Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mickey everywhere

Ever since hubby subscribed to the Cartoon channel on Astro, the Astro is more or less permanently on 613.

Christopher has dinner with Pororo and drinks his before-sleeping milk with Animal Mechanics. He snacks every weekday with Mickey.

Of late, he has been spotting Mickey everywhere. I didn't manage to take pics of Mickey so I have to describe them. Hope you see them as well as he did.

Mickey 1
when he was playing with balls half way, he suddenly told me, "Mummy, Mickey!". 3 balls were together in like a triangle. 2 were the ears and the 1 below was the face.

Mickey 2
when we went out for dinner and he was using the plates and saucers to 'cook' for me, suddenly he told me "See, mummy. Mickey!" He had the 2 saucers as the ears and the bowl as the face.

Mickey 3
when he is drawing and he 'accidentally' draws one circle, he will draw 2 more and say "mummy, see Mickey!".

And most of the time he will also say "Mummy, my Mickey no eyes and no mouth."

So, does that mean I have to bring sticker eyes and sticker mouth with me to make his creativity complete? :)


simon said...

Pororo? Pocoyo you mean...? Yes i've been watching CH613 for like 7 years :)

Ponytail said...

Simon - It is Pororo....Pocoyo loose to Pororo the penguin designed by Korean...muahahaha!

Ann - I think Christopher is showing his creativeness...good!
Zoe saw a necklace i wore which has a big circle in the center and 2 smaller circle on top, she also said to me, "Mommy got mickey mouse necklace!"...LOL!

JLow said...

Smart boy :)
About 10 years ago my nieces and nephews (now recent uni students!) were playing "find the hidden Mickey"; 613 (whatever the channel code was back then) also ran a game like that: Placing and hiding 3 circles around the screen throughout the day for the young viewers to spot them :)

And yes, my astro is also perpetually on 613 as well, or 715 for Hot Mummee. Daddee is never able to watch anything!

Moomykin said...

We have unsubscribed Astro here, but in Sinapore it's Starhub 311 for the Playhouse Disney.

My boys' favourite now is also Poror, Pocoyo and Cloe's Closet.

But Sinapore's national TV, on Okto, also has pretty good show for the kids.

MeRy said...

Lucky my house don't have this Playhouse channel..or else, Ryan will stick to TV most of the time..

Mummy Gwen said...

Gwen likes to watch Pororo too. She likes Patty, the girl penguin. ^_^

Gwen never attempts to draw Mickey before. Not creative at all.

LittleLamb said...

My astro subscription is worth it. 613 is always on compared to my 901.

Alice Law said...

LOL, such a imaginative boy!^-^ Keep it up!

Julie said...

Jonathan learn a lot from 613 and the Playhouse Disney interactive website. That is the only channel that I allow him to watch.

Looney Bin said...

You forgot to mention Dibo the Gift Dragon.
Zaydeen has channel 613 on from 7 - 10 pm each day and poor Mummy and Daddy has to beg her if we ever want to watch any other thing!
But you must's a good tool for keeping them busy and yourself some time to do something.

andrewjune said...

no more barney?