Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas 2010

It's Christmas time again.

And it always starts off with a blast @ Simon/Wai Yin's place. Pot bless with our spiritual family is always a noisy affair. This year, there were 12 adults, short of Patrick and Shang. And 11 kids, short of little Alycia. Hope I got the numbers right.

Next year would be a bigger blast prayerfully with Caylee being a cher cher to 2 little ones.

This year to me was not (at all) about the food or the pressies. But looking at us grow together in numbers and in experience. This is really a great group I have attached myself to. They are very frank with me in terms of how I can improve myself. And we all share our ups and downs. Nothing beats learning to be a better mum together with all the other mums and dads.

And the kids have play mates who are all the same age group. Thank God for Alyssa who is really the TAI ka cher to all of them. She will be a real pillar of stability when the kids grow up. She has excellent temperament and is a good role model.

Wai Yin played a fast one on me this year. No thanks to Terence. But it was all in good fun. And at least she didn't make me do it on my own. Good thing 'We are the reason' is my favourite Christmas song.

Christopher is bigger this year. He understands Christmas better. Sadly not yet in terms of Jesus but more in presents and Christmas deco and parties. But he is a kid. He will realise in time.

It's Caylee's first Christmas. Reckon she enjoyed herself tremendously since she loves kids! She was carried and watched by everyone. And she didn't really bother coz she was too busy watching everyone play. The cutest thing was to see Vanessa and Caylee together. They are exactly 1 year apart. So, Vanessa's 'boisterousness' was still not beyond Caylee's capability. Caylee see, Caylee take, Caylee do!

Occassionally, Caylee would look out for me and give me a smile. And she frequently checks to see who is carrying her or sitting behind her. She enjoyed herself, I reckon.

Coz now (nightmare) she knows that it is so much nicer sitting outside her playpen with toys surrounding her that she wants to do the same at home too. Sunday was filled with tears everytime we put her in the playpen.

Have to 'yan' (tahan/stand it).

Watching No Regrets and I just learnt that the 'yan' word is alike the 'tou'(knife) word sticking in the 'sam' (heart) word.

Well....this Saturday is Christmas. We will be having another meal, this time with family at my sister's place. What are your plans this weekend?


Mummy Gwen said...

What a nice Christmas gathering you had. Glad to know everyone enjoyed themselves.

We will be in KL already this weekend. :)

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your family!

Alice Law said...

Glad Caylee enjoyed the gathering, wishing you and family an advance Merry Christmas too!^-^

mommy to chumsy said...

Have a great celebration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours :) We don't celebrate it but we are having a lil gathering with friends :)

Irene said...

It's wonderful when we are attached to a group who are great friends and all the kids are great together... Blessed Christmas!

Small Kucing said...

must have been fun.

LittleLamb said...

I m now watching "Links to Temptations" which is a love series. Very lum. I couldnt understand the storyline for No Regrets.. :(

Cell xmas party? Your gal has began to enjoy "kai-kai"

Wishing you n family Merry Xmas

andrewjune said...

wishing you & your lovely family a merry christmas :)

you indeed hv an early xmas celebrations this yr!

Wai Yin said...

we might join the craze at shopping mall!

Shireen Loh said...

merry christmas to you and the troops Ann...have a blast!!

jen cheung said...

HO HO HO Merry Christmas - May 2011 bring you lots of happiness! Take care and have a fabulous day!

jen @

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