us. If no one attends to her at this stage, she will stand up and call for us even more.

Once she is on her feet, it will take longer to get her back to sleep again. So, I have taken to jumping up and making her her bottle as soon as she whimpers, hoping the drug of the warm milk will lull her back to sleep.

And ever so often, she would also whimper in her sleep - almost every two hours throughout the night. For which I would have to squirm my hand between the cot bars under the bumper to pat her back to sleep.

Of course all this means - total lack of sleep for me. Which I am finding difficult to bear these days. I must be getting old. And of course lack of sleep means frequent bouts of flu for me. I must be getting weak.

BUT (drumroll), last night was the worse.

I was heavily sedated with Actifed given my congested nose. So, told hubby to take over the night watch.

At 12 pm, I was awaken by her call. And she was already sitting down, getting ready to stand up. I nudged hubby and told him to faster deal with her. SIGH...hubby brought her to our bed.

Which really is a bad thing coz coming to our bed is her motive and it signals play time with mummy and daddy for her. And of course me being sick, I don't want to pass the bug to her.

So, I got out of bed and told hubby to make her milk and put her back into the cot. I got of bed to drink water coz I was hacking!

She didn't finish her milk mind you coz she was so distracted by the activity in the room. And hubby gave up eventually.

To cut the story short, Caylee kept me awake for 3 hours. She finally dozed off only after a 2nd attempt at warm milk at 3 am. In between she sang to us and talked to us and hoped for a response. I originally talked to her and told her to sleep, sang to her, hushed her. But then I realized it doesn't work at all. When she doesn't want to sleep, she doesn't want to sleep. And I was dead tired by then that my sleepiness could override my maternal instincts for 5-10 minutes before it kicked in again. So, I was aternating looking at her while lying down pretending to be asleep to discourage her from thinking I was up to play and dozing off. Which really is more tiring than just being awake!

At 3 when she at last fell asleep, I thought I could have at least 3 hours of uniterrupted sleep before I had to get to work.


Caylee woke up again at 5+ and I had to get up again to hold (by force) her bums down so that she would not sit up. And then sing, pat, hush her back to sleep.

I was so reluctant to get up when my alarm rang at 6.30 am. And surprisingly when I got out of the bathroom, still drugged mine you, our little 'angel' was already up and smiling at me.

Reckon if it happens again tonight, I will have to take MC tommorrow. My head can't take this semi drug state!


Small Kucing said...

It's normal at some point toddler will wake at odd hours. You sleep with lights on? Try off the lights and see.

Hope you get well soon

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm were u high on coffee? or can u skip or reduce her afternoon nap? sigh. no sleep is an unhappy woman.

reanaclaire said...

This is the time that most mummies will slim down! :)

Annie Q said...

hehehhe..she is so cute. I know i shouldn't laugh at you, but your Caylee is just too cute.

Hope you are feeling ok now, get well soon!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Oh no, you poor dear!! I hate being a sick mum too. Too tired and drugged out to be of any use. Have a speedy recovery, babe!

mommy to chumsy said...

hahahahahaah....yeah, she is cute but i know it's really hard on poor mummy. hmm..maybe if you let her sleep a lil later, she would be tired and sleep through the night? get well soon, Ann.

JLow said...

Caleb is doing that still now; he turns 3 in Jan 2011.

Starts with "mmmyyyeeeaaahhh.." and then calls for Mummee.

Which I am glad :)

Alice Law said...

I reckon nothing would crack a mommy's head than having a wee hours baby! Perhaps you can try to reduce her naps during the day, avoid nap after 5pm to 8pm should be helpful too, all the best!

Hope you are feeling better by now, have a pleasant night!

Baby Darren said...

Wow..Caylee can sit and stand on her own already...what a big milestone she has achieved...Isabel is still not able to sit unaided yet.

I can totally understand what you are going through coz Isabel is also giving me a hard time lately. Could it be they are more difficult at this age..explore new things, acquire new skills, teething??? I don't know...sometimes i just ignore her and let her cry in the cot till she gets tired...i'm bad I know..but I am damn sleep deprived too.

Hope the baby will sleep better soon...

eugene said...

don't worry, the lil one will grow up very very soon and soon enough you shall not be deprived of sleep anymore..

take care and be strong ya

Mummy Gwen said...

Hope she gets back on track soon so you could catch up in your sleep. Get well soon.

coffeesncookies said...

i hope this is just a passing phase. it happened to us when she was teething.. oh boy.. those nights..we played il divo.. full blast at 3am. hoping to lull her to sleep.

andrewjune said...

emmm...who said being a mother is easy ehhh? hahaha...

lack of sleep makes us loses concentration & gets "man chang" easily...
so hope the phase will be over soon!

Moomykin said...


Hope all is well by now.

You are so brave to still go to work.

With my kids calling on me 24-7, I don't think I can function if I were a working mom.