Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A slow day

It does seem like a long time since I updated anything. I actually have alot I want to write. But between work (and squabbles with a particular colleague what more!), 2 kids who are mildly ill and trying to stop my flu from exploding out, my attempts at blogging has been put aside.

Christopher is at home today due to a mild fever. So, he has to skip his (annual) photo session in school. He is fine with it. He prefers to stay at home with mummy. And when he is alone with me on adhoc days like this, he can be really good. He knows he has a bonus day and doesn't take it for granted.

He was rather shocked though that this bonus day doesn't apply to his little sister. And he has told me 2 times now to go pick up his little sister.

Spending time with him has also got me getting creative. No...not in crafts and all that. I can't stand the fact that I have to clear up all the mess after which. And yell instructions while at it as well.

Instead I have been creative telling him stories - combining Godliwocks (is that the right spelling) with Little Einstein. And combining Litte Red Riding Hood with the 3 bears. And each story somehow works its way to a moral ending. Sometimes I amaze myself! hahahaha.....

And creative also in cooking coz this boy requires highly flavourful food.

Anyway, he is so into Toy Story 3 now. Requesting me to look for the horse/donkey in the show. What a request! Even Woody or the robot (whatever his name is) would be easier to find. But then again, maybe if he can't find it and I can't find it, it would be one less thing he wants to buy without any money!

I am looking forward to this weekend. Going back to Ipoh and making a one day trip to Taiping. I am still thinking if Camerons would be a better trip. Would a farm visit or a zoo be more fun to a kid?

He of course chose the zoo. What does he know about farms anyway? But reckon if he had a choice, he would rather go see an aeroplane or sit on a train. He so loves his vehicles!


reanaclaire said...

Christopher sounds like a very matured kid.. as for zoo or the farm, zoo might be interesting but not so healthy for kids? farm is healthier but more boring for him... hahaha... anyway, either choices, hope you all have a wonderful time!!

Alice Law said...

I'm sorry to hear your boy was unwell, hope he is back to his usual self now!

Ohhh... it's absolutely fun to spend precious bonding time with your kid!

My girl would prefer a Cameron trip, the weather is more soothing, they got to pluck strawberries and enjoyed delightful strawberry desserts.^-^

Keep well and have fun!

Alice Law said...
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Alice Law said...

Here's our latest Cameron trip, you can browse through if you were free!;)


Have fun and a joyful trip to you and family!

mommy to chumsy said...

get well soon to all of you. have a nice trip back to good ol' ipoh :)

smallkucing said...

looks like you have you hands full now.

Hope things will settle down soon

MeRy said...

Hope ur boy gets well by now.

Mummy Moon said...

Hope the two kids are fully recover by now. WIshing you a happy weekend! :P

Baby Darren said...

Both is good in their own way. As long they are going places, they are happy.

Hope u have a nice holiday back in Ipoh. Hope everyone recover before the holiday arrives.

Mummy Gwen said...

Hope you all are better and recovered by now. Enjoy your trip back to Ipoh ya.

LittleLamb said...

how was trip back home?