Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My mum was alone with me one night. Just put Caylee to bed and Christopher was out with hubby and kungkung. And my mum said "You know Caylee is a little slow in speech development. Christopher at her age was already calling you and making sounds like ma and pa."

Gosh! Really?

I kind of know in my heart that I have not been monitoring Caylee's development as closely as Christopher's. The weeks pass by and I am suddenly reminded how old Caylee is when someone asks me if she is 1 year old yet.

No, she is only 8 months. And I always catch myself...."Oh, she is 8 months." What can a 8 month old baby do? What can she eat?

With Christopher I was very diligent in letting him try new food. Also his nanny and I talked alot about when he will be able to eat what. For Caylee, I just fed her stuff which was convinient and available at the time. She has already eaten combination food. And I didn't really think much about the 1 new food every 4 day rule.

She is standing alot now and can walk around her playpen, though she does fall down often. If she is not in her playpen, she will be in her walker. It's very hard for me to sit with her on the floor and encourage her to do crawl. Christopher is her main distraction.

As for speech, she babbles alot. Caylee's nanny is chinese and talks to her in cantonese. So, I have the tendency to talk to Caylee in cantonese for the length of time I am at home alone with her. And when Christopher comes back, I suddenly find myself reverting back to English with her again. My vocab for cantonese is quite bad so I guess I am not really repeating words for her to learn. Of late (after one incident when I told someone she is nearly 8 months already), I am teaching her to say "mumm mumm" and the usual mummy/daddy.

Since my realisation of her growing up, I have also started to sing to her. And she looks at my mouth while I sing and not my actions. I find her a very different child in that sense. The things that catch her attention are quite different from Christopher.

Recently Christopher picked out a pull string aeroplane. When you let the string go, the aeroplane will move and ther will be lights on the plane. Christopher at Caylee's age would be fascinated by the movement of the plane and the lights. But Caylee would look at the string retracting instead and try to catch the string. Very minuet stuff.

So, yes, Caylee is 8 months as of today. And I have to be more aware of her milestones now. And start bringing out simple picture books to show her. And also start using simple one words with her.

Indeed number 2 does receive less attention that number 1. But I hope my realisation of this fact will help in her development as well. Although all kids will learn at the end of the day, its good to give her some concentrated effort.


mommy to chumsy said...

slow in speech at 8 months? Ashley didn't start talking until she was 2.5 or 3 :) now she talks nonstop.

Baby Darren said...

You are not alone. I spend very little time teaching/guiding Isabel too (besides taking care of her necessities), even though I am a full time mom.

I don't keep track of her milestones too..I believe every child develop differently. So, 8 months old..too young to judge and I don't really think Caylee is slow in speech. She is just 8 months old. She is considered very good...can walk already. Isabel can't even stand up yet. She is still in her commandor crawling mood and still taking cereal only.

Don't stress yourself up. It is really not easy handling 2 kids. Caylee is growing well...

MeRy said...

She is just 8 months old...not to worry so much about her speech.

BoeyJoey said...

i'm also very lax in keeping track of my kids' milestones... even for my first kid. my attention to my second kid is even worse!

i think that's quite normal among working mums...

Alice Law said...

Hehe... me too, putting less efforts on nurturing No 2. I think it's quite a nature as we are now have to deviate our attention to not only one but 2 rascals, lol!^-^

I personally think Caylee developing well at her own pace! Well done!

Mummy Gwen said...

Every child is different. Gwen was slow in speech..she only started calling mama when she was almost 2. To me, Caylee is quite advance already.

LittleLamb said...

no sweat. let her grow at her own pace.

andrewjune said...

i agree with rachel :)